XL SKUNTANK is a stinky, stinky boi! [Pokemon GO Battle League]


【視聴数 1196】

【チャンネル名 Shrady PoGO】

【タグ Pokemon,Go Battle League,GBL,PvP,Spicy,wins,good,meta,anti-meta,spice,buff,op,overpowered,cup,lead,strong,FPSticks,JFarm,Pogokieng,kieng,Zyonik,Poke AK,rank 10,rank 9,master,ultra,great,league,shadow,Shrady,raid,great league,team,how,to,win,premier,go,pokemon,battle,crazy,legend,better,best,crobat,spicy,pangoro,fighting,meme,memes,teams,strongest,dark,double,triple,poison,cross,xl,xls,level,50,51,remix,ul,moveset,5-0,easy,mode,hard,skuntank,skunktank,machamp,payback,legacy,gengar,hex】


  1. Suresh Nabajya より:

    Love from India ❤️ ❤️ you make me laugh a lot🤣🤣🤣

  2. james campbell より:

    Hey Man! You seem to be in better spirits lately, glad to see the goofy smiling shrady in action! We love ya! As you know, the haters suck on wet gym socks. Dont listen to them, anyone who puts sweaty gym socks in their mouth is already messed up, so just brush that negativity out of the way and punch each day square in the face!

  3. Jake Salem より:

    i’ve tried using hexgar too, just to mess with the opponent’s counting. usually doesn’t take me long to TM it away though 😭

    really wish that poison update had let us try poison jab on him… SC would still be optimal but at least he’d be a little more versatile


    Okey doke imma try and save up a bunch got the scrafty


    How did this guy get all those xls bruh i havent seen a wild stunky only from grunts a rather long time back

  6. Francisco Morales より:

    tbh the force cringe is more wholesome and entertaining than anything!

  7. …… より:

    This is a stinky team

  8. Paul Bailey より:

    Cheaper than a new chair.

  9. Paul Bailey より:

    Wd40 my guy

  10. OHYEAH DNA より:


  11. Edward smith より:

    Anyone over lvl 30 should be able to get xl candies

  12. literato182 より:

    I’m a fan of your spice bro

  13. Mau Zangetsu より:

    I’m hispanic and can confirm we say “el no goodio” in iespañol

  14. Cristhian Enríquez より:

    0:20 Lol

  15. BOYGOS より:

    stuntank got into the Taco Bell again

  16. AlaKaHAMM PoGo より:

    Loved the editing! Nice work, Jeeves!
    Also, this was a really fun team and nice showcase. Thanks for the great shout cast, Shrady!

  17. Janne’s YT より:

    Haven’t watched the video yet but i know its gonna be a banger😎

  18. Aarif Shaikh より:

    Just call him “rodents”

  19. XxBPxPEANUTxX X より:

    Gonna get a shirt!!😂🔥 “NICE SAC BRO”

  20. XxBPxPEANUTxX X より:

    The spice lord is back

  21. Dark Desire Gaming より:

    Big fan bro

  22. Some clown より:

    Le first