I guess I came out on TOP | GO Battle League


【視聴数 4165】

【チャンネル名 PogoKieng】

【タグ Pokemon Go,Go Battle League】


  1. OG Loc より:

    I heard him before, play creatively in order to win games.

  2. Tom Servo より:

    absolutely nasty af, world class gameplay

  3. jrpone より:

    I just dont know hw to count fast moves like that…

  4. TyTimeIsAwesome より:

    I love Hitmontop!!!!!!!!!! He was my favorite closer until everyone got access to Medicham.

  5. Xd Lol より:

    can’t top that catch

  6. Swerve より:

    Yooo kieng I just fought you in gbl my name was swervepoops, it was a honour to battle you. To bad I completed hard countered your team so the battle wasn’t as exciting as it could be, but I am so hyped that I got battle you !❤️

  7. Janeyro Batista より:

    Those Cmps were brutal 💀

  8. Jerald より:

    Lol shoutout to Kieng for adding Issei at the end

  9. StrangerSon 712 より:

    Algorithm comment

  10. Triangle_Pants より:

    Alright, I’m saying it. WTF do those matchup images at the start mean?
    IK they’re about which mons win in which scenarios, but still.
    If I could’ve just found the info elsewhere, please link it.

  11. Kele Gume より:

    That Sludge Bomb catch would’ve broken me!

  12. Ethan Wang より:

    Funny pun