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  1. Austin Smith より:

    I think catch odds are up, one of my friends did 100 dialgia raids yesterday and he caught 99 of them

  2. Andrew Drager より:

    I caught a shiny dialga on my 3rd raid.

  3. Fade_ Nonzense より:

    I got the exact same to and if we your shiny as well on my shiny

  4. panda on meth より:

    i got my hundo dialga in my second raid its insanely op

  5. Jitsubutsu ギャング より:

    Is everyone having this First ball Dialga – Me over here literally 100th ball Dialga

  6. Lamia Farjana より:

    It took me 30 raids to get the shiny and it was 2 star 😞 not even any hundo

  7. Larry Nickel より:

    How can I get a free Gotcha because I want to try it out

  8. cAptAIn _ より:


  9. darkessraven より:

    When I got my shiny Dialga, I was taking a picture of it while it was jumped up in the air. Funny way to share to your friends 😆

  10. SourCream より:

    I did 1 dialga during go fest and it was a 100%iv

  11. Corey Jones より:

    Does making the excellent circle smaller even if it’s already an excellent make it easier to catch?

  12. NeMi_BliTz より:

    I got a 98% rufflet from research break through. 14 15 15

  13. Josh Ward より:

    I got a Nundo Mewtwo on the last day he was in raids

  14. Pika Chu より:

    Congrats on the shiny and Hundo, damn nice luck

  15. Waaasp より:

    I got 4 shinies in 7 raids….

  16. DarthTrooper より:

    A shiny diagla broke out of all my premier balls I’ve never been so mad in my life

  17. Davy Decock より:

    My american friend got a shundo dialga after An invite from me in Belgium. He renamed it after me. Love it.

  18. bigg Boss より:

    Rigged game, as usual

  19. Jason Vizcarra より:

    35 raids in and no green

  20. Astro Kid Lo’ より:

    8 raids 1 shiny WBoosted but they’ve all had terrible IVs its crazy

  21. Alpo S より:

    “Hope she doesn’t smash me…” excuse me Billy?

  22. Tony Yoon より:

    Hi guys, just curious.. how do you know its hundo before Pokémon appears on your screen?

  23. Eddy-kun Anliork より:

    Di-al-ga. Di like in distance. Al like in cult. Ga like in fungus.

  24. TK_Drako より:

    Legendary’s have been absurdly harder to catch lately. Maybe I lost my touch but I know it’s not just me

  25. Taita Quaizard より:

    one 100% dialga and a shinny 15-14-14, with 3 more with 37 raids

  26. H_ Smells より:

    When does Ho-oh in giovvani last? Have they announced the next shadow

  27. Edward smith より:

    I got 2 hundo mewtwos and 5 shiny mewtwos.

  28. Mike Tham より:

    I got 100% deoxys defense at the start of this month, I really wished that was dialga back then.

  29. Suhh Dude より:

    61 raids, 1 shiny.

  30. Jason Underwood より:

    Can you add me? I don’t see a link to discord.

  31. Cameron McClure より:

    Got a shiny 96% right when you got yours thanks for the luck? ☺️

  32. Mateo D'Avino より:

    I managed to get a 100% IV dialga on my 17th dialga raid, and than on my 22nd dialga raid I got a 98% IV shiny dialga. I’m set for the dialga event so early on now I just need to hit lvl 40 (I’m 38) for the XL candies. My hundo is 4038 as of now and my 98% shiny dialga is 3647. My shiny 98% mewtwo is also 4090

  33. Russell Smith より:

    Raid 1 for dialga = shundo

  34. Ricardo Leon より:

    Not a Shundo but I did get Shiny Dialga on my first raid Let’s Go

  35. Johnny C. より:

    I do not understand why you’re clicking on all your dialga’s if you just type in dialga all the way it would tell you how many are at the top then all you need to know is how many you had before you started catching them today or recently come on man type in the name fully

  36. Stian Martinsen より:

    Am living in norway

  37. Jon Spang より:

    I would much rather have a regular good dialga than my shiny dialga that doesn’t have good IV’s

  38. Austin0394 - より:

    I got lucky. I got a shiny on my 4th Dialga!

  39. robert Washington より:

    Bruh you the man mine is a 2 star hopefully I get another

  40. missandthrowpee より:

    i got the shiny and 100iv dialga as well!

  41. HumonculusRogu The tumor より:

    67 down no shiny for me yet lol

  42. Charming Death より:

    I did 49 raids to get a shiny and decided that I should make it an even number so did my 50th raid and got a weather boosted shundo 😂

  43. Christian Worrell より:

    Congrats on the shiny, now if it was boosted now.🥴

  44. AhYeahFotherMucker より:

    I’m at 2 shinies for 93 dialga, but 0 hundos. The drop rate kinda sucks lately.

  45. AhYeahFotherMucker より:

    That hundo at 20:00 came from Zaragoza 😂🤣 I knoooow people on your discord be spoofing because that’s where I play at. Their raid hour is at 9am my local time Wednesdays! Got spoofing down to a science!

  46. AhYeahFotherMucker より:

    Just learn to spoof. It’s basically raid hour every hour of every day lol

  47. AstroPC 96 より:

    I got a 100 IV Dialga on first day and thought Shiny would be no problem! Boy ws I wrong! I had to do 30+ raids to find one 😂😂

  48. Bloxy より:

    Out of 15 raids i got 4 shiny dialga lol

  49. Rock Lopster より:

    I got a 2307 Hundo Dialga yesterday about 6 or 7 Raids in

  50. Parth Bhatia より:

    Why are you waiting for the notification for best friend at 18:27? Is that some strategy? Isn’t it better to just continue raids as you already hit best friends and waiting for the notification means less time to raid/shiny check/raid XP?

  51. Chirag Soni より:

    Today I got 100%iv ruffet from research break through and I hv perfect arcanine chansey starly.my trainer code plz send me req I dont hv any friends

  52. Tirthraj Chouhan より:

    I did 41 raids 1 98 iv and 1 shiny got the shiny at 41st raid🥵🥵

  53. PHYZfn より:

    did he say mewto raid???

  54. Probir Das より:

    We want more of the og style Raid hour vlogs plz if possible.

  55. Jacob Ruby より:

    My second raid for Dialga got me a 15/14/15 iv one, then my 4th gave me a shiny Dialga. Thanks to the raid channels on the Discord.

  56. Gerardo Mata より:

    I got shiny mewtwo from GBL rewards

  57. Alex Riley より:

    Great day to say the least lol good job

  58. Rani Onacse より:

    Here We Hype. Hype…

  59. Marco Sanchez より:

    just got my 1st dialga shiny with the 1st raid of the day lesgoooo

  60. Sembruh より:

    Why do i see 1 million youtubers get an 100% lol

  61. Harsh Yeole より:

    u did grind i find my dex entry dialga shundo

  62. Wilhelmus Robben より:

    Where do you see the IV before the mon pops up? Iv looked and I never see it?

  63. Brandon Bremer より:

    What does one have to do to make his way to your friends list

  64. BOOMDAGREAT RED 40 より:

    165 raids not a single shiny diagla

  65. youyou Tube より:

    I got my first shiny legendary from gbl and it’s a 15-14-13 shiny dialga

  66. ToastedShoes より:

    Dam lucky with that 100 IV, I’m 59 raids in and still non in sight. However got 5 shinys 😎

  67. Arber Resuli より:

    I got a shando mew2 and the day after a shando diegla

  68. Jimmyli Li より:

    I know we have 18 to 20 balls.. but I know for sure cannot catch till your down the 8th ball.. then it’s caught always like that.. for me

  69. Harley Bende より:

    Your discord server got my discord account banned for “spamming” all I was doing was team emote reacting this morning. I didn’t message anyone or use any wrong emotes. Anyone else have this happen? Be careful.

  70. mark rinaldi より:

    Done 11 diagla raids 3 shinies

  71. Iwabadyah Ban Yasharahla より:

    Did so many dialga raids I got 2 shinies. Best Iv I got was 2289 annoyed

  72. Tristan Garnick より:

    At least 15 Dialga raids so far, no shinies :/
    Did snatch a hundo tho

  73. Shahdat Hossain より:

    If any one read this
    Pokemon go fans we want mass trading system

  74. Disney Mom Rachel より:

    Totally jelly of that hundo! I want one too!!

  75. Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows より:

    13:17 I got a hundo but I was holding out to see if I would get a shundo or like a 98% shiny. I would probably rather max that

  76. Revvie Jon より:

    I got my shiny dialga friday and got my HUNDO DIALGA LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!

    battled about 30-35 raids

  77. Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows より:

    9:30 does billy mean chumlee as in THE Chumlee? Like from pawn stars?

  78. Andrew Fernandes 19-4308 より:

    Just watched the video n went in to raid dialga and guess what i got my first ever legendary hundo……

  79. Jaye Strana Via より:

    What was up with that Natu excitement? Is it just rare in that area?

  80. Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows より:

    6:26 listen up niantic! We need to be able to mega evolve from the lobby!

  81. Tyler より:

    wait this is released on 25th but today all I see is Dialga?? Is some of this video from friday? 🙂

  82. Ley Yalong より:

    I got my shiny dialga in my 3rd raid and in my 5th raid i got the hundo dialga plus a shiny natu i dont have the luck on pass mewtwo raid but i got my luck in dialga

  83. Willis Hefner より:

    Got a shiny Dialga in go battle league rewards!!!

  84. LeapOfFaaaith より:

    I got a shiny dialga on first raid

  85. Cameron Lee Rodriguez より:

    I got a shiny first raid I just need the hundo

  86. lmpactz より:

    are people in the same raid lobby get shiny pokemon to or is it really random ?

  87. Alannah Hall より:


  88. kevsk22 より:

    4 raids, 1 ran, 1 shiny , 1 2252 and a 15 15 11. Not a bad haul. Seems like I was lucky to get a shiny on my second attempt.

  89. DragonRider より:

    I still have yet to catch a shiny for this event. 😑

  90. dcnole より:

    We actually got the shines pretty fast for this one. 8th raid for me, 4th raid for my son. A nice change after continuing my 0-for-54 and 0-for-57 streaks for Groudon and Rayquaza during Go Fest.

  91. TreFKennedy より:

    Got a Shiny 96% Dialga and a 98% Dialga, I’m gonna get a Shundo lol

  92. Snail _SS より:

    I’ve done around 50 raids only one shiny so far and it was a 2 star. But I did get a hundo! Congrats Billy!

  93. RIRON より:

    I did one raid today and I got 96iv shiny dialga😁

  94. Jared Bradley より:

    Crushing it !!!

  95. Arjun K より:

    Got 2 Hundo Dailga back to back,It was my 5th Hundo legendary and it was my 1st time am getting a Legendary Hundo back to back and after 2 raids got 2 shines also and all happened on the 1st day 🥳🥳😘❤️❤️

  96. TreFKennedy より:

    Quest Raiders in the building lol

  97. Grady より:

    I’ve gotten a shiny magnemite from special research I’ve only done one dialga raid plan on doing more raids

  98. Carlos D. Garcia より:

    Got a second Shundo Mewtwo, last day Mewtwo was here. Just maxed my first Shundo, but still need XLs for the second one.

  99. Albe1_ Nyx より:

    I want a shiny so bad! But no one in the area is raiding! 😭

  100. nikolasobot より:

    How to get this emote? Please somebody tell me plzz

  101. Amanda Christine より:

    As someone who historically only caught shiny “weenie” Pokemon like Pidgey and Weedle, I could not believe I caught a shiny Dialga 😭

  102. Gooseye より:


  103. rohit gautam より:

    Even I got , lucky 100 iv dialga ( random trade on gofest ), also 96 iv shiny Mewtwo frm lucky trade

  104. 2406dra より:

    I got 3 shinys in 16 raids no hundo yet

  105. Storm Randall より:

    Lol I’m 68 raids into dialga no hundo

  106. NoobMaster69 PokeGamer より:

    I got a hundo in just 6th raids

  107. Miguel Segura より:


  108. Copster Dog より:

    Trainer club: HERE WE GO

  109. A Guy より:

    Nice one!

  110. Drippy grunt より:

    The grind isn’t that real I got shiny dialga first raid
    Not to mention I don’t have luck

  111. Arturo Gaona より:

    Invite me to raids comment your trainer code

  112. God•Maniorkos より:


  113. AMAN ANSARI より:


  114. J Don より:

    Got 2 hundos 3 shinys and 1 lucky Dialga

  115. Mario Zamudio より:


  116. ana Dealmonte より:


  117. Free De La Hoya より:

    Here we go

  118. Phantom S2E より:

    Yes Billy

  119. Cesar Sanchez より:

    Here we go!