PGSharp 1.27.1 Beta New Features | PGSharp Latest Version | Pokemon GO Spoofing No Root 2021


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  1. tanchi より:

    can u do a new guide on how to play on pc? and what downloader do you use?

  2. Reclaimed mind with relax music より:

    How to get free standard key

  3. GC_69 _ より:

    I have version 1.27.0 only without this after update. How get it

  4. Smash Tactics より:

    love seeing every video all the no money, live life free people come crawling wanting free keys.
    It is £15 for 3 months, that the cost of 4 or 5 cups of coffee from starbucks. lol and still u get do key giveaway, how to get free key trick.
    LOL, either be greatfull they do 90% of it for FREE or pay for the other 10%.

  5. Илья Нестеров より:

    Я скачал apk ,у меня не появилась 100% .Без ключа не работает.

  6. 07-Anush S より:

    Is this features for standard key users

  7. Leo より:

    Thanks for sharing the download link, maybe they will add team building assistant next update lol, I hate choosing pokemon that counters when gym pvp

  8. Hac Da Poet より:

    no money no key 🙁

  9. Mi Chi より:

    Maybe in the Future we will have 1hit
    On Pvp 🤣

  10. Mi Chi より:

    We need 100% catch 🤣 that all we need

  11. Rishabh Vishwakarma より:

    Awesome video like always

  12. Gabriel Silva より:

    Where’s the link to apk?

  13. HEAVEN. OF KIDS より:

    Plz give pgsharp standard 8 digit key for telegram plz

  14. Yash L より: