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【チャンネル名 JTGily】

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  1. Kostas Efthimiatos より:

    Hey guys, can someone add me as friend? I need 3 new for a quest…. nickname us kefthim Thanks in advance!

  2. Pileciwing より:

    How do you get a lucky pokemon

  3. Paul Lies より:

    haven’t seen him in forever

  4. Ghost Wolf より:

    The Lake Trio raids are going to be cool
    Them shines are too damn cool

  5. Steve Merrington より:

    Shlundo mewtwo, traded from my 8 year old on Thursday. Is that better than the kyogre?

  6. Venl より:

    I got a lucky hundo lugia during the recent event.

  7. Chrystler Fernandes より:

    I am gonna un sub just u did that to malamar

  8. Jarda Benek より:

    lucky shiny magikarp 96 random trade and another random trade was hundo lucky dragonite

  9. Nicholas Kroening より:

    i got a shundo lugia, first shundo ever

  10. One Path より:

    I caught a shundo lugia from the go battle league

  11. Nojus Petriskis より:

    I do the same thing with malamar because I hate that pokemon

  12. XD REMIX 1313 より:

    I got a shiny lucky hundo eevee

  13. Kevin Hicks より:

    I have two hundo Lugia and 96% shiny Lugia with 15 attack.

  14. Recoil より:

    got a 96% shiny lugia and a 98% lugia super happy about that

  15. UneditedGlobe 69 より:

    So tell me deji what the hell were you thinking

  16. sanati 6171 より:

    5:52 XDXD, JTGily doesn’t like Malamar, where as JTValor loves it, that is so funny

  17. NinjaSquirrel30 より:

    I have 4* HO-OH from professor research not to long ago.

    Been playing 6 months 4800 Pokemon caught only 2x 4* him being 1 You love to see it

  18. hasbel kader より:

    got a hundo and 96 shiny

  19. Nicholas Alan SMELAN より:

    For the hoopa reserch I got a shiny wobuffet

  20. Jackson Cliett より:

    Your post timing is perfect man. Always getting back from campus and see you just posted a vid 🙏🏼

  21. #SDC #SDCollectables より:


  22. gerald manley より:

    Snorlax shlundo

  23. Miss Gurl より:


  24. Edwin Liam より:

    Everyone is first. How does that work ?

  25. Chaos より:

    I dont have many lucky friends, and by not many i mean none…and ive played for almost a year

  26. chris より:

    I am the 1st comment yeah

  27. abdullah seddik より:

    I got 100iv lugia

  28. Alyssa Capuano より:

    I just got the 98 lugia but no shiny…

  29. Cameron Harrington より:

    Drake definitely didn’t drop much fire this time 😂

  30. 54_robertz より:

    Whats up gily

  31. Silence_Wraith より:

    im finally rly early, only 3 other views

  32. Dashing star Light より:

    Le spicy nya

  33. Mohan Kumar より:

    I thought that jt gily skin turned into orange

  34. Fanofall 2.0 より:

    How u get lucky trades so much

  35. Fanofall 2.0 より:

    Yo do me a shout-out pls

  36. Mario Pannone より:

    Hi first one here

  37. Frexzy より:


  38. Pratyush Player 08 より:


  39. Fanofall 2.0 より:

    Im first to see and like

  40. GianLuca より: