UL REMIX is here! – Rank 1 XL DEFENSE DEOXYS is OP! [Pokemon GO Battle League]


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  1. Jrekt より:

    Went 20-5 with jelli/dd/stunfisk all xl. My DD is also rank 1 I whaled out on DD and idc lol

  2. Mike on IOS より:

    Just got a nice 5-0 my first ultra league set let’s go hopefully will break through rank 20

  3. Always Be Kind より:

    Can someone explain to me what XL pokemon are and the difference between XL and non XL pokemon in pvp?

  4. Jose Rios より:

    I’m gonna be playing in open 0 xl team im running is venesaur garchomp and darmanitan so when are we getting a non xl team from u

  5. Phoenix より:

    Im lvl 39 and i dont even have a Lvl 40 Pokemon. I do have a few Lvl 35 Pokemon tho

  6. Phoenix より:

    Use the time stamps dingus

  7. Solomon Ramsa より:

    XL is the new black

  8. Wajdaman B より:

    Glad you liked the gifts man ❤️. You’ve created such a wonderful community and it’s an honor to be a part of it

  9. Erik Bok より:

    Imagine trying to dodge the legendaries in open ultra, only to realize that they’re allowed in both new ultra leagues 😔

  10. Rafael Gomez より:

    to me the phone rocker is no different than using a gotcha which catches/spins all for you with out you doing anything which is a tool used to make the pogo experience better the rocker is the same just with pvp. dont be ashamed keep up the good work

  11. ItzzBwandonツ より:

    C- OUnterrrrr near the beginning had me dying 😂😂😂😂

  12. никак никакой より:

    Это не Remix. В Remix запрещён гиарадос, а ты против него дрался. Зачем обманываешь?

  13. Hunter Deines より:

    Shrady u hate on XL’s but that’s all you run Bru😂 this shi too annoying I’m fr uninstalling the game cuz all you nerds who have put 10k hours in the game

  14. Jordan B より:

    Total NOOB here, but looks like Scrafty actually beats Mandi if it’s got spray in all shield scenarios… :: insert so you’re saying there’s a chance meme here ::

  15. chris downes より:


  16. Fct Ries より:

    Nice vid!
    For niantic: we want an extra league on all levels. It should be called: The non spoofing/cheating/grinding league🤪and please fix your game

  17. 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68 より:

    I also thought about using XL Deoxys now that I was able to get a rank 2 but I’m still way behind on XL candies so maybe in a year or 2 I’ll be able to use it 🤣

  18. H20 Seagull より:

    1000 views each hour holy crap shrady

  19. Thomas Stuglik より:

    Hey Shrady, I have a rank 69 dragalge (sweet). Its ivs are 4/12/15. Would you power it up or should I wait for another one?

  20. Daniel Lavender より:

    That artwork is AWESOME. BJ Williams, what a great dude! (And the team was named Dr. Finneas Jones III. Love it.)

  21. Jonathan Silva より:

    love the hate on niantic…… always trying to make people pay to win. so annoying!!

  22. Jxhnzin より:

    Shrady the title is wrong. It’s Great league XL

  23. RastaBoo より:

    Phone rocker FTW. Cool video bro! Been seeing you buddy that sucker and was curious if you were gonna make one. Totally rad bro!

  24. Cavs Fan23 より:

    Just great now I can’t play Gbl if I do I’ll risk my rating and tbh I need gl to rise

  25. TayH より:

    So we’re just gonna be uhhhh…..
    So we’re just gonna be uhhh……….
    So we’re just gonna be losing thats what we’re gonna be doing to this mandibuzz

  26. Anthony Benitez より:

    I personally appreciate the cringe lol

  27. Rabah A より:

    XL Pokémon are just stupid. They have no attack debuff when XLed but they get almost double the defense.

  28. moldy877 より:

    Im definitely taking a break, I definitely don’t have the pokemon to compete in XL Cup

  29. Piddi Power より:

    Shrady! dude i lost a freakin lot of game cuz the game just didn’t let me switch! or it didn’t let me throw my charge move even after tapping it a thousand times i thought this was a problem with just my phone! but after watching the video i guess it was not only me….

  30. Its Shawn Pais y'all より:

    Watchin the video 3 times to support Shrady

  31. D4rkstone より:

    Wait when do you have Bday? I also just had Bday 2 Days ago xD

  32. Andreas より:

    Me level 36 cant get xl 😑

  33. César J. Valenzuela より:

    Congrats, son happy Brithday. Love you.

  34. AlfiesMullet より:

    When you finish your nuzelocke challenge you should make a video when you battle in gbl using only pokemon that died in your run

  35. nono no より:

    Now that’s a nehs pokemon

  36. MrKM888 より:

    so euh, gonne be at least a bit bluntt here. Butt if you just go straight up Power-Up-Punch vs Mandibuzz with the Scrafty, you actually win in the 1 and 2 shield if it has Snarl. If it has Air Slash you barely lose that matchup in equal shields, but its really close, and maybe worth it if you are getting off 3-4 PuPs? You have a decent option here, just don’t realise it 🙂

  37. DrakeCreature Gaming より:

    Yeah, that’s straight up ridiculous with all those XL mons and some of the counters in the remix ultra are excluded from the roster which will make some of the XL mons run rampant :’D

  38. Devesh J より:

    Belated happy birthday bro

  39. M より:

    S/O solar 🤣🤣. Does seems like they decreased the rates of which you XL candies right???

  40. Mau Zangetsu より:

    If XL Deoxys is gonna be a thing, I’m really tempted to try my old Heracross team

  41. DanOttawa POGO より:

    I pulled a Shrady and ranted in my video about the UL Remix. According to PVPoke, 19 of the 20 top ranked pokemon in UL Remix are either legendary or XL.

  42. chinmey_014 より:

    Long time subscribrr here i think shrady channel blew up when he went on thar rant criticising people with team of gal skarm umbreon in ul , now using dd seems as hypocritical just saying

  43. Alicia Australian1833 より:

    That Scrafty painting is the coolest! Omfg!!!!

  44. Brazy Brady より:

    Hey Shrady not to throw any shade, but that is a rank 8 deoxys. You have to include best buddies, making 10/15/13 the rank 1

  45. Łukasz Szcześniak より:

    Players below level 40 (including me) are doomed in this cup…

  46. LVB より:

    Shrady in yesterday’s video: I’m glad someone told me to pronounce it Nidoqueen.


  47. Jerome Christian Patacsil より:

    Gyarados is banned in ultra remix

  48. jozi mastar より:

    hell yeah xl lague

  49. Matthew Piva より:

    What phone rocker do you use?

  50. Kevin Rodrigues より:

    I appreciate the honesty. I wish I could build scrafty but I don’t have the candy for it.

  51. Clapton Caveman より:

    I knew that you knew I had payback. My hope was that you knew that I knew that and that you would expect the bait… knowing that I knew that YOU knew I ran payback. 😆 Tried the REVERSE, reverse psychology, and failed. Shrady’s just too big brained, for me.

    …. or yeah, you cheated! 🤣

  52. Ben McD より:

    Well that’s that cat out of the bag 😂. I’ve run one since last season…

  53. poke trainer Ash より:

    You weren’t kidding when you said the canvas was huge man love the art I don’t blame you for using a phone rocker mean who would spend money on this broken game anyway 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

  54. Mattiaskeinnn より:

    Damn you didnt say foUHL plaiy😂

  55. Aswin Dilu より:

    Why is galarian stunfisk in UL remix!!!, it’s one of the most used by rank 20+ trainers, I can’t manage it😩

  56. Jack Laidler より:

    DD is a literal cancer to GBL

  57. Malac0w より:

    Typo in the IV’s of Deoxys? As far as I can tell 12/13/15 is rank 8. 10/13/15 is rank 1 raid catch.

    Nice video! Keep it coming 😊

  58. LDFerguson1991 より:

    Sad. I sent in XL DD videos in before it came back to raids… Worked months for it just to come right tf back in raids

  59. Harshit Gupta より:

    Shrady when losing a match: HAIL MARRY FOR LIFE BITCHESSSS
    Nyways love ur videos.. great stress buster🔥

  60. Sentry Robert Reynolds より:

    That scrafty pic was real nice tho. And that was a champions path etb promo charizard it’s actually decent tho you’d be surprised how many people are hoarding that one lol

  61. YokaiByte より:

    I have U1 Deoxys… and the XL cost is just too much.

    Maybe if it comes out again I’ll try to get more XLs for it.

  62. Naveen Lokesh より:

    Really like explaining

  63. MarkSunPoGo より:

    “I guess I’ll spend a lot of time with it” 😀 Yessssssss

  64. Abhi Manyu より:

    Ah no more shameless plug 😂!

  65. Avinash pandey より:

    Hey yo first 😂 awesome gifts 👍👌🔥