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  1. Sandboy より:

    It’s a little weird how they haven’t addressed it ugh…

  2. Braden Welke より:

    Let’s be real, the most likely reason Niantic hasn’t publicly addressed anything about this is because they want to *monetize* PokéStop radius in some form or another (like with the ‘sponsored stops’ you had mentioned or maybe tying them to events). It’s straight-up anti-consumer.

    Thanks for using your voice, Zoë!! 🙌

  3. Officer Tenpenny より:

    Aw you’re such a pretty and nice girl

  4. ryan hashimoto より:

    Man you mean I can’t spin the stops at home while I’m my room? Fml

  5. Debi Howell より:

    Aww what a week bless ya. Speedy recovery to all 🙏

  6. Colipop52 LC52 より:

    sadly i have quit playing the game. i got a 30 day ban a few days ago. iv contacted for an appeal but i think that appeals are pointless. i think they have set that up as a formality for customer service. i asked them why i got banned and they said its for fairness. i asked again and they said i was using 3rd party software. the only 3rd party software i know of are IV checkers, bots and spoofing apps. i dont use any. i tried to explain their detection is wrong and told them about their apology about false bans. i dont bot because im stuck at level 43. i would have been a lot higher in levels if i was botting. also i dont spoof either or else i would have all of the regionals etc and would not need the remote raid passes that i spent a lot of money in getting since shortly before go fest. i asked them to apply that logic to my appeal so they would find it was a false ban. they said they cannot inform me of how they come to the conclusion of i was using 3rd party and i said it is because they know it is a false positive on their side like with so many others. i can no longer support a game and developer who will not listen to their players. how can i be botting or spoofing if im going nowhere in the game. i loved this game to bits. il still watch your videos though thats for sure but sadly i will not be playing the game any more 🙁

  7. ShockedPikachu より:

    Attacks the Final boss of niantic. Got it👌
    Also the players need to Wake Up! They Been letting Niantic bend them over and the player have been taking. There use us as there chase cow. They don’t care what you want. It’s about money and y’all been letting it going on for so long now there not going to take y’all seriously now.

  8. Glizαrd より:

    Good to see you again Zoë and I hope Alan recovers well and quickly!

    I’m on board with the boycott thing by not spending a dime on this game until Niantic does something about it. Words didn’t help, perhaps money does then. Worth a shot.

  9. sgpork より:

    Living near the equator.. already has v small radius/distance. Removing this double distance n going back to the old distance means My character literally have to be ON THE POKE STOP/gym then only I could interact it.


  10. mark crowe より:

    In the UK, so not affected yet. But I am up for a weekend boycott. What date shall we do it?

  11. Rico Lee より:

    Agree with you Zoe… really demotivated with how niantic runs things and not listening to the community.. i won’t play as much and not going to spend any money unless they can address this. The game is made up by the community, not their executives

  12. Karen Hui より:

    Omg love your nail colours!

  13. Henry Layton より:

    i just subscribed!

  14. The Lone Wolf より:

    Also, the radius is apparently a circle, meaning from the center of the circle (as in you the player) you can reach pokestops X meters in one direction and X in the other direction

  15. xSamiiSlayerx より:

    I’m officially not going to spend anymore money. I will not stream any sneak peeks I will not give them a platform. This is how I’m going to tackle this I may log in to do my daily catch but that’s legitimately about it

  16. haider qaragholi より:

    You go girl ! I’m with you …. No money from my wallet into the game !

  17. fiyahflash より:

    New Zealand player; stopped playing on the 1st when the change went live and made sure the app was deleted. Will not entertain the idea of picking it back up again until they reinstate the increased radius as a free QoL feature and not a paid subscription feature.

  18. Jordan Lodge より:

    I mean it’s happened now and they ain’t listening so just get on with it.

  19. The Lone Wolf より:

    There’s a gym near me that’s now unreachable when the park is closed, which basically means raids after a certain time are unreachable and the gym belongs to whoever had it when the park closes, except if spoofers decide to take it. Now they can take your gym in daylight and you can’t even go back to take it.

  20. Charlie Morgan より:

    Zoe just to let you know your an amazing person so keep your head up!

  21. TotalMK より:

    Where were these rant videos when Niantic ripped us off for the 2nd week of raiding for shiny Alolan Ponyta? no one made videos and Niantic ripped off the world Millions of dollars that week and no one complained? While I wish the pokestop distance stayed on and agree with you on all points they did tell us that the distance was temporary, so I’m kinda on Niantic side for the distance but not for the Alolan Ponyta raids :/

  22. MidnightCry7 より:

    get well soon, Alan and family member. It’s good to see you again, Zoe. Let’s just see where all this goes with Niantic.

  23. Ryusui より:

    I am totally in to do a week-long boycott of the entire game, and not just spending. If you organize a date for players around the world to begin a boycott, I will adhere and support. Thank you for always keeping it real for the player base.

  24. Natural Harmonia Gropius より:

    I’m just going to my 1-year anniversary as a Pokemon GO players and this chaos happened.

  25. Krzysztof より:

    That feeling when the content creators who WORK with Niantic for so long do not get heard as well. This just shows how much of scumlords they are. It’s just sad that you worked with them on the GO Fest thing, just because they needed a face that is recognizeable and liked by people around the world, just to act like complete assholes in the end of it. Stopped myself playing like 3-4 days ago cuz I just lost all the hype and willingness to play even tho Poland is not yet affected I am still like meh. Stay safe and healthy <3

  26. Curtis Shideler より:

    They’re reverting it so they can monetize it later, just like incense. Maybe subscription? Definitely disgusting @pokemongoapp @nianticlabs.

  27. pikachu T sessions より:


  28. Gaurav Ghosh より:

    I’ve never had a problem with the spin distance but I know a lot of people do. I wouldn’t mind boycotting if everyone else does.

  29. ROXPLAY ZONE より:


  30. Alpha Beta Delta XXX より:

    If Niantic fixes these issues by thinking they’ll have us players sign up for a “premium subscription” that will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back for me ! I’m on Hiatus to accomplish school and get my body back in shape and watching YouTube to get updates what I’m missing , looks like y’all just been unhappy 😅!

  31. Sharni07 より:

    Stops here in the UK 🇬🇧 have never been 80 metres. 😂 They were about 10 metres before and went up to maybe 25 during the pandemic. It was still better though. Why lie about the actual distance to us and not only that take it away when everyone agrees it was a positive thing and we wanted it to stay?? I want it to stay, better still be the actual distance stated. It seems to have come to an end here now too, I won’t be playing for money anymore 💯 and will happily boycott the game with everyone else. 😞

  32. Gemziieex より:

    The trouble is they always said this was going to be temporary and I somewhat agree with the stops but the whole point of a stop is to encourage you to explore whether it’s a shop, park etc

  33. Mirafen より:

    Easiest and best way to hurt Niantic stop playing the game for a month or so, don’t buy anything in game. Or any of the other Niantic games. That hurts them the most

  34. Lil Ry3879 より:

    I feel like Niantic will keep the distance the same as it was because they usually listen to us, but if they keep it reduced I’m taking a break for a while.

  35. Jade Pika より:

    Theres such simple things that are part of the radius also, like what if theres like a big crowd or birthday party or something at a park pokestop and you dont want to or literally cannot get close to the pokestop… the increased radius should be permanent for so many logical reasons

  36. Joseph Castillo より:

    I’m really disappointed on how they haven’t already addressed this but if a boycott is what we have to do to get our voices heard I am 100% willing to do it👍🏽

  37. ASH'S GRENINJA より:

    Sister plz give me heart plz

  38. Walter Simms より:

    If you want them to listen, we have to stop spending money. If we can do that as a community, they will listen.

  39. jembru より:

    Gym distance is staying the same. It’s only pokestops that are going back to 40k. So the crowding at gyms argument has been listened to at least. Still a huge lack of transparency on their part. I’d be up for switching the app off for a few days to try and get their attention!

  40. Maria Kristiansen より:

    Hi. Just a tip. Botox can really help with your jaw.. I’ve gotten it for a few years. 😻

  41. Jason Bradley より:

    Thanks, Zoë, for making this video and for all you and the rest of the squad do for the PoGo community! Thanks for testing the distance! That has always been a bit of a confusing part in PoGo to me. As for what to do as the community, I’m on board with taking a day or week off of the game, if the community wants to. The other thing I’ve realized today, living in the US, about the decreased radius is at the gym in my neighborhood, I essentially have to straddle the tennis net to be counted as at the gym to battle it/compete in a raid at it. Which in turn, I could see Niantic forcing the use of remote passes which would boost their income in the game. That’s where it felt more like the decreasing radius is so much of a money grab more than making the game encourage exploration. Maybe I’m off on that last part there, but it just currently feels that way to me. Sorry you had to wake up to all the frustration and most of it from the lack of response from Niantic. I also hope your family continues to have a speedy recovery from their surgeries!

  42. dreamdivaDH より:

    Especially when they ask us for our opinions and thoughts, and then they just do what they want.
    This is very frustrating. 🙁

    Ps: I’m glad everyboy is recovering well 🍀

  43. mega ender dragon より:

    Wow, so, you post actually also on morning Polish time, even though you are in different time zone. Great vid

  44. Awbrx より:

    “It is winter, it is august”

  45. Pokémon Go World より:

    This new bonuses are disappointing

  46. Blake Croissant より:

    It’s really frustrating being disabled and not being able to spin stops that I used to be able to spin. The pandemic is still raging and even if it wasn’t, we deserve accessibility! Thank you for talking about this!

  47. sarah yergin より:

    I don’t know why but it seemed like my game never got the extended radius for the pokestops. Of it did it was only active on like 1 out 5 stops I spun.

  48. Raphaël Ghünnter より:

    The reduced PokéStop distance is just the tip of the iceberg, honestly. Niantic finally acknowledged on Twitter the other day that they’ve been wrongfully giving out punishing strikes to people who did NOT break any rules of the game. Picture this: you play the game as intended, mind your own business, pay for tickets and upgrades, and get banned for no reason because “they’ve made a mistake”. Yup, it’s happening AGAIN. It’s not even the first time. Their anti-cheat system is broken like that. They just straight up ban legit players because their system flags them as _sus_ for some reason and that’s it, end of story, nothing you can do about it. Imagine paying for a GO Fest ticket and then being banned from the game and prevented from playing because of a mistake on their part (and the ticket is non-refundable, to make matters worse). There’s tons of people on Twitter telling their stories about this, and I’ve seen first hand this happen to several of my friends. It’s sad, really. Very discouraging. It’s like they’re begging us to stop playing the game or something like that. Then Niantic comes and says they’re gonna fix it and remove those strikes from people’s accounts, but when people contact them they still acuse people of lying and breaking the terms of service and all that and say they’re actually not gonna give those accounts back. Like, make up your mind or something, lol. It’s just unfathomable to me that a company this rich can be *this irresponsible* towards their own players. I am deeply disgusted by them, I literally feel sick to my stomach whenever I think of Niantic. Pokémon deserved better.

  49. Hopfen Schnitzel より:

    The Game is Boring without Meeting the Community. No Trades, less raids only With the free remote Passes. 1 a week. Plus Same Events every month, no Trading Without Long distance range. But also a Lot of Players Here are lazy since Last year With the Pandemic Boni.

  50. ib yim puas kev hlub より:

    Im all in for boycott! Its not just you that have address this. Brandon Tan, PokeDaxi, Trainer Club etc have discussed this and yet nothing from Niantic. I was thinking if you tubers boycott, a lot of us would follow and it would get Niantic’s attention. I’m fine with not playing for a few days. I spend so much money on the game so it would be good to save for a bit. Covid cases are going back up so iono why Niantic did not consider and leave everything as it is.

  51. keith l より:

    Boycott next community Day

  52. RosticalRPG より:

    Awesome video. I play this daily, it’s my life haha, but I will boycott to help support this. Also an Aussie, but I feel for those that already have the “40m radius” revert.

    Also, sending positive thoughts to family member and Alan (excuse spelling, and yes, he’s also family but you know what I mean).

  53. Godzilla より:

    Hello i lost a shiny dialga

  54. Jason Nichols より:

    I think we should all boycott here locally I noticed a significant change when the distance charged…a LOT of people aren’t playing.

  55. Eric Braun より:

    Zoë with the realness: don’t forget the community. ❤️❤️❤️

  56. White Rabbit より:

    Glad you are all doing better. I read the petition got under 150,000, not near enough to get Niantics attention. The incense effectiveness is also a big deal for us rural players, especially on spotlight hour. Next Tuesday will just be sad. Perhaps we should all boycott the sponsered pokestops and the business attached? Maybe Niantic would listen to them when they start complaining about lossing business. 🙂

  57. Dream Skeeter より:

    pokeballs in the shop are too lucrative

  58. Cath Johnson より:

    I totally agree with you Zoë. Just seems greedy to me.

  59. rft utd より:

    If EVERYONE put the game down for the upcoming community day weekend, that would send a message. No action for two days. Need people who are heard, like yourself, Brandon Tan, etc to get the word out and make it happen.

  60. LocalOrphan より:

    I play the game daily before and after school and now I can even reach 90 percent of the stops because I live in Nz. Wth man

  61. Danilo de Mare より:

    Hi your my favourite pogo youtuber❤

  62. Jay S. より:

    I know Datamind stuff is not “canon” but I remember there being something about upgrading stops. One of those upgrades could be increased distance. They have to roll it back to sell the upgrade. They wont admit it…that explains the silence. It sucks that it’s all business but I wont be spending any more $ on this game. What is in my bag is what I will use and start creating AR Photos again.

  63. TheReal_ist より:

    I recently got kicked out of a raid, normally I can just ask support to give me my pass back. And they’ve been good about it, until yesterday. I asked for it as normal but they said nope u have reached the max amount of pass reimbursements.

    ARE U KIDDING ME! there’s a limit to you giving me a refund of MY MONEY. That is outrageous absolutely not acceptable, you don’t get o just not give back my MONEY I SPENT because your crap game isn’t working correctly.

    They’ve been getting more and more greedy and I’m getting beyond pissed.
    Thxs for your support zoey please don’t let this issue die for new content. Like so many creators have done in the past.
    Keep fighting with US!!
    Much love u guys

  64. Abbey Bailey より:

    I find it funny that when you log in it tells you not to trespass but most gyms or poke stops are in places you cannot reach like motorways people’s homes/land. What does it harm them by keeping it the same?

  65. Armando Saucedo より:

    Always love your vids..
    Passing the good vibes for you and your family.

  66. Abbey Bailey より:

    I’m sorry to hear about your family, hope they’re better soon! I understand I had surgery for some moles for suspected skin cancer 3 weeks ago and it knocked me silly. We will be happy you playing like one of us rather than using money so we can understand better of how your spending money can affect the game and what you get xx

  67. IHaveAoriginal Name より:

    A date should be set by for all players to do a 24 hour no play day,that would send a clear message to niantic Eevee community day would be a great day to pick

  68. Ziyaad Fakier より:

    We in South Africa already have very little pokestop and we still on lockdown level three.

  69. Nerida Robinson より:

    Happy to not spend money until it’s resolved. It was such a good thing to have the greater distance, from safety and accessibility aspects.

  70. Luke Boicos より:

    agree with everything except one thing… you bowl in cricket, not pitch hahah but other than that spot on!

  71. edilsonrj より:

    I just stop buying things inside game I love pokemon Go but I will no longer suport a company that doesn’t listen their players

  72. Rob より:

    Totally understand about the lack of hype. Lack of shinnies, re-using old community days, Chimecho in weekly research. It’s all so meh! I understand that there needs to be opportunity for newer players to get these mons, but its frustrating for long time players

  73. DDizzle88 より:

    Name the boycott dates Zoe and I for one will happily join in

  74. Mateusz Disney より:

    9323 7939 6121 Add me please

  75. DDizzle88 より:

    Niantic needs to listen to it’s community,before it no longer has a community….there’s irony in the fact that the reverted changes it thinks will improve interactive gameplay will actually destroy the community and player base,and in doing so their profits and the game we all love….We haven’t had the changes in the UK yet,but if they do revert here that’s me for one spending ZERO on Incense and anything else for that matter…..😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  76. Jake Enuton より:

    i have to walk outside now to reach the gym outside of my house. don’t really care though. i was used to doing it for years before covid.

  77. M F Q より:

    I will not spend a dollar further until this is fixed. Additionally, I’m all for a boycott. I think this is a great idea!!! Thank you for your leadership on this! If you start one, I’m in!

  78. FranknsteinrShorts より:

    This is just sad, cant do the 6 lures on our cluster pokestops now

  79. Signe Romanova より:

    I’m also so down to boycott the game for a certain period, especially if it would be possible to have a bunch of players doing it at the same time. Hope someone could figure out how to organize this.
    Much love to you and your family!

  80. Animelytical より:

    “80 metres”. LMDAO WHAT?! It’s not even 40. No chance. 20? Maybe a little more for a gym but honestly I don’t think so.

  81. Andre Adams より:


  82. Nameless より:

    If they don’t put the Gym radius back by Ultra Unlock Week 3 we stop playing & don’t even take part.
    I don’t know if they’ve announced what Week 3 will be, but if we announce a boycott before knowing what we’re willing to miss Niantic will know we’re serious.

  83. Time Flash より:

    Let’s do a boycott

  84. drigon100 より:

    As a disabled player I’m more dissapointed by the incence changes than the radius changes.

    Radius changes is purely a convinience thing there are stops/gyms I have easy access too and only a few that will be unpractical/unable for me to get too.

    Incence as it is now however has let me actively catch pokemon at a similar rate to able-bodied players.
    Incence has also been a great equaliser and enabled rural players to get decent spawns. When the roll back happens rural players will once again get shafted compared to urban players.


    Does niantic not know how to measure distance?😔

  86. westcoastfoss より:

    I broke my back 3 years ago. Obviously it has hampered my game play. With the increased distance it made it possible for me to play harder. I already have to drive 20 minutes at 55 mph to reaxh the nearest stop. Now I can’t reach it. Had to drive another 10 minutes. This sucks. In the US here just 20 miles from niantics home office. Go figure.

  87. Meg より:

    Thank you for the solidarity ❤️

  88. Nathaniel Stasiowski より:

    When it comes to pokestops even before covid I didn’t have to walk really close to a stop, I have to get within like ten feet for a stop to spin it

  89. tumekemuch より:

    Hope you all get well and all good with video and love your points on pokestop keep up the great work chur

  90. Nathaniel Stasiowski より:

    No one will stop playing Pokemon go until everyone who plays stops it won’t change,they screwed us when they said the distance would be permanent,also screwed us by making the shiny rates very very low for raids, the wild,tasks,eggs it’s trash now.

  91. Austin Swift より:

    Whilst I 100% agree with Zoe that the changes shouldn’t be reversed, I do disagree with some of the reasoning.

    Some pokestops are just naturally going to be inaccessible to players with certain disabilities. I’ve seen pokestops up mountains and down dirt tracks. If you’re a player that has mobility issues, then I think that they would naturally take those into consideration when they choose where they play. Why go to a place which maybe only has one stop at some cricket nets, but without access, if you can instead go to a larger park with proper paths and more stops, or go into town/city centres.

    Another reason I can see is that niantic actually want us to explore and check out these POIs and whilst you can see cricket nets from ~40m away, if that pokestop was instead a small memorial plaque set in the floor, you couldn’t see it from the same distance.

    Niantic want us to genuinely check out these places and explore new areas, but let’s be honest, the vast majority of us play in our own areas and spin these stops just for the items, we already know our own towns and cities and a lot of these POIs don’t even warrant exploration. A cricket net for example is not a cultural focal point and a lot of these stops are added by players wanting more resources and gyms to raid in, they’re not put in because we as players want more people to explore new areas.

    Let’s be honest, the changes were a massive quality of life improvement for all players and we’ll all notice them when they’re gone, but let’s not use other people’s disabilities as excuses to try and make our lives easier.

  92. Lim Williams より:

    if this goes globally, Indonesian players will be F up… not kidding, in Indonesia the Covid case increased (you know what you have to do to decrease it)… and now Niantic wants to change the way to play, I personally think it’s not a good choice… even i love pokemon, i personally think Niantic become a bad developer now by not considerate each countries problems

  93. SneakyG! より:

    Trainer Club seems to have a YT vote out at the moment

  94. Jane Southard より:

    Sooo my first experience of the distance change of the pokestops/gyms got me pulled over. The officer was nice and was just wondering why I was driving so slow. I was trying to figure out just where I could park to be relatively close to a few stops so I would not have to get out of my car. It is soo hot and humid here in the USA and I have COPD. Turns out none of the pokestops can be reached now without actually having to get out and walk to them. I just moved out to the country so it’s my first experience in this small town with the distance change. Looks like I need to find another area to play which won’t be easy since it’s already 4 miles to the nearest stop in this town. I may just have to quit. Level 48 here, sucks. No problem with boycott.

  95. The Broseidon より:

    Imagine being upset over something they never even needed to give us. Yall greedy. This is classic you can’t give people anything cause they only want more. Just pathetic

  96. Will Chavez より:

    I think a boycott is a little extreme

  97. HotDogGaming より:

    I lit see no update issues with my game. (pokestops distance hasn’t changed)

  98. josh shackleton より:

    Love the video, I’m in for not spending any money in game until this crap is fixed

  99. James Wise Magic より:

    Whats super frustrating is that Niantic literally didnt address the players concerns whatsoever. Not even in a lazy rude way such as “Hello, we’ve heard everyone’s feedback but decided to still move forward to decreasing the distance” we didnt even get that. We couldn’t even get bare minimum effort on their part, they just completely ignored us. What a huge middle finger to the playerbase tbh.

  100. Coogan より:

    I got all the shinies I needed from unlock part 1 because I grinded really hard before the changes were made. I play tested in the U.S. today and couldn’t reach 10 of the 14 previously reachable stops/gyms so I’m more than happy to boycott spending and only play for PvP.

    Those 10 I lost are all on the General Mills campus (the Honey Nut, Lucky Charms, & Trix people for your cereal lovers) who are nice enough to let me walk/rollerblade on their campus outside, but all of the in-game mapping is in the buildings and restricted areas. This change now leaves me with access to 3 stops and 1 gym without crossing a highway and traveling 1.8 miles (2.9km) to go play the game in yet another weak area.

  101. Kevin M より:

    So much going on! Hope everyone heals quickly. I really hope Niantic listens to their people. It’s not some crazy request… it’s been done before! Either way… time will tell. 😕

  102. Mr.Orange より:

    I feel like we should boycott them for like two days to see what they will do, and if they still don’t listen we should do it for longer

  103. Maj-Brit L. より:

    My circle of range seems larger than yours? I know Australia is not part of this first roll out… but it looks like you have “normal” range – why? :-/

  104. adisbern より:

    I always thought Niantic is CHEATING with the radius. Im certainly within the 40m radius from a pokestop and I cant spin it.

  105. Rashii Henry より:

    Thanks for the insight.

  106. lazer125 より:

    I can’t believe this is happening too, Sydney is having the absolute worst right now in lockdown and Niantic is not making things easier for the Pogo community and it’s pretty upsetting and Pokemon Unite, yeah I just stay away from that Game and didn’t care for it.

  107. Aj Javier より:

    Billion other games ✌

  108. DarshD Entertainment より:

    So nice to see your video again, Zoë! Awesome analysis on the issue. Wishing a speedy recovery to your relative and Alan!!!

  109. Pei Chen より:

    I’m really glad Youtubers are with the players. Niantic totally ignores the players’ view but maybe Youtubers will have a larger impact.

  110. Patricia Graca より:

    No matter what happens to pokemon Go I watch you because I like your message, your vibe. I don’t go on streams much cause times zones are a bitch and it’s always at an ungodly hour lmao (When you are live)

  111. Sauli Saarimaa より:

    I don’t know if its the sponsored stops, or they just want to return the radius back to normal. In here it has been pretty short distance anyway. It was nice quality of life feature so I can understand why some people are upset. Still I think Niantic could have released some kind of event or bonus to compensate for the removal. When I was walking in the city, I noticed that I missed ton of the art and stuff that the pokestops had, since I didn’t have to go anywhere near them, but it had the benefit of avoiding “junkie nests” in some bad areas.

  112. lillecathrine より:

    Sending the best wishes to you & Alan! Hope both Alan and your other relative is doing better

  113. Pathster より:

    Me:you guys spend money in this game? 🙁😕😧😮

  114. Jennifer Miguel より:

    Thanks for your support in my area in Hawaii our COVID cases has increased 500% and I feel unsafe walking closer to the stores etc to spin stops where I could have spun then safely away from everyone

  115. chelanacxt より:

    I’ve decided that I will be no longer spending any on pokemon go, yeah my $5-20 isn’t going to hurt them that much but it’s what I can do.

  116. Mano Pou より:

    Good on you,no money for 7!days

  117. Melissa Ruburn より:

    Sending luv & hugs your way babe. Glad things are looking better with your family. Hang in there. I’ll go with the community on how we should collectively address this, but I’m gearing towards ‘speaking with my wallet’.

  118. PokerPlayer20 より:

    I loved listening to your take on this. I love you as a friend but love you even more that your being a champ and awesome person and taking care of Alan after his surgery. I hope your other family member is doing good after their surgery as well. I hope things go good for you to do with your teeth. I loved an enjoy your content even if you don’t get a shiny. Your the greatest

  119. It'sMeJamesE より:

    Niantic is joining my hated companies list.. and they are thinking about putting a subscription in the game .. they make enough money

  120. JenDee JonesSmith より:

    Today I was sitting between to stops once able to spin and now I can only hit one and walk 10 feet and it the other one. I agree 1 day walk out

  121. Robert Mildren より:

    Which Youtuber is going to be the first to use the “boycott” word and mean it?

  122. Beez Wax より:

    Boycott spending money sounds good to me. I still want to play and I think just not spending the money makes the real statement.

  123. Amy U. より:

    I think more people should really measure the radius because now I’m curious.

  124. Shaqmove より:

    Wow thats really sad if they’re just gonna listen just because theyre not making enough money. Really really sad.

  125. GiraffeCubed より:

    I wonder if your Twitch mug is thermally activated! Maybe it turns purple when you pour in hot water.

  126. Braedan Carl より:

    The shrink is so inconvenient, can’t spin so many pokestops from the path we typically walk to grind items. Didn’t realize how obnoxiously close you had to be with the old radius until now🥴

  127. Ryan Orest より:

    I heard Niantic is going to possibly implement pay to play feature with the increased pokestop radius. Really scummy if they do. Definitely would be down for a boycott. That is the only way to get change unfortunately through their wallet. Glad to hear they recovering

  128. MannyG より:

    Really hope Niantic addresses the feedback and don’t just flat out ignore it. With that being said glad you, Alan and your family are doing are doing well. Sending speedy recovery vibes!

  129. ZunoJon より:

    Yes boycott I’m down 🙏🙏

  130. Mango Mochi より:

    Thanks for bravely speaking out Zoe! You’re a good egg too. 😘

  131. SuperFreddyFilms より:

    first!!! can i get a hi??

  132. Christine's Coloring より:

    I’m glad everyone did well, including you. I’m boycotting POGO currently myself. I’m not playing!! At least a week. Perhaps more.

  133. PkmnMasterHolly より:

    Great video Zoë!! Love that you tested the distance! And omg nice care package!!!

  134. Arkangel より:

    Glad you guys are ok!! You are 100% correct with the pokestops!! I have a pokestop that is 40m from my home and I can’t spin it so that 80m is a total lie!!

  135. Flash Pan より:

    Yeah I’m going to cut my spending and playing going forward. Was spending $20 every month or so, let’s get it as close to 0 as possible. And I’m skipping more days of play than I have been.

  136. Joseph Ripoyla より:

    The only way they will listen is to do a boycott

  137. Kitty Rambles A Lot より:

    The distance has always been really iffy, and the radius seems to have been different depending on how close to the equator you are too. I’m really glad to see creators like yourself address this and it’s affect on disabled and rural players

  138. Brandon Adams より:

    Yeah its weird bc Niantic does it fir me bc I am in the USA right when are cases sky rocket again and were we would be optional to wear the mask If u are vaccinated now its mandatory again to wear your mask.

  139. CircusKing より:

    From NZ and noticed the lesser range this morning. I play mostly when I’m at work in the car (passenger). Other than walking the dog and Comm days I don’t go walking (exploring) for PoGo.
    The decreased range stifles my ability to play within the boundaries of my spare time, which is not much, as life takes priority. I feel this change back actually disincentivises play and won’t be a matter of “they’ll get used to it”

  140. Big Bear Merriott より:

    We have been screwed once again

  141. CanadianGaryOak より:

    Going free2play if they need stops in Canada 🇨🇦

  142. RedpoolDead より:

    I played in 2016 day one, stopped playing after about a month until about a year ago. Since then I have played everyday, I’ve hit level 43, done over 1500 raids, spent more money than I am happy to admit, and gotten my wife, two sisters, and their significant others to play. We are all holding out until they fix the game.
    Also you’re totally right, the interaction distance is no way accurate to what it’s set to, so now we’re effectively at like 10m.

  143. altosax18 より:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    This is what happens when a company develops a game based on someone else’s super popular IP. Pokémon alone is keeping the game alive, not Niantic, and Niantic seems to be doing whatever they can to kill the game off faster. Look at Harry Potter, HP is a successful franchise but Niantic couldn’t develop a game that could compete with Pokémon. The franchise determines if the game is successful for Niantic.

    Even before the pandemic started I noticed that some of the most dedicated players in my community were doing less raids and not as active as they were before (myself included and I organized the most raids). Overtime players in my area were doing less raids (at one point we were doing 30+ raids over a typical weekend) and are now waiting till a new shiny legendary is released to raid more than just their daily pass. Repeated legendaries is really hurting the game in my community and not to mention the terrible changes to the game. Just a matter of time before most players in my area stop playing all together.

    I’m in the USA and I’ve already seen what this change has done. “Oh I have a free pass and I can’t reach this gym that I use to and I won’t be using a remote pass instread.”

  144. Jett Ridley より:

    I am Australian I am in QLD

  145. Hyperion より:

    I would be down to boycott the game for a long time for change

  146. Ghost Rodeo より:

    I think it might be right for them to implement something like a test servers for players to test stuff like this so that people wouldn’t get upset about fixes and updates.

  147. ACRUCE SALUS666 より:

    They should make the radius wider , that way it be better for those players who are disabled etc. I hope they increase the radius.

  148. Kel より:

    Speedy recovery for your fam!! Also shiny luck to you and everyone!! Happy hunting!!!


    big youtubers are complaining but will still continue spending money on the game just like a ton of other people..thats good enough for nianshit

  150. Vursp Light より:

    I want to try tights video

  151. Midnight Paranormal Society より:

    We need to take a stand and show Niantic they need us more then we need them! They wouldn’t be so successful without the money we spend on their game! Let’s stop paying and stop playing especially this ridiculous community day coming up!

  152. MrZorx75 より:

    Most players don’t even know this controversy is happening, because they’re not online talking about it. So I personally think a boycott wouldn’t do anything. I’ll continue to support Niantic since I think they are good devs and hope for the best.

  153. Random Tube より:

    Its good to see you! The second I found out that Niantic didn’t listen and laughed in our faces. I went on my phone and uninstalled the game. The amount of grind vs rewards in this game is trash enough as it is. Now this. Last straw. Niantic has the potential to make this game better for everyone. But they just don’t care. Best thing everyone can do is just uninstall the game for awhile.

  154. Jon-Marc Boothe より:

    I really agree with your suggestion on sponsored stops. If they want to make those radii smaller, sure. But for the regular stops, why not allow the increased distance?

  155. Lance Pearson より:

    I Play in New Zealand – the new radius seems to be approximately 10m and it sucks – there is no point in what Niantic has done – many gyms we often raided at are now off bounds – biking around our favorite park and we can’t reach stops without leaving the pathways and biking over soggy boggy grassed areas – no way does this encourage game play

  156. BrandyTurquoise より:

    Thanks Zoë for always having this amazing community. Sending Alan well wishes as well. 💜 for myself I’m totally not spending a dime in game as my way to boycott! Going FTP!

  157. MrZorx75 より:

    I personally am not mad about the distance changes, because I don’t think Niantic should cater to the 0.1% of people who have mobility issues. But I think they definitely should have communicated with us, even if it was just to say they’re not changing their mind.

  158. NAWAF より:

    I don’t know why niantic doning that what a benfit of that they should increase raing not decrase it at all !!!

  159. MatrVincent- Project In The Workings? より:

    I’ve been hearing rumors that Niantic’s plan will be to incorporate double spin distance back into the game with a subscription service, and if that’s the case, absolutely, wholeheartedly, 100% bonified we have to join as a community to boycott this game to kingdom come, cause if you have to pay a monthly fee to play adhering to everchanging forms of safety, a monthly fee for disabled persons to continue playing with the compensatory benefits they’ve had for the last year, all for the glory of rich getting richer… it’s grimier than a toxic Alolan Grimer.

  160. Sigi Soltau より:

    I’m not going to put money into the game. Getting coins from the gyms. Have enough coins and remote raid passes to last me several months.

  161. Lori Robin McGechie より:

    Glad to hear your family is doing better. Love your videos

  162. Sam Cooper より:

    Sending love to you, Alan and your family, Zoë! An organized worldwide 24 hour turn-off sounds like a great idea, if it can be organised between some bigger voices in the community (ie you)!
    At the very least, I definitely won’t be supporting the game financially until this (hopefully) gets sorted out, as I’m sure many others won’t.

  163. Lin Y より:

    I probably can’t play the game much anymore today to do a raid I had to get super close to a business building so yeah gym distances have definitely been reduced… And trust me the customers inside weren’t happy some weirdo standing right up to their wall. It was very uncomfortable for everyone…. Pretty much done with pokemon go

  164. Sebastian より:

    I decided to just stop playing. Now I can’t reach the stops and gym near me without trespassing, and I’d rather step on legos daily than spend another penny on this game.

  165. Max McComb より:

    thank you for joining those of us who aren’t putting money into the game at this time! one thing you could do while going free to play is showcase how much content is available without spending money, perhaps that might make some people reconsider whether/how much they want to spend. and personally, one form of “protest” that i feel would benefit anyone not quitting cold turkey is phone shake/sock method for hatching eggs, particularly if its just on the infinite incubator, more eggs hatched with less interaction and fewer premium items used

  166. Liltschusi Pokémon Go より:

    thanks that i am perma banned incorrectly and getting no support from niantic and i am no spoofer that’s so dumb!!

  167. loogiemistress より:

    Your right there is really no good reason to reduce the radius. Boycott maybe the way

  168. Luis Santoro より:

    I’m Italian

  169. Little Ai より:

    In the last update of my pokemon go game I’ve been having problems with the friends part. Some reason it’s showing that friends have sent me gifts even though I’ve already opened gifts. I go on a friend only that they’ve not sent me a gift at all. It’s been like this since it updated

  170. Smashy より:

    There are actually about 2-3 stops not accusable now that were with the distance in my town because of a tennis court being locked, playground being locked, and a train station being heavy traffic. I lose quite a bit of items on my rout because of it xd

  171. kris oddy より:

    I love this Vid

  172. Marcus Warr より:

    Sending love to the Two Dots family. Get well soon 💛. Also, haven’t spent money on PoGo since the announcement. Not spending until they do right by the people who keep them in business.

  173. George Pilkington より:

    I think a week boycott would be best then I can’t start my streaks on the right day haha. However I think 3 or 4 days of full boycott would be a good clear message but I I loving seeing creators and big spending players saying they are stopping spending, that sends a clear message. Creators like Zoe are the sheapards and we are the sheep, a good form of peer pressure and social following.

  174. Tobias DC より:

    9:55 Bunnings warehouse, lowest prices are just the beginning.🎶

  175. gamer dinu より:

    just a random comment.

  176. SethD0369 より:

    The best games are always run by the worst companies

  177. DatKartDudeDH より:

    Thank you for being a voice for the community. Hopefully when well respected, major members of the community express their displeasure with this change, Niantic will listen.

  178. loogiemistress より:

    It was never 80 metres! No way

  179. Ramon Lopez より:

    Just deleted the app. I’m free!!

  180. Captain Lollipop より:

    I got a shiny Kabuto yesterday! I really wanted a shiny Kabuto or Omanyte from this event, and I’m glad I got one of them.

  181. PogoJo より:

    I get what they are doing, but it’s all too soon. And like you say, some of the pandemic changes have been great for us to play safely in other aspects than just standing too close to each other. Where I live there is literally a gym in the middle of two main roads, on a little statue on a patch of grass right between two main busy roads. This has been accessed from a very safe distance now, but that will no longer be the case. That is dangerous full stop. Also, pandemic wise, we are not done with it. It is not over by any means. Here in Sweden we’re slowly moving in to a third wave and even though we’ve never had a “lock down” per say, the pandemic changes has made it possible for people in cities to play like we use to, but that will again not be the case when this feature goes away. I’m fine with the other changes, even though the incense boost have been stellar for me who live very remotely 😏

  182. Matt Enloe より:

    Wishing everyone a quick recovery! I’ve been thinking about dropping Go for a bit and this is just pushing me more towards that thought. Hopefully Niantic will listen to the player base on this one!

  183. Sergio Uribe より:

    The fact that Delta variant is spreading faster and in the USA some states have a no mask mandate 🙁 why niantic why

  184. DomDomDomme より:

    The fact that I didn’t get shiny dialga after 70 raids alone makes me want to boycott the game!

  185. Gina Marie X2 より:

    Wow Zoe, really thank you that you are on the community side. Like the idea that nobody plays the game for 24 hours to show that we don’t like the changes

  186. ɴᴇᴠɪɴꜱ ᴀᴍᴏꜱᴇ より:

    Hi sister

  187. K T M YT ff  🅥 より:

    India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  188. Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205 より:

    The radius being what it is now again like in the past is what got people killed, beat up and injured because they had to go into places that weren’t safe it just doesn’t make sense why they would change it back and their definition makes no sense! How it’s been recently has made the game more fun to play and definitely safer to play! And same like you said it doesn’t stop me from going to explore certain stops as long as it’s safe! And if it is the sponsored stops yeah make those ones harder to get to but not all stops!

  189. Dashing star Light より:

    Zoeeee! Hope everything is all good ♡

  190. K T M YT ff  🅥 より:

    Nice video ❤️

  191. K T M YT ff  🅥 より:

    Nice video ❤️❤️

  192. Entertainment One より:

    Glad to see you Zoë.

    Glad yr family is also ok
    Be happy and stay safe.

  193. vickih34 より:

    Yes great point! I can reach a poke stop from home at 20 metres. They’re basically changing the spin distance to 2 metres. It’s never been 80 metres.

  194. Random Stuff より:

    I’m so glad I’m in the uk and are not affected by this yet. Glad to hear you and your family are doing ok keep up the content zoë we love to see it

  195. David Hensey より:

    The gym range has also been reduced even though it was supposed to be just poke stops.

    Zoe if you could get otter influencers to boycott or encourage players to not spend money, I think we could create change. I’m willing to stop spending money and would boycott for days or a week if other players were on board.

  196. Hitsuga12 より:

    Good that everyone is recovering well!
    I will also won´t put real money in the game till they promise to keep the bigger radius… I really don´t understand that Niantic is ignoring the Community completely…

  197. BrandonTan91 より:

    Niantic needs to wake up!!
    Speedy recovery to both your relative & Alan too ❤️

  198. Matthew Fraser より:

    Glad you are back and I hope your family and you recover quickly.

    I feel that if all the content creators went dark and players took a break for a week it would send a message. The problem is the game has a strong FOMO effect, which makes it hard to organize something like this.

    I was very close to calling it quits in early 2020. The extra time (from the pandemic) and bonuses have rekindled my love for the game. I honestly, can’t see myself going back to the old stop distance. It greatly affects the quality of the game.

  199. nmherr93 より:

    Good morning from Germany Zoey 🙂

  200. Samantha Shinn より:

    My first Dialga raid was a shiny ✨
    This never happens to me. My shiny luck is usually horrid!

  201. cyberbruce より:

    Huge fan Zoe. Glad to see you back and hear your family is doing well. I’m on board for the boycott 🤙

  202. Gina Marie X2 より:

    Glad everyone is okay in your family ❤

  203. Grand Champion より:

    Yeah u tell em Zoe!

  204. justaguywhosucksatmincraft より:

    Hope your doing well

  205. Andrew Ooi より:

    it pains me to do it.. but I am uninstalling Pokemon Go on my phone. I won’t support a company that doesn’t listen to their own users and customers.

  206. Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205 より:

    And I feel you on the teeth thing my teeth are the same way but now way worse because I literally been clenching my teeth all night for years and I grind them really bad as well! All my teeth over lapped really bad and starting cracking! Super painful!

  207. kittygurl1323 より:

    Glad to hear they’re doing better! They could’ve at least waited until after Ultra unlock to reset the the distance and incense so it is fair for everyone

  208. Simply より:

    Ima go free to play for a while. I’ve spent thousands already so my bags are maxed and I’m pretty set

  209. Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205 より:

    Glad the fam is doing good after surgery!

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  211. Samuel Griffin より:

    I missed u Zoe. I’m glad that you and your family is doing well

  212. Samantha Shinn より:

    👋 glad to see your face again. Glad your family is recovering from surgery!

  213. Casey Umstead より:

    Got this after 39 seconds woot, so much love to u my Pokémon friend

  214. *barf* より:

    Eee, it’s so hard playing this game now🥲

  215. Mikey Ramirez より:

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