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  1. Shantanu Yadav より:

    I have rank 22 Shadow Politoed for UL
    And Rank 1 Non Shadow Politoed also which should I make ?

  2. Teekayhuey TK より:

    13:16 Mandibuzz disagrees

  3. Teekayhuey TK より:

    Favorite type is between steel and electric

  4. windycity assasin より:

    Definitely fire fighting or psychic

  5. Enea Kavčič より:

    hmm maybe dark and flying

  6. gOdl1ke1337 より:

    Meant to use mine as a safe swap, in practice it became more of a closer lol.

    Was playing too spicy teams before but went 9-1 (5-0 last set) with Pidgeot 🙂
    Paired it up with Sirfetched and Galv. Will probably switch it up soon again.

  7. David Silva より:

    Is gust worth Elite Fast TM?

  8. Jules Lou より:

    Boring, everybodys have same pokémon.. i hâte remix ultra league

  9. Keulengnom der Erste より:

    Yeah i also played empoleon, venusaur, machamp before the video of it existed simply because that was my best pvp mons with the attacks they needed and it looked well in the pvpoke simulations. Sometimes good ideas come to many people

  10. P. Luchs より:

    I need a tutorial about sneaking through fast moves

  11. fehoobar より:

    Consistency is what you’d want for a game like this. More servers, better netcode. Try playing in Europe and ending up 1/8 matches starting with a Dragon Breath taking 3 turns. Good luck winning like that. Some people have had good results playing with Wing Attack Pidgeot in UL.

  12. Venton D3 より:

    My favorite typing is bug/steel combo 😉

  13. Lopegaming 08 より:

    If Im an gym il be an electriccc or grass type team My gym would be in alola for grass and electric in galar and maybe fairy in kalos

  14. Martijn Krijger より:

    I’d be a water trainer. I tried this team, first set 4 galvantula safe swaps….need to figure that one out

  15. El Capitano より:

    Is there a good umbreon team without other XL‘s?

  16. SurrealDestroyer より:

    Bird Jesus.

  17. Juan Carlos Perez Cuba より:

    Great team! I’m gonna try it, but I think that Deoxys is very common, I only face one today, but last season I faced it a lot

  18. GenerationXPvP より:

    So pokeak just dropped almost your exact team. Seriously how many vids is this now 😂
    Go look at the friggen thumbnail

  19. Gundam go より:

    Can we use wing attack instead gust?? Pls LMK

  20. Jesse pinkman より:

    I also got blizered when I am using pidgeot

  21. DontMindMe より:

    Politoid took 3 stab shadow machamp cross chops and was fine bro XL is so broken lmaooo

  22. Jesse pinkman より:

    Legendary bird pigiot

  23. ShiftyWolf117 より:

    Psychic and ghost types are my favourite.

  24. Aquilius25 より:

    I’m finding pidgeot to be UP. Feather Dance doesn’t do enough damage and comes too late. No way that politoed should be getting to blizzard before pidgeot gets to a move. Niantic should have just made feather dance an icy wind clone.

  25. NinjaSquirrel30 より:

    My team
    Talonflame Venusaur Umbreon

    Catch you all in the UL

  26. Justin Bertram より:

    Thank you for the always on time and awesome content. Even if I’m not on time watching it 😉

  27. A. Jones より:

    My steelix bashes their feathers off and eats them all, nom mom CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH😭🤣

  28. vibeguy より:

    Normal! Favorite pokemon ever is Porygon-Z and I love using munchlax, snorlax, obstagoon, and Bouffalant in GBL

  29. UnderATallTree より:

    What do you do against PS a9 lead? Swap in Machamp?

    Favorite type either ground or poison

  30. GAMER YT より:

    Very good video

  31. Jon Overmyer より:


  32. Michael Levinsohn より:

    I could do this team with non shadow Machamp but shadow Politoed. Do you think that would make a huge difference? Could build a shadow Champ but the dust is tight. Been running Pidgeot/Sirfetchd/Machamp to decent effect in UL Remix.

  33. Sizzle BS より:

    Favorite typing is probably dragon

  34. Joseph Mangano より:

    Birb goes BRRRRRR. I just went 5-0 with it. Bear in mind that it’s Day One and people are still getting their footing, but the value of a guaranteed two-stage debuff can’t be overstated.

  35. YokaiByte より:

    I heard the closer you are to the servers the easier it is to sneak in the fast moves.

  36. Rylan Sommer より:

    I got the hundo pidgeot and immedietly level 50’d working on best buddy also doubles as a maxed mega pidgeot!

  37. LavenderTownGhost より:

    I’d be a ghost trainer (surprise!) I think Poison, Dark and Ghost are the coolest typings 👻

  38. MrMimikyu より:

    I’m still looking for a hundo in the wild

  39. Hector Cuello より:

    nive battles!! i will try pidgeot, i powered one to lvl 50 for the previous season but it was banned til today

  40. AlfiesMullet より:

    I like dark, poison is a close second

  41. Florian Seibel より:

    Ice ice baby

  42. Vermillion Zac より:

    Wow I’ve never thought about favorite type before. Contrary to disliking it in gbl, Psychic.

  43. Aqeel より:

    Ghost types are my favorite

  44. StringyBrane より:

    Ghost/Dark little too busted

  45. Keith Smith より:

    Ultra league for me is kinda hilarious right now. Drifblim, Purified Drapion and gfisk or greedent.

  46. Keith Smith より:

    You gotta best buddy that thing.

  47. Yo Chou より:

    I got a 15/15/14 PIDGEOT, still working on it!! 1km candy is easy!!! BTW, do you think Skarmory is also Ok with this team!?!? thanks!!

  48. Sundryrocket 553 より:

    12:55 this shundo pidgeot

  49. Dawsbon より:

    what rank/elo is this gameplay recorded at? I’ve been interested in pidgeot since before the ban

  50. Sidney Ayers Young より:

    Are there any replacements for poly toad

  51. Sidney Ayers Young より:

    Great content

  52. monke bird より:

    I caught a hundo Pidgeot in the wild lol