ULTRA REMIX IS HERE! Top Pokemon, Team Ideas, Practice Battles | Pokemon Go Battle League PvP


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  1. Sekaran Mksm より:

    10:50 what is that mad game…it’s so frustrating.why jellicent doesn’t do shadow ball

  2. cp gan より:

    60%of my mon got banned

  3. Johnnie Davies より:

    Love you videos!!but why Shadow machamp instead of a regular one

  4. Jericho Pascual より:

    ughhhh I want to invest in so many pokémon that I have but I have so little stardust

  5. Jangmo31 より:

    Looking forward to trying out some of these teams, thanks for the great ideas! Always fun to see a meta shake up and it’ll be refreshing to see things like Blastoise & Meg instead of the same old Swamp/Venu everywhere.
    I think the XL system was a great addition for the more dedicated player base because it gives us something higher to aim at and something to use our resources on instead of just getting bored stockpiling candies and dust (and I mean resources from just going out and catching stuff for free, not spending hundreds on raids lol)

  6. Jeffrey Cinto より:


  7. CallmeRagin より:

    Subbed, thank you for this, great stuff

  8. L A N F E A R より:

    “Ambient gold – Harris Heller” the signature Fpsticks music ❤️

  9. RachelsSweetie より:

    I appreciate you calling out all the accessible options that are banned. I’m sticking with open ultra.

  10. Red より:

    WTF I swore I was subscribed before. Guess you have a new? sub

  11. Control Saibot より:

    Bro I’m so happy your back in action 😉 but everyone keeps hyping this game up when the game is obviously malnourished with all the lack of attention by the game developers the new ultra remix is garbage…. If the developers played the game then they would obviously know that the new ultra remix is unfair to new players how can anyone have that many XL Pokémon, they had no problem taking $100 from me but put no real thought into the community and what they are saying. This is the last Day for me playing Pokémon go, this is absolutely frustrating for me. Which means less content I watch… no shade bro Your uploads are great but I’m done with pogo

  12. Connor Dungan より:

    Is there a website to look at top ranked iv’s for Pokémon in specific leagues?

  13. Phillip Mauney より:

    I don’t have mon for either of these cups so I probably just won’t be competing in GBL for a couple weeks.

  14. David Contreras より:

    man how do these ppl get so much xl, i got like 60 stunfisk xl candies… we need classic leagues for premier in ultra and master, man master premier league was my favorite, now i cant even play that lol

  15. christopher houlihan より:

    Ultra remix cup maybe XL heavy but not many have maxed out XL mons so I say take advantage of this while you can

  16. James Campbell より:

    Glad to see you back! Hope you’re recovering well!

  17. JF より:

    hooo the master is back!

  18. WayneGoFirst より:

    Hi Taylor this is a battler from China. I’ve been watching your videos since S2, and made my final push to legend (first time ever) just before Great League Remix ends. Since I’m never a good battler, I really learn a lot in your videos and keep improving my skills. I really appreciate it. Hope you recover well!

  19. Evan7777 より:

    Regirock is guna be the core breaker that nido was in GL remix

  20. C L より:

    welp looks like imma take two weeks off from gbl.

  21. Dr Killz より:

    I was 100% subbed and checked and I wasn’t today how weird… thanks for the heads up and solid video

  22. Mac DG より:

    Nope, still subbed 😇

  23. jeff matt より:

    I think it’s cool Niantic tries new ideas like this. However, this UL remix is probably a swing and a miss for about 90% of the players here. The amount of time & resources to build one up is sort of nuts. Let alone trying to build a team. And what happens if you want to build up other ones to experiment with? 🤡🙃🥴

  24. MrUltra3D より:

    Really nice video! Great job and best wishes

  25. Lord Lucario より:

    seeing less starters makes me so happy!! gets very boring seeing teams of 3 of them constantly

  26. Tommy Matthews より:

    I also have a hundo Meganium sitting around fully built for great league and was thinking about powering it up to UL to save resources. Good to know it’s worth the investment!

  27. Robert L Alexander より:

    XLs are ruining the game for a lot of us. Most of us can’t get the XL candies needed to even be competitive.

  28. tjrafond より:

    The Ambient gold’s melody is soooo Nice to hear each time 🤤

  29. Tao Li より:

    Hey there, very nice to hear your voice again. Hope you could get well soon. Thanks for the analysis.

  30. QWWUPP より:

    they should of done the top 20 pokemon on pvpoke but what else do you expect from niantic

  31. Kodiac Jenkins より:

    Thank you for showcasing teams with no xl’s, makes it seem like I actually have a chance to climb some ranking🥲

  32. Robert L Alexander より:

    It’s time to have separate leagues for XLs and non XLs. This is reaching its breaking point for a lot of us.

  33. Aaron Silfies より:

    I’ve been using that Gengar Snorlax Machamp lineup for the premier cup. Glad I already got it built 😁

  34. Duelerama90 より:

    Oh god, I have so many ultra league mons to be built but not the candy and/or dust to do so. And all my built ones are banned except like 7

  35. GhostShock より:

    Niantic really needs to talk to it’s community about the path to PVP in its game. Ive been back for 3 months and it’s been a burtal grind trying to patch together teams, and I’m spending way too much time on it. I’ll definitely be in Open Ultra because I do not have the resources from the last 3-4 years to XL out the best mons. Sad, but I’ll do what I can.

    FYI – snorlax needs a community move to even be effective and Machamp needs Frustration TM’d off which is not available to new players. So .. yeah. Most of the “budget” teams are unreachable to new players because of “community” exclusive moves.

  36. Michael Howell より:

    First season for pvp and now I don’t have that many xls. Looks like a lot of research and pvpoke in the meantime

  37. AlfiesMullet より:

    Thinking of going scrafty skarmory mew to start off remix.. I really regret not having build a jellicent yet though

  38. Kyrox より:

    your jaw lookin good my man

  39. Nick L より:

    So I had tested around a little with the gengar champ lax team but found myself preferring to lead the champ

  40. DanOttawa POGO より:

    Ha, we actually came out with the exact same non-XL team. Posted a video this morning, same team.

  41. Nes より:

    Should’ve just called Ultra Remix the “XL Cup” instead 😩🥲

  42. Hriday Lodha より:

    hey sir!!is this team good for open ul- melmetal gyarados giratina…please reply…biggest fan

  43. Migatte No Gokui より:


  44. Gavin Folkerts より:

    Dang, great league passed by so quickly