*BUFFED* Dragon Tail SALAMENCE gets 5 WIN STREAK! | Pokémon GO Battle League


【視聴数 1870】

【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. silver surfer より:

    It’s hilarious when dustin impersonating johns words 6:15

  2. Waarunga より:

    You always say good morning. Man its 4 in the afternoon in europe xD

  3. X Drake より:

    7:26 the sass

  4. espymu より:

    Ace battles are boring.. we need veteran rank battles

  5. Charwolf より:

    sitting at work watching this.
    John: Actually i am opening gifts and I’m sending gifts
    *opens friends list goes to jfarmarkis*
    me: holy shit, he actually is, first time in a year!

  6. Mike smith より:

    solid!!!!! good shit guys!

  7. Seth Bowersock より:

    Why did this pop up memories of that Vaporean copypasta. Great content as always 😂

  8. Bashir Jawad より:

    Are this battles from previous season?the elo above the rank isn’t showing in this battles

  9. Bluerunner より:

    I was here

  10. Parth Devre より:

    I have one with outrage 90iv

  11. Blaze kick gamin' より:


  12. WILLIAMSヅ Sand より: