【視聴数 1289】

【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. Aditya Pal より:

    tip: play video on 2x speed

  2. AlfiesMullet より:

    It will be slightly better with the megahorn buff but this thing won’t ever be as good as machamp

  3. Golu Gupta より:


    a triple trash team
    1) muk [ kanto or alolan ]
    2) garbodor
    3) Wormadam (Trash)
    Please 🥺

    ❤️😁BTW the video is awesome


    Can we give a round of applause for Dustin’s one of a kind, entertaining af intro? ❤️❤️❤️

  5. James Spaarwater より:

    I do nor agree with nor understand this team combs… Double fighting in great League??

  6. William McClellan より:

    I love John but I’m here for SLD every day 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Im iCY より:

    I’ll always be supporting and watching, but the complete lack of any serious battles now is sometimes a bit boring. Like im genuinely curious how Falinks will do and all I hear is Dustin doing his – not overused at all – “sex-bit”…

  8. PokEcuador86 より:

    It’s a decent Pokemon but it won’t be the meta GG

  9. Shiv Kumar より:

    That question was actually answered in Pokemon journeys episode 74. What happens when they get seperated.

  10. Control Saibot より:

    Love the sarcasm


    Intro was the best ever till now

  12. Brian Zamarripa より:

    His name is Falus.

  13. Dan Iencean より:

    FallOnMyKnees for you

  14. Prasun Nath 19UEE015 より:

    I love your intro too😂

  15. Raghav Wadhwa より:

    And Dustin comes around with a fantastic intro and makes it a tie. Let’s see who takes the lead now.

  16. AndiPlays より:

    Try brick break instead

  17. thegreatgambeeno より:

    good morning

  18. A F より:

    They attack like one of those f*ck machines I saw angela white get demolished by

  19. Adarsh. A.R より:

    Escavalier is not a fighting type 🙃

  20. vaishakh より:

    I like dustins introo😂❤️

  21. JG より:

    Falinks needs a better bait move

  22. Kevin Wilson より:

    A+ intro

  23. Lukas Lambraia より:

    Ovstagoon is still not a fighting type but cool video

  24. Paul ! より:

    Don’t worry Dustin I love your intro 😘

  25. itz.slumpy より:

    it’s hilarious cuz i live with my girlfriend and i watch you guys on the tv, she’ll never understand 😌

  26. itz.slumpy より:

    oh dustin

  27. Chris Yates より:

    I’m 4th

  28. steve vogt より:

    I liked, because I like fellacio

  29. Trouble368 より:

    I ran Falinks during battle night. 15-5 with it.

  30. The Stupidiots より:

    6 Bois