DESTROY Charm w/ Roserade & Typhlosion in Ultra Remix! Pokémon Go Battle League!


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【チャンネル名 ThoTechtical】

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  1. Pokemon hunter より: shiny+shadow😱

  2. John Abraham より:

    I used a similar team to hit legend last night! I use Lugia in the lead instead of roserade. And I have incinerate on typhlosion instead of shadow claw

  3. Proboscis より:

    16:50 Best epilogue ever PERIOD

  4. Game Changer より:

    Will Excadrill work instead of GL stunfisk

  5. skinsleypieshit より:

    I won’t be getting an XL Stun any time soon unfortunately.

  6. AlfiesMullet より:

    Awesome, love an anti charm team, GBL would be a lot more fun and balanced if charm was nerferd just like they did to razor leaf

  7. RossRBH より:

    69th like

  8. Jammydodger1976 より:

    Is there a non XL equivalent that works instead of g-fisk?

  9. Jack Laidler より:

    I hate g-Fisk far more than charm.

    Triple charm requires more skill in my opinion than using the most broken Pokemon in GBL.

  10. Arnav Sood より:

    Boost hype

  11. Rajesh Mishra より:

    I’m guessing the first Opponent was Cytochrome lol

  12. Evan7777 より:

    This team is important for the future of gbl

  13. Rajesh Mishra より:

    I see one charmer in every battle

    But it’s me KEKW

  14. ThoTechtical より:

    This team worked WAY better than I was expecting! After recording this video I used this team some more and I went 20-5 on the day which brought me all the way up to 3323 rating! Let me know if you would like another video on this team with the rest of the battles I did that day.