GLASSIEST TEAM EVER somehow wins… | GO Battle League


【視聴数 5617】

【チャンネル名 PogoKieng】

【タグ Pokemon Go,Go Battle League】


  1. Amey Hindlekar より:

    Spicy as hell 🔥

  2. Arjun T B より:

    Well done

  3. Tuyip Yolo より:

    Who is that girl with kieng?

  4. Nishant Singh より:

    Hell yeah

  5. # jerdertrip より:

    This is my favourite short ever!

  6. EvilGrin より:

    Algorithm to keing: I gotchu

  7. SAMARTH FF より:

    Next video bulkier team ? I want to see that

  8. Willie333b(目標199訂閱) より:


  9. GaruLS Gamer より:

    You’re using a part of my strategy that I called “NOCTURNE GOD”.
    What a hilarious battles! I’m glad to see the performance. 🎮💛

  10. Md Shaharyar より:

    Pls make a video with XL medichamp I am using it with jellicent & serperior

  11. pushpak X より:

    would love to see the whole set with this team😅😂

  12. Ozair Hasaan より:

    Was just now running the opponents team, glad I didn’t face you 😂

  13. IkeTheBot より:

    Super intense music. Love it!

  14. Cellistrae より:

    I think that in your calculation of bulkiness, you should add a 0,8 mutiplicator for each of the shadow Pokemon you use. Like : 9.1 + (8.7*0.8) + (8.2*0.8). GG for the battle.


    Lmao entire team glassier than 1 azu looolllll

  16. foxx- worldd より:

    Hard counter city 😂 nice video

  17. Blaze kick gamin' より:

    The celebration 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Marvan Cherada より:

    attack form deoxys action pls

  19. Andrey López より:

    Best freaking battle ever XD!

  20. Sanchit Saini より:

    3 view

  21. PA Daily より:

    Amazing as always.

  22. Akshit Malhotra より: