Great League Remix… but we’re playing BLINDFOLDED! | Pokemon GO Battle League


【視聴数 1568】

【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. Peter Jennings より:

    it annoyed me soo much how dustin kept saying foul play instead of night slash

  2. DontMindMe より:

    Dustin played that last battle horribly staying in with mandi after they double shielded was crazy they invite were weak in the back

  3. Joseph Mangano より:

    It’s actually scary to me how much they’re improving at this. 😅

  4. Jack Bradley より:

    if that first stunfisk had discharge instead of mudshot then you would’ve won. thanks for continuing this hilarious series

  5. Jakyvir Torks より:

    Dustin has gotten a LOT better at announcing whats happening in game lol

  6. Lonely Rock より:

    Bet u guys won’t use gfisk with flash cannon 😈

  7. Regular Mouse より:

    Do this with autorekt lol

  8. Bashir Jawad より:

    John denying fast move blindfolded and i can’t even deny a single fast move :Sadge: :PepeHands:

  9. Pame Bel より:


  10. Chrisjk より:

    That 2nd battle with the audio 😂😂

  11. Control Saibot より:

    Man y’all be having so much fun playing blindfolded 😉
    10:00 😂

  12. Dipesh より:

    it is 18:48 for me

  13. Tommy Young より:

    ah finally, please do more of this! you should do this once every new league

  14. Chrisjk より:

    Yessss your blindfolded battles are always hilarious!!

  15. espymu より:

    best thing ever

  16. ItsMickle Boi より:

    Lol I was the one who suggested the idea on stream.

  17. Miguel Segura より: