Spoofer’s Guide to catch Shiny Articuno (Speed raiding) – FGL Pro/PGSharp


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  1. Waltliquortv より:

    Wasn’t that glitch already patched? Cause I did one and I know I did it right, …..( I should of looked at the comments before I did the gltich…man was that expensive ) and I heard that the glitch is now patched

  2. Usman Janjua より:

    Who wanna raid together

  3. jared0713 より:

    I kinda moved the stick to the bottom and now it’s not own my screen how do I get it back need help

  4. Ian D より:

    Does pgsharp still work????

  5. SDcool より:

    I got shiny

  6. ECM MCE より:

    Thx man

  7. Shy P より:

    Ur pgsharp is still working? I’m getting a not compatible message and it isn’t letting me.use pgsharp rn figured they needed to update am.i wrong?

  8. Plesea Alexandru より:

    How do I get de key code ???

  9. VICIOU5 より:

    Like for shiny luck 😛