PGSHARP NEW UPDATE 1.32.0 – Complete Guide to Spoofing


【視聴数 847】

【チャンネル名 VICIOU5】

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  1. Mahmud Hossain より:

    Bro,in my country we dont have the payment method for buying the paid version,how do well buy it?
    If admins of pgsharp cooperates then i can send him gift cards instead of 5$ as i dont have the required payment platform.

  2. Michael Edlich より:

    hey super video. can one use an old lvl 40 account linked to both face and gmail?

  3. RIJUL ARORA より:

    How to download PGSHARP from its google site??

  4. Andrew Sturgill より:

    Since the update havnt been able to get on it loads the game then when u have to hit okay for the little thing it just like freezes if tried everything to get it to work

  5. Tak Plats より:

    Do you know if shiny scanner will come out?

  6. 808Irie dreamer より:

    Keeps not allowing me to download on my android.

  7. S. Brijeshwar Reddy より:

    Also, can you tell me how to unlock the premium features of pgsharp

  8. Vactis より:

    Do I Uninstall pokemon go ? Is is compatible with Samsung galaxy s21 plus without rooting ?

  9. S. Brijeshwar Reddy より:

    I would really appreciate if you could help me

  10. S. Brijeshwar Reddy より:

    Hey! So, I did install pgsharp a little while ago, also, I’m a starter. But, I need pokecoins because my item bag and pokemon limit keeps getting full even though I transfer the pokemons which I dont need.

  11. The Nd より:

    I like tap to walk and my speed at 24.9 for eggs…also spawn booster sometimes closes my game if I tap when it despawns lol

  12. The Nd より:

    I haven’t been able to get the regional furfrou forms with pgsharp…not even my main county form is available only the 2 regional forms are available for me…it could be cause I use a vpn but even if i turn it off it doesn’t change anything

  13. ForEverAlone GAMER より:

    Welcome back

  14. Gingerboss より: