*NEW* Pelipper Great League Team for Pokémon GO Battle League!


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  1. Alex Baker より:

    Btw, ground does not resist fire, despite ground being super effective against fire.

  2. Proboscis より:

    13:13 Should’ve tried! The PuP was already boosted meaning 12hp damage instead of 10. With what I can see, NidoQueen was at best left with 14hp. So close it was worth trying to go with a simultaneous ko.

  3. Brad Delk より:

    hey, i appreciate all the videos and knowledge you provide, especially for a player like me coming back to the game after 3 or 4 year hiatus. do you recommend i just focus on making one great league team and running with it, or trying to just make as wide variety of teams possible? i say that as a guy with less than 700k stardust saved up, just lookin for any tips really. thanks again!

  4. ichmax85 より:

    GG Zyonik…but you had a huge advantage playing against your own Team 😀

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. Ross Lovegrove より:

    This is a great team. I copied Tho’s video with Umbreon on the lead.

  6. Kanaka Durga より:

    Zyoink you are not shouting boom pls shout bro

  7. Mayur Pinap より:

    Hey zyonik love your content as always i just want to say that please mention that timestamp about for all the battles ❤️🙌

  8. Sub4Anub より:

    Why did you delete my comment? Thats totally not suspicious.

  9. Al Yeager より:

    I appreciate comments like “since they built up to 5 hexes”. I think mentioning counts like this more often in your videos would help players step up their battles by learning to count.

  10. Nicholas Fury より:

    Ground don’t resist fire

  11. Riley より:

    Great video as always!

  12. The Truth より:

    I’ve seen the nido/scrafty core so much, love this change to umbreon. Fun team!

  13. -The-Shadow- より:

    What could work instead of nidoqueen

  14. blackstartheG より:

    Wing attack is water lol nice

  15. akose より:

    Why people keep stone-edging nidoqueen. Flamethrower is a neutral hit

  16. EasyHistory より:

    Never knew flying type weather ball existed. Also wouldn’t whirlpool be a better name, hurricane kind of sounds like a flying type move.

  17. Afro Mamba より:

    Do IVs matter in PVP?

  18. William Whittle より:

    I ran into a Psychic/Last Resort Umbreon, and it completely caught me off guard. It killed my nidoqueen after it threw a last resort against my Goon.

  19. Baxter Fraser より:

    I have lvl 50 hypno is it good for ultra league? 🤔

  20. Hriday Lodha より:


  21. Lucas Van Holland より:

    Hey Z, just a heads up, Ground does NOT resist fire.

  22. Raisul Islam より:

    This team is savage. I’ve used this for the first part of this season

  23. Nischal G より:

    2:15 yea ground resists fire lol😂😂

  24. lorenzo baldi より:

    Why every single people has thrown stone edge to your Nido?!

  25. Herbert Charles Brown より:

    2:10 Flamethrower is not resisted. The opponent is very stupid cause he doesn’t know that Flamethrower does more damage on Nidoqueen than Stone Edge.

  26. G.Kaushik より:

    I like this video 😘

  27. Panda The Noob OP より:

    Try this team azumarill play rough, hydro pump mandibuzz Arial ace l,foulplay cresslia moonblast grass not
    But this team is weak to steel types

  28. Nick Lokker より:

    Test my team pls Vigoroth azumarill nidoqueen

  29. Naveen Lokesh より:

    Zyoink can you name the speed of battle 1.5× or others

  30. Ash Ketchum より:

    I run pelipper lead, sableye safe swap and venusaur in the back. Solid team

  31. Lion Letda より:

    Make a pvp battle with kieng iv

  32. ZyoniK より:

    Oops. Pelipper’s move typings are wrong, carry on LOL!

  33. Marko より:

    2:25 Flamethrower by Bastiodon against Nidoqueen is not resisted (ground does not resist fire)

  34. Robert L Alexander より:

    6:23 thanks for showing how to handle Pelipper with Venusaur, just save shields for it or my Gfisk.

  35. Рднаскела Вокненяьлеме より:

    Привет, друг!! Мы тебя смотрим) ты многому можешь научить!!

  36. beany beans より:

    wait what ? flying type weather ball and water type hurricane 😂😂lol

  37. Yuvraj Singh より:

    Wing Attack is such a good *Water Type* Move and Weather ball – *Best Flying Type Move* 🤩😍

    And Hurricane *Hard Hitting Water Type Move* 😊

  38. Black joker より:

    Psysic umbreon is much beeter. I have to elite tm it. I have none. To get last resort.

  39. ARYAN SINHA より:

    I thought wing attack and hurricane are flying type moves and weather ball is water type move but you proved me wrong
    I am sorry 😔 to tell the mistakes but I like your and love you to see dancing on song of boom

  40. Ash Ketchum より:

    Bastidon, sableye and medicham was the team you ran. It was so good

  41. Benjamin Armstrong より:

    Any chance you can feature my ultra league team next week? It’s Articuno lead, swampert, and ampharos.

  42. Maruf Alam より:

    The pelipper have water type move called Hurricane

  43. Abigayle Blake より:


  44. Blic より:

    that water type wing attack and hurricane OP

  45. Aditya Bhatt より:

    Awesome man …keep it up!

  46. Royal Blue Gaming より:

    Op and omg play ❤️

  47. specto sec rum より:

    Flying weather ball is so nice 🤣🤣

  48. Dennis Chi より:

    Didnt know pelipper could learn flying weather ball

  49. Rampaged Garchomp より:

    Guess what!!! I have something Extremely spicy for you!!! Actually below the spice for you!!! A set with Runerigus ( Double moved). But I’ll only submit it if you promise to feature it……..will you???

  50. Usheer より:

    Try Bastiodon, Mew and Pelipper

  51. hemanta bera より:

    What happened to your eyes ?

  52. Naveen Lokesh より:

    Is wing attack water type move

  53. Ujjwal Rai より:

    Wing attack and hurricane are now the best water type moves in the game!!….and weather ball is now the best flying type

  54. Adrian より:

    Ground typing isnt actually resistant to fire. Bastiodon in the first game misplayed big time by throwing stone egde over flamethtower.

  55. Saumya Agarwal より:

    Weather ball and hurricane attack types are switched in the ticker

  56. aaaa より:

    2:13 ground doesn’t resist fire i think

  57. saidatta naik より:


  58. Aishik Sen より:

    I have tried this team at the starting of season 9 and it is really good for the new gl meta

  59. SLEEPYFRIENDX official X より:

    Can’t wait to try this team!

  60. Neon Cage より:

    My Stupid Pelipper does Hurricane(Flying) and Weather Ball(water).
    That’s my excuse for me being bad at this game.

  61. Zander Z より:

    tasty pikachu

  62. Vaibhav より:

    I don’t have last resort 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  63. D.K. より:

    Pelipper is so dang good in the GL. I typically run it with Galar Stunfisk, good to see a new team

  64. Edras Casia より:

    Idk if it is just me or is anybody else bothered by the weather ball and wing attack move icon are switched

  65. Robert L Alexander より:

    Today has been a great day. Started running a team a great but little known Legend ranked battler, Lilwinery (a shout out to them) helped me with which they took to Legend themselves of Venusaur/Umbreon/GFisk. 7-3 today to get my ELO the earliest in any season ever (even after a very rough couple days i’m still ahead of where i’ve been) and am ahead of my own schedule somewhat. To top things off GBL gave me as a reward another shiny Lugia!!! And yes, the catch rate was atrocious (took forever to get it to stay in a Pokeball). BTW, if you all really want to flex, red ball a Legendary. 🙂 Another good video, Z (Btw did you see FPSticks vid showcasing Poliwrath? He had his all time longest win streak of 19 with that thing).

  66. Rowlet より:

    It’s the only toilet u can carry round

    sorry if it sounds cursed

  67. Swarnava Saha より:

    Look at the typing on weather ball and hurricane😂😂😂

  68. rakesh kamboj より:

    Flying type weather ball and water type hurricane 🙂

  69. Oh Sangwoo より:

    Nidoqueen is damn strong

  70. Mahi より:

    Yo z, looks like your pelipper got confused with it’s moves typing!😂😅

  71. jozi mastar より:

    finally a team I have

  72. Jens Godschalk より:

    Do you think obstagoon empoleon and altaria is a good team I really want to know that because I dont really know how pvp poke works? I lead with obstagoon

  73. Pokespy より:


  74. IkEetKroketjes より:

    looks like an awesome team! i might try it myself

  75. Rampaged Garchomp より:

    Moveset of pelliper is written wrong😅😅 Consider pinning a correction comment

  76. WNCT 4_5 より:

    Oh C’mon Do not introduce any more new nuisance teams like this
    It’s really annoying to take them down if there’s no solid hard counter teams

  77. Jonathan Brennan より:

    nice team!

  78. Unknown pkmn master より:

    Hi z how is your family doing and I love watching your shorts so can you upload atleast one short a day

  79. TURKISH ALIシ より: