10-0 DRAGON TAIL GARCHOMP | Legend: 3400 | Pokemon Go Battle MASTER LEAGUE CLASSIC PvP


【視聴数 825】

【チャンネル名 Vergyverg】

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  1. 2011carp より:

    You missed hyper beam on snorlax. Great vid!

  2. Emmanuel Espino より:

    Which one should get the best buddy boost? Lugia?

  3. Jonathan Olsson より:

    On the way to the top of leaderboards🤙
    Great vid

  4. Karim Medhat より:

    glad to see you high in the LB hope you make it to the first page at the end of the season <3

  5. Amol Mahajan より:

    Just an observation – whenever someone swaps in Dialga/Lugia on your loaded Garchomp, it’s best to directly swap into Melmetal. Melmetal beats Dialga/Lugia anyway, so any energy you throw from Garchomp on those before swapping out is kind of wasted energy.

  6. valor 11 より:

    Not 1 dialaga lead lol

  7. Teekayhuey TK より:

    Vergy externally: The first time we have beaten john the savage in the last 4 seasons.
    Vergy internally: VENGEANCE IS MINE!

  8. Nihas N S より:

    Can i replace lugia with some dragons or mamoswine. 😁😁😁

  9. Daniel Bobadilla より:

    Hi Vergy… lugia or melmetal safe swap?

  10. raw steel より:

    Could this team work with earth power and sand tomb? I got a Hundo garchomp on community day,and don’t want to tm earth power away

  11. 郭嘉晟 より:

    Any replacement for melmetal?