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  1. Kahar Halim Prima Putra より:

    i just installed the pokemon go but in apkmiror but it failed to install


    What a cringe intro.


    bro after following all ur steps its saying app is not install

  4. pokener より:


  5. Gamer SUDHANSHU より:

    Bro but when I open pgsharp it is not showing that my adventure synes is on

  6. Suganthi A より:

    Bro this is asking for update even though I downloaded the latest version

  7. DON BOSCO より:

    Hey I use face book account

  8. DON BOSCO より:

    I will dislike if not working , ok

  9. DON BOSCO より:

    I started to download ( the clone )

  10. shahzrinomrin より:

    1 question. do i need to open all CLONE+DEFIT while playing using PGSHARP?

  11. Manu Nandana より:

    Bro I’m completed this week walking but I have not get 25km reward

  12. esh Gaming より:

    Vo sab thik he lekin mujhe abhi bhi ek baat samjh nhi aayi ki autowalk pgsharp pe kese work karega?.. & also agr vo mirror apk & deffit background me chal rha he & me main app pe kahi bhi spoofing kar rha hu toh me ek hi location pe rehkar autowalk karunga ya Chalke kahi aur chala jaauga?.. & kya raid karte waqt ye autowalk kaam karega?.. 😅 LoL

  13. Mamta Sharma より:

    My device is redmi y3 can I download redmi y3 version please please tell me

  14. Parth Mangal より:

    Will the distance automatically increase or I will have to walk???

  15. Daniel Tan Yong Wei 4B より:

    Why didn’t my buddy candy increase?

  16. Bo Rijken より:

    I did every step but now, i cant catch pokémon and spin pokestops?

  17. livio より:

    Thanks you💪🏽💪🏽

  18. Julio より:

    How do I connect my gotcha in

  19. Ishani Banerjee より:

    Is it applicable for vivo phone??

  20. thekick store より:

    are you in zaragoza?? im i right😂

  21. Akshay Thakur より:

    when i use this trick some time it work some time it does not work only egg jatches but not getting buddy candies

  22. V.saran より:

    We want to use the same account on the defit

  23. Ashley Sweatman より:

    Can I still use pgsharp on the other app if the mirroring app is installed?

  24. Lâm Nguyễn より:

    thanks so much but do we need to keep both PoGo app running (GPsharp & clone)?

  25. Anime Time より:

    Can you please give me the link bro.i can’t find it

  26. Sangita Tungar より:

    Kya ise se Candy increase hoti he

  27. BrickHead より:

    Absolute legend

  28. Aktanul Fitka より:

    How if I install in other phone? Do u think it will work?

  29. Deepak Gupta より:

    Bro my clone apk is not installing
    It says
    “App not installed”
    Plsssssssssssssss help me

  30. Abhinaba Dey DPS より:

    Now if I have to login pokemon for hatching egg will i open normal or gsg

  31. Rahasyamay Gamer より:

    This trick work still or not

  32. Low より:

    Does this still work?
    Defit is not working for me.

  33. 69 STATUS YT より:

    Thanks bro 👍👊👊

  34. vivek chamraj より:

    How to do mine is not working
    Hi synced

  35. Mrityunjay Singh より:

    Bro clone app isn’t installing as a separate one either you can install pgsharp or the apk…. What to do

  36. Ramon Heuschkel より:

    Hey thnx for the vid

    But im into troubleshoting the sangsumg app

    It just doesnt stall. i get into instal screen, it loads but send it hasent installed

    why this happens??

    do i need to instal sangsung first befor pgsharp? what went wrong?

  37. YngPain より:

    My man

  38. joginder Malik より:

    It’s not installing . What to do as I have a pgsharp Pokemon go. Then how to install this one .

  39. Chee Boon Lim より:

    Bro, can I open both pgsharp pokémon go and the clone pokémon go?

  40. Saurabh Sinha より:

    Can I delete samsung app after enabling auto sync

  41. Sanchit Patil より:

    You are a legend+ epic. No words remains for you bro..

  42. S Fouche より:

    Hello. From where can I install pokemon app if I am using a Huawei phone. Thank you!

  43. Dapi より:

    But i use a other email for the verification code, does that matter?

  44. Disturbed Eternal より:

    Did all the steps and still can’t get it to work through pgsharp

  45. owhj より:

    App not installed aa raha h please help bro

  46. Shubhi Panwar より:

    Bro after that we can delete the Galaxy pokemon go or we have to keep it?

  47. RaijinGodSasuke より:

    my defit doesn’t work anymore suddenly, my distance does not count up and i can’t watch advertisements anymore to get more minutes on my defit, 7 hours ago it worked perfectly what do i have to do it’s so much bullshit..

  48. Sinchan Chatterjee より:

    When I’m trying to install the apk from apkmirror it is saying to update the existing app which is pgsharp. What should i do

  49. Sinchan Chatterjee より:

    We need to download mirror apk file of pogo? Not from play store right? Is there any harm of having pgsharp and pogo both at the same time? Like i heard when pgsharp is there, pogo shouldn’t be there.
    Please reply. . and awesome info brother

  50. Yt Tricks Mobile 2018 より:

    Will it work for other smartphone brands?

  51. 10-B-27 SANURAG SAHA より:

    Will it work in samsungs phones only?

  52. Omega Omega より:

    How to enter my id

  53. Omega Omega より:

    Thanks bro

  54. Vaibhav Mishra より:

    I used this trick, it works just fine… But there’s one issue with me, in Samsung apk total distance of the week is 105.6Km while in pgsharp it shows total distance is 56Km so if Niantic notices this difference or finds something unusual it might ban me… I don’t want that so if you can tell me anything about it and how to solve it

  55. Shivam Shekhar より:

    Bro I m just using defit on another device using Google account so why data doesn’t sync,please help me biroo

  56. EastCoastGaminq より:

    And what speed do you use in pgsharp then??

  57. EastCoastGaminq より:

    So what’s point of having adventure sync running when using pgsharp and using the auto walk feature? I use defit on regular pogo app to quickly hatch eggs and get buddy candy are you dying this will do the same on pgsharp cuz like how when your person is actually walking in the game

  58. Adam Wolski より:

    My Apk File of Pokemon Go can’t install, because it is literally the same file as pgsharp (at least my phone shows me that), did I do something wrong? I installed the latest version.

  59. Ashwin Doyaria より:

    Bro pg sharp main location change karne par na Pokemon pakad pa raha Hoon aur na poke spin kar pa raha Hoon aur main poke app main location clear dikha raha hai. sirf pg sharp main current location par hi Pokemon catch aur poke spin ho raha hai
    please help bro

  60. Nithish Kumar S より:

    Is gps should be on or off

  61. Pratik Naskar より:

    Keep it up.

  62. Malhaar Kale より:

    Do I need to keep the clone app after switching on the adventure sync?

  63. Saunak Nandi より:

    download apk is not visible

  64. Let's Draw It より:

    This didn’t work bro😭😭😭

    In my of sharp I did same as you did. Please help🙏🏻🙏🏻

  65. AK channel より:

    Pokemon go samsung apk me shop open nai horaha isla kuch tricks hai to batao

  66. AK channel より:

    Im already use this method

  67. Mister Tenta より:

    Not working. Don’t know why.

  68. Fateh より:

    bro …do i also need google fit?or not?

  69. Rushikesh Arote✅ より:

    One more helpful trick thanks boss again and again 😍😍✨✨✨✨😘😘

  70. Anime Master より:

    But pgshrap support ptc account and defit doesn’t login with ptc

  71. The Jatin より:

    Can we use PTC account in defit

  72. Devaram Choudhri より:

    Thank you very much bro😍😍

  73. Fornite Pro より:

    Download link plssss

  74. kunal kishor より:

    thanks for help

  75. Sounak Dasgupta より:

    Also have to maintain cooldown if spoofing location is different from current location. So can it be used while spoofing? Or will it cause softban?

  76. Rex より:

    Hey bro not getting any sync in pokemon go 0km

  77. Vedant Naik より:

    U. R very good bro

  78. HAPPYWEED より:

    it doesn’t work for my samsung, I can’t install the second pog app, what can I do? D:

  79. singh kaur より:

    Bhai vo keh rha hai ki yeh app compatible nhi hai so.ution batado pls.

  80. Сауле Жакипбекова より:

    Bro hi, could u tell me pls, why there should be not more than 7,8 km/h pls?

  81. kaushik naik より:

    Bro does we need to on adventure sync in pg sharp too?

  82. Santiago A Mansilla より:

    nice one bro! i wanna know, is this only for samsung or could i use it on other phones

  83. sudiksha galicha より:

    Cant claim rewards

  84. Jive Jive より:

    Not sync but thanks for your video

  85. SKIP ARCADE より:

    Bro what will happen if i put it 10 km per hour at defit and behavior as human?

  86. Supreme Daddy より:

    What is the point in doing this this is a legitimate question

  87. VALOR SQUAD Y.T より:

    Ye to pehle sehi pata tha tu kahi ka legend na hai aasman me na chadyo

  88. Aman より:

    Bro it is not working.plz help me,🙏🙏

  89. Om's gamingYT より:

    Bro when we start autowalk we need to stay same location in both the Pokemon go

  90. Rohith より:

    Bro then can I turn off Pokemon go and pg sharp when Google fit and defit are running in the background

  91. Anthony hoogenboom より:

    Bro please help me i cant get candt from defit anymore i can hatch eggs but i dont get buddy candy

  92. Poke Miners より:

    Bhai jo bhi go trainer hub ke video dekhe woh like aur subscribe jaroor kare please

  93. Poke Miners より:

    Bhai ye abhi bhi work nahe kar raha hai

  94. Arup Sau より:

    Bro in my phone the Samsung galaxy Pokemon go app doesn’t install
    It always shows app not installed
    I down the v7a but it doesn’t work
    My phone Redmi note 7 android 9
    Help me

  95. Trainer Jerico より:

    Yeah. This trick is work. Pgsharp and PoGo from samsung apk … While your 1 acc you use in PGSharp, another acc was login in PoGo samsung that you can use Defit. 😆

  96. Dharmendra Kumar Gupta より:

    Bro sync hone ke baad pg sharp kholna hai ki Samsung Wala

  97. Jira Sir より:

    Doesn’t work

  98. Singhal Sarthak より:

    but defit is now caughted by pokemon go team .. so is it safe to use it now or not …. please tell me 🙂

  99. Jireh Siarza より:

    Thanks sir 🥰

  100. Hasnain Shaikh より:

    Why not more than 7.8 and stable any issues if we go up

  101. Ahura Hushangi より:

    Absolute legend. You just came down from heaven like an angel to deliver this video.

  102. Over Power より:

    Bro trick work nahi kar lahi hai. 😭😭

  103. Pokemon Go Gamers より:

    Please anyone can tell which place is better to raids raids lobby full place please tell me anyone please bro and thanks bro love you bro

  104. Vijeta Sharma より:

    Bro mere clone app me to defit app work kar rha h Or vahi same account pg sharp me bhi h but usme distance nhi aa rha h Or na hi buddy candies aa rhi h but clone app me show ho rhi h what will i do now. Please reply 🙏🙏🙏

  105. Hey inno より:

    How to remove corona Biggest Question

  106. Hey inno より:

    How many subs do U have


    Not opening

  108. Marliando Pragesti より:

    Hello bro
    Make sure you trick once again
    I try exactly same in the video and doing for 120min in defit
    After that i check my pokemon go and distance walk still same

  109. Dead Pirates Gamer より:

    Bro but I login in pg sharp by ptc account and which account I have to login in defit app please reply

  110. Frost より:

    Bro I had problem related to the raids. I had done raid of genesect and I encountered a shiny but after few hours it was not seen in the Pokémon storage. I am sure that I didnt transfer the shiny genesect. If u know the solution plz help. 😭

  111. Frost より:


  112. Frost より:

    Very good bro,

  113. Pikachu Pokemon より:

    Bro pls make video on free remote raid passes.

  114. sanjay deore より:

    Very good bro

  115. FRESH GAMING より:


  116. MALHAR HARAK より:

    Nice one !!

  117. Soham Satoskar より:

    Storage ka vanda tum kya jano

  118. Swapnil Dutt より:

    Instagram par ho bhai

  119. Gaurang Chaudhari より:

    Shivam garg ke sath partnership kar li kya

  120. Gaurang Chaudhari より:

    Wow exillent

  121. legendary harsha より:

    Iam subscribed your channel in my three other phones bro

  122. shivansh gupta より:

    7 like

  123. legendary harsha より:

    Keep making super excellent video like this bro
    Regards, DarkPheonic7.

  124. Himanshu Ranjan より:

    Thank youThank youThank youThank you a very very thank u

  125. Pasta Gaming より:

    East or west go trainer hub is the best 😁😁

  126. legendary harsha より:

    Very intelligent bro

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    Thank you

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  129. Danielle Tolentino より: