NO XL Team for Master GO Battle League Pokemon GO S8 // Shiny Snorlax leads the charge


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  1. KettySpikes より:

    Thanks for the non Xl team poke for us normies. Reason to use my recently caught shiny lax and powered up conkeldurr

  2. Volt より:

    i caught many melmetals and metagross off gaurd with flamethrower on my mewtwo

  3. Volt より:

    I matched up with the same guy an hour ago 6:22

  4. Hentie Artist より:

    I’ve been running giratina Kyogre and dialga, been a ton of fun

  5. yeshar IDREES より:

    TY 🔥

  6. LGsus より:

    Perfect timing… 👌🏼

  7. Chief J より:

    Anyone else have the problem where at the start of almost every battle the opponent attacks before you so you’re 1 or 2 turns behind? Been happening a lot lately.

  8. Jessica Rocheleau より:

    Love your outros 🔥

  9. Hsiang Sean より:


  10. A Kaplan より:

    Yeah bro it’s a non xl team because you’re not in open master league, you’re in master league classic, which only allows level 40 and below (not including best buddy)

  11. Duke XhZ より:

    lemme get the uh stone mason, contractor, and engineer.

  12. Respect より:

    I have doubt when I watch your video what thing did you put your ear I like this earing

  13. EcVargas より:

    I reached Legend today for the 2nd time! Thanks for the motivation Poke

  14. Jisan Masi より:

    I am on rank 20 and today I win 5 out of 5 matches in master league

  15. EPIC GAMING より:

    Good morning poke AK

  16. Ong Wei yi (Meridianss) より:

    this team is op ngl

  17. Kay Andall より:

    Which I better to use for GBL a 15/15/10 or a 10/15/15 dialga only have candy for one

  18. AlfiesMullet より:

    Why not throw stone edge at those yveltals with conky?

  19. toasterpunch より:

    Appreciate you as always poke

  20. Saphirx より:

    Very cool team Poke, I know I’ve said that before but this team was just *chefs kiss* awesome

  21. Natural Harmonia Gropius より:

    I just changed my Master League team to more powerful and appropriate. It was composed of Togekiss, Garchomp, and Excadrill. Pretty decent IVs, counters most Pokemon in the tier. The weird thing is my Garchomp runs Earth Power and Sand Tomb. Seems weird and redundant to you, but I’ve tried to change my Garchomp’s Charged 2 to Outrage but the RNG really trolls me. So I stick to the moveset. You’ll never know how clutch Sand Tomb is due to its baity nature.

  22. Cahyo Nugroho より:

    I miss your “Engineer” Conkeldur 🙂

  23. Poliwrth より:

    You the goat poke ak!

  24. Vegan King より:

    I named mine Wreck it Ralf 🤪

  25. monke bird より:

    To me, shadow Mewtwo isn’t worth. As a Mewtwo, you’re going to already be two shotting most things so the extra bulk is worth more to me.

  26. s0laris_yt より:

    Anyone had luck tryna find a find a Heracross to kill?

  27. Michael Howell より:

    Loving your content being put out!

  28. Adwin Molina より:


  29. Donavon Bain より:

    A catch is a win. Never upset at being outplayed. Lag however……😡🤬

  30. Austin Binkley より:

    I think Conkeldurr is it going to have a community

  31. Adwin Molina より:

    Should I max for classic my snorlax it’s my one I use for UL

  32. Shadowlord より:

    Poke trying to make me jealous with that shiny snorlax again…

  33. RealTimePogo より:

    I was using an xl Pokémon in master league. Shuckle but it’s only level 42.

  34. Ember より:

    epic video

  35. Shawn John より:

    Shiny snorlax!!!!! I’m so jelly

  36. Shiny Darkrai より:

    Hello broski

  37. T Brown より:

    Damn my guy out here with no cheese

  38. IOS Snipes より:

    love the vids keep it up

  39. Absolute_Koko より:

    the unique teams from poke don’t stop! love it!

  40. Daniel Rink より:

    Hi poke 👋

  41. Christopher Palada より: