GLISCOR Is The Ultra Remix BUDGET SAFE SWAP! | Pokémon GO Battle League


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【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. Tommy Basara より:

    hmm a pokemon with 75k charged move and level 39+ if well ranked. do yall know what budget means bc this the exact opposite.

  2. Callum Baldock より:

    You didn’t actually use it as a safe swap in this set though. You just stayed in with Stunfisk for all the bad leads. Doesn’t help when it shares a typing with your lead Pokemon.
    It worked pretty well as a closer though I will give you that.

  3. Raghav Wadhwa より:

    Come on John. Show your puppy to youtube people as well

  4. TheBotchJob より:

    I just watched this vod yesterday 😂

    2 things, The irony of Dustin complaining about this league because of xls while only using a team of 2 xls and only changing one pokemon is comical.

    The other point is, ultra premier will be back running while master league is available so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 😂

    Great stream as always, sad that I missed it when it was live. ✌🏼

  5. Sai Nikhil より:

    its soo good when dustin is pissed off about something.

  6. kcaJ より:

    JelliFisk core is basically just the UL equiv of RegiAzu core in older GL, 3rd can be pretty much whatever you want and it’ll work.

  7. vasanth Pradeep より:

    Say gliscor is safe swap and bail into jelly just Dustin play

  8. Oooga booogggaa より:

    On what planet is Gliscor budget?

  9. Nguyễn Cao Đức より:

    I got Alolan Ninetales and Politoed all the time so it’s definitely NOT safe for me

  10. Miguel Menendez より:

    I’ve been trying out teams with lucario staraptor and arcinine and sometimes on the same team. The nuke birb probably does the best and nearly walls gengar

  11. Mohammed Kashif より:

    love from India 😊

  12. thegreatgambeeno より:

    Gratz on the quitting. That shit is gross, your life will be better without them.

  13. Sardul Bhandari より:

    No you

  14. XfrenkynatorX より:

    I’ve got a rank 1 shadow gliscor for gbl, which is rank 4 for ul, but I’m keeping it for gbl

  15. sven leong より:

    Yo John just a couple of advise from a smoker of more than 15 years. Focus on your running and let that be the motivation to stop so you can run better. That helped me reduce from a pack a day to just 3-5 rollies a day. Also, be careful vaping doesn’t become a new habit. I went down that road before and it doesn’t help. Vaping is as harmful as smoking don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. To deal with the smoking habit, I have now successfully moved to a better habit, smoking weed hahaha. But to each their own right? All the best Jon!

  16. Wom Bimbler より:

    I made it down to 1.5 mg of nicotine. I make my own eliquid though, super cheap and fun to come up with recipes. I was 3mg for a long time but found it hard to leave it there so DIYing my own juice let me make it down to 1.5 mg easy!

  17. thegreatgambeeno より:

    All morning, I’ve been seeing these things. My backline is Ludicolo and IB Politoed. I have had no problem deleting this thing. Thanks for the 150+ ELO, Gliscor guys.

  18. Yasir Singleton より:


  19. silver surfer より:

    21:54 john sound like the NICE meme

  20. Chrisjk より:

    14:35 oh Dustin 😂😂😂 that killed me

  21. Chrisjk より:

    Well done for quitting smoking John! 💪 And running!!!

  22. Mumtaz Jariwala より:

    Pls make a video of both of you racing 100m 😂

  23. Enrique L. Chavez より:

    Like for NIGHT SLESH

  24. PokEcuador86 より:

    That Dr story lol. GG

  25. RealTimePogo より:

    Shuckle is my safe swap. And isn’t that what Kong fights in middle earth?

  26. Byron Corella より:

    You are doing great quitting smoking, good for you, and also I remember the frist days that’s I caught a Pedgeot and I felt like a good. In a world of pidgeys and ratatas.

  27. Willie333b(目標99訂閱) より:


  28. Pikachu より:

    I’m adopting Dustin as my step dad..

  29. mr Cruz より:

    Congrats John it’s tough to quit. What I did was just fill in that “free time” with workouts and reading.

  30. Anthony Warren より:

    I want a video of you racing each other on foot asap!

  31. Cameron Lee Rodriguez より:

    Shadow Gliscor?

  32. AlfiesMullet より:

    I too usually require alcohol during GBL most of the time

  33. Grimly より:

    You’re my safe swap

  34. Mike N より:

    JFARM is a scammer. He promised to get me to Legend and to 3500 ELO and he took my money and ran away.

    He took $300 and doesn’t answer my texts. And im fighting xl umbreons in the 2200s like an idiot

  35. Cory Ferguson より:

    Been running machamp, gliscor, drifblim this whole time lol it’s an ok team but gliscor is fantastic

  36. ToXIC より:


  37. SwimmerDJ より:

    No XL? No way!

  38. WILLIAMSヅ Sand より:

    First comment first like 🙃

  39. Gonçalo Pereira より:

    First one 😁