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  1. Sarath Kalaga より:

    Hi Brandon, What are the stats of your Mint chip Registeel?

  2. MKKR lifestyle より:

    17:50 he’s out of shields

  3. MKKR lifestyle より:

    14:55 the moment we’re waiting for

  4. World Of Walker より:

    Brandon don’t play the game
    The game plays Brandon

  5. Rylan T より:

    The end of the first match had me rolling 🤣 great video man.

  6. Tron Nemesis より:

    4:10 holy that 1 hp clutch 🤖

  7. Alice Tsao より:

    I didn’t expect this nice!!!!

  8. vasanth Pradeep より:

    I used to this swampert double steel team in season 2-3 in gl

  9. Pramit Baksi より:

    Your lag quality is worse than me dude, get some help!!

  10. Com B 228 Rohit Mahajan より:

    go battle lag!

  11. Cylus より:

    That last match lag is exactly what happens with me every game

  12. Everton より:

    Go battle legue 🐌🐢

  13. Ste7 より:

    16:06 bro I’m dying 🤣

  14. chikku kumar より:

    I got two skarmory in wild

  15. Adam Pinter より:

    I actually have a hundo skarmory from 2018…Ill need to try this.

  16. The Dork Knight より:

    Lol but he didn’t even have a shield left

  17. Ayush Prabhuk より:

    Grinding for xl 😞

  18. HEA TH より:

    I probably sound like an idiot right now but why didn’t you put it as your buddy while using it in the UL??

  19. **THISMA* * より:

    Niantic Fixe the bugs please

  20. Casual Coops より:


  21. harshit solanki より:

    registeel DID ALL THE JOB , AND THE CREDIT IS GIVE TO SKARMORY????????????????

  22. kamilo 14 より:

    You have the biggest lucky

  23. Christian Engelke より:

    0375 8846 1941 add

  24. Ryo Gon より:

    XL go battle league

  25. FdR NGM より:

    Don’t you just adore the lag 😤

  26. Daniele Martire より:

    9500 1679 6524

  27. ThomasM78 より:

    Add me at pokemon go for raids en gifts, my trainer code is 0884 5453 5842.

  28. Pokémon Go Battle League PVP より:

    Brandon: *Uses XL Skarmory without Flash Cannon*
    Me: Uses Shadow Tyranitar

  29. Adamconized♡ より:

    wow can you pin me pls? thank you if you did this 😊

  30. shannon booker より:


  31. Vijayalakshmi .R より:

    How u r getting that much ultra balls 😱pls reply barndon🙏

  32. Manga Kumar より:

    Plaese try a lvl 50 hundo shiftry in UL. I have one of 2000 Cp HUNDO . You can help me a lot to choose. THANKS.

  33. Parth Bhatia より:

    You got a third shield at 13:43 that is why your opponent left. And that was because of the server/ the game and not the network. Also, the shield glitch you faced around 16:00 has been around here for ages and it is annoying and Niantic doesn’t acknowledge this.

  34. Addison Shkolnik より:

    brandon what’s the fastest way to get best buddy

  35. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    19:53 oh 1st time saw a timer

  36. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    9:00 another catch

  37. blueshark より:

    Nice to see gbl working well as always

  38. ZetaBear Slayer より:

    Day 1 of asking where he got his Avatar outfit from

  39. EasyHistory より:

    I am currently on level 38 Brandon can I reach level 40 before eevee comm day so I can farm candy XLs

  40. three times より:

    *Got from a research in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore* lmao

  41. DragonCool より:

    My favourite part was he singing

  42. JunElishane より:

    1hp and a dream!!!

  43. Hunny より:

    Brandon you can start a series of 100% win rate series and show us the top meta pokemon in different leagues

  44. Skanda Samarth.M より:

    Very nice
    A day without seeing Brandon’ s video is day wasted

  45. leon より:

    3:05 what is this beeping it plays throughout the video

  46. Must_Kill_Moe より:

    How are you getting XL skarmorys seriously wtf

  47. Alyssa Davis より:

    i d been bingeing all your videos 😻 by far you’re my favorite youtuber. love watching all your videos and adventures! i’m curious to know how many shundos you have hatched from eggs? i saw at least a few. keep up the grind!! much love

  48. PokEcuador86 より:

    Skarmony is a GG

  49. Viraj Waralkar より:


  50. Alex Teh より:

    We want to see you losing and rage sometimes hahaha

  51. Deku0077 より:

    Oye niantic, take this👋💩

    For all the lags

  52. Anitej games より:

    Was waiting for a new vid ❤️❤️❤️

  53. james francis より:

    No more shy guy my brother is confident as hell.

  54. KURUMI より:

    Haha it’s really fun to watch bro.. 😍

  55. R. Thiru Vishnuu 11 F より:

    Brandon ur so funny

  56. valor 11 より:

    Definitely force closed app wasnt lag during that battle. If ur gonna lose top left stop with the force close.

  57. ASHU BROTHER 058 より:

    When will you complete 100million stardust 😁😁😁

  58. Kevman0610 より:

    Yesterday I got the missing xl-candies for my 100% gfisk 🤗
    I love it 🤩

  59. metlica17 より:

    Love that go battle LAG!!😤😤

  60. ticcan Tan より:

    Stunfisk say hi there is no 100% win rate

  61. AXOLOT YT より:

    GBL lag is crossing it’s limit

  62. Pokémon Go World より:

    I have won 3 sets with 5-0 and 2 with 4-1 in Ultra League today.

  63. Kiddo Monkou より:

    This is the reason why I stopped playing GBL. It’s just very laggy.

  64. DanOttawa POGO より:

    Someone is pretending to be you in one of the discords. They did say they liked my videos though so that was cool.

  65. Vedant Patel より:

    Can anyone get me a shiny dialga i will give him one of the rarest shiny mr. Mime jr

  66. Ramesh Ramesh より:

    I have skrmory cp of 1456

  67. HARSH より:

    Ooo he won the 1st battle with 0.005 hp

  68. Dhruv Singhania より:

    Why Low attack high Defence and HP Makes the Pokemon Bulk?

  69. joginder Malik より:

    Who all have messaged Brandon on insta or Twitter and are still waiting for reply
    And if he has pls tell how many days it took to get the reply

  70. Dhruv Singhania より:

    I battled With a trainer And Time’s Up Still i got the Win.

  71. Dadiツ より:

    I got shiny dialga :))))

  72. Rio Toys Channel より:

    Every thing is fun and games until someone comes in with a fire type and a grass type

  73. Jonas Rompel より:

    brandon your knowledge about the game is insane, but your PvP skill is really really bad, i must say.

  74. Marci Virág より:

    I have shundo skarmory

  75. cyanツ より:

    I love when brandon posts always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  76. Abhishek Acharya より:

    Use altaria in ultra league

  77. Eduardo P より:

    Ultra league is basically level 50 Pokemon.

  78. Gage Quick より:

    title sais 100% win rate yet he almost loses the first match xd

  79. Saad Khan より:

    Now i need hundo skarmony and 296 Xl candy

  80. Yashas 2236 より:

    This is FpSticks Great league team. Swampert double steel.

  81. A.3.L より:

    Ultra Lagg!!!, So funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Stian Martinsen より:

    Help absober plis

  83. Charlie Morgan より:

    A brandon tan video is no brandon tan video without the intro.

  84. king sniper8206 より:

    12 minutes

  85. Micah Jenks より:

    4:14 one hp and a dream

  86. HAON 05 より:

    First battle looks like a great league battle 🤪🤪

  87. Simmha tech joez より:

    Great content brandon .. been following your videos up lately.. great channel and subbed 👍🏾❤️

  88. Arnav Sood より:

    this game is so buggy, niantic needs to listen.

  89. mati_choc より:

    A lot more overpowered than I thought

  90. Dhruv Singhania より:

    Lol my rating is More Than that of Brandon 😅😃

  91. Johan rosenkranz より:

    My friend leve you

  92. BlueStitchGaming より:

    3:09 if he got that last one maybe it would ko? xD

  93. Bergie Borja より:

    Hopefully skarmory can Mega evovle


    Yo Bantu DA✌

  95. Jeremy Mapaliey より:

    OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo it’s tiem to use ower metal berd.

  96. Marrow 274 より:


  97. Willie333b(目標99訂閱) より:

    Hmm shall I use Venusaur/Aggron/Talonflame to snipe you then?

  98. AAS SVIIIH 1371 より:

    Bro use greninja

  99. Ghosty Toast より:

    Wow I am pretty early here! Love your vids! Just before watching this I got a shiny 😂


    Please, make me friend

  101. Ⲙⱥdhⱥภ より:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh always likely

  102. Mats Frøshaug より:


  103. Aswin Dilu より:

    I knew this was coming😁

  104. Professor Cho より:

    Hi Brandon love the vid 🙂

  105. Rajeswari Battula より:

    Ha again

  106. Chema SSJ より:

    ehi brandon. hi hi

  107. Himakar Reddy より:


  108. Yılmaz Tok より:


  109. Kd Kaushik より:

    19th view

  110. AndySt より:

    3 views and 7 comments , lol

  111. Explict より:

    Love your videos man! Brings me alot of Joy to see that you have uploaded a new video and its really entertaining and fun to watch! Love from Sweden

  112. OpDevta より:

    Flash cannon 😐

  113. Kenutouto 123 より:

    Two people can’t be first

  114. YEE HAO LOONG RIC より:

    Oooo nice battles with XL skarmory very nice video

  115. Random G U Y より:


  116. Adithyan Xl より:


  117. ZeOreoLord より: