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  1. kurdclooney より:

    Would you recommend this version or save up the candy for the eventual crowned verison (steel+fairy type)?

  2. andi456245 より:

    Looks like a Snarl Granbull for Master League.

  3. Spieletrend より:

    How fast do you want to release videos for new Pokémon?

    Jonkus: Yes.

  4. prince vegeta より:

    I’m watching it right now and it is 125am in Texas

  5. Shaheen Hossain より:

    Hey jonkus there is a new thickboi in the ul meta. Xl Greedent beats both xl umbreon and xl mandibuzz!!! I see that xl bunny video from you very soon now

  6. Jonas M より:

    Hey Jonkus, great effort for a great video! It is 8 am as I also live in Germany 😀

  7. AlfiesMullet より:

    Same moveset I like on granbull.. should be fun. I’m really happy this thing didn’t get charm. Curious how it performs vs heatran or poison jab roserade

  8. Ruby Carbuncle より:

    Jonkus you’re awesome man. Getting this video out there before any other youtuber. So dope, thank you 🙂

  9. frank a より:

    what’ll be more meta Zacian or the other dog (i forgot his name lol).

  10. john tristan garcia より:

    I already built a greedent for great leauge … It has accessto bullet seed so i think it will be good in gl..cheap second move as well

  11. Jason Robinson より:

    You’re always the first 😂

  12. Ross Clay より:

    6.29am GMT here in United Kingdom, thanks for the content dude can’t wait to get at the raids and get a couple powered up

  13. Subhasish Majumder より:

    Zacian is a legendary Granbull..

  14. Rafael Gomez より:

    Damn that was quick man definitely liked my man for getting this out so quick and powered up for us. Not all heros wear capes……

  15. Jose Morales より:

    Spoofer confirmed?

  16. Samuel Saiz より:

    No Joke I just did this raid, first one and got a hundo. Wild! Can’t wait to use it 🙂

  17. Mark Spencer より:

    Danke Jonkus, 1pm here (greetings from Malaysia!)

  18. Hridyansh Verma より:

    It has the same moveset as of a granbull

  19. Farhan Muhammad より:

    Damn, this doggo soon will be the top meta guaranteed. And his brother zamazenta should be too.. bcs he’s the bulkier version of the doggos.

  20. Herbert Charles Brown より:

    Maybe Play Rough / Wild Charge moveset?

  21. ShiftyWolf117 より:

    Got a hundo on my first raid.

  22. JonJacobJingleheimer より:

    9:18. Not out yet

  23. K s より:

    Liked. Thx for the early Zacian gbl vid

  24. Santiago Medina より:

    Bruhhhhhh how it’s 8:55 pm 😔

  25. Jay より:

    It was 10:30pm for me when you uploaded this

  26. valor 11 より:

    Dubwool could of gotten counter they f that mon it would of been great with it.

  27. SUP:D より:

    11:36 est time. I can’t wait until I have a Hundo Zacian to use.

  28. VibeKanine より:

    I wonder how zamazenta will perform

  29. Nahuelucho26 より:

    Let’s help the algorithm!!! Wujuuuuu thanks for the effort man! 0:30 right now in Argentina!

  30. Eddie Shen より:

    Wtf already?????

  31. Envyaesth より:

    I don’t like them if they don’t have their sword/shields

  32. Aadi Tomar より:

    He could be the best fairy type in ml

  33. TheLivingCube より:

    so i don’t live in an area that has it available (11:12 pm) here
    I used a remote raid pass to get one
    First ball silver pinap stats were 14/15/15 98 IV…. didn’t realize it was that crazy until I checked the stats
    what sucks for me is that I have like no rare candy so I can’t power it up, and I’m not level 40+ so I don’t have access to XL

  34. Sandervd1999 より:

    5 AM for me right now. Tried to get a zacian raid but didn’t succeed. Looks awesome tho

  35. BlazR 09 より:

    Dude how the fk, u already did it :00000

  36. 孙荟 より:

    1 pm here, Zacian already released

  37. vijay laxmi rai より:

    Hello brother

  38. kay tong より:

    Get lucky here first catch 14/15/15

  39. H Vu より:


  40. TyTimeIsAwesome より:

    ML version of Snarl Granbull? It looks pretty sick. Appreciate the grind to give us this content lol I will invest in one for sure.

  41. Aarif Shaikh より:

    Now that’s fast… 1030PM here

  42. blah より:

    9:26 pm on thursday local time in Wisconsin, usa. Makes me excited for this thing . So thank you as akways for your content!

  43. Subhankar Das より:

    Just waiting for your video

  44. Sangita Ch より:

    7 50 here right now… Waiting fr some good doggies

  45. Robin より:

    4am in Germany right now, but I just wanted to see how this thing performs!
    Great Video and rip to the 300+ rare candys lmao

  46. Matthew Spain より:

    9:08 pm

  47. Giovanni Elijah より:

    10:03 PM EST. Crazy stuff man. I saw its moves and thought about how great it would be in Master League (which I don’t play), but actually seeing it in action is just amazing. It’s just as overrated as what I see in the Gen 8 games XD

  48. Noob gamer boy より:

    Love from India

  49. Thadd PokemonGo より:


  50. Crocodile0630 より:

    Currently watching at 10:00 pm a bit late for a pogo vid but still awesome!!!

  51. absins より:

    My guy. You wild. Appreciate the content. 🤙

  52. Jay Sara より:

    And to think, this will have another forme too

  53. ok bruh より:


  54. JonkusPKMN より:

    Hey… it’s 4 am here… what is your time right now when you are watching? 😀 Kinda lost me some sleep to mak this video that fast so I really would appreciate if you could like the video as that help a lot with the YT-algorithm… subbing of course aswell 😛
    But I hope you all have a great day and you should 100% try to get this doggo… good night!

  55. Zike より:

    This dog doesn’t joke around. what an absolute crazy moveset. I can’t imagine what a LV50 does. Currently 8:52 PM with Zacian still not released.

  56. Daniel Guo より:

    epic spice

  57. LandonJWIC より:

    I haven’t played the game in so long I didn’t even know this thing is out lmao