SHADOW Mewtwo in Great League Remix? | Go Battle League


【視聴数 3210】

【チャンネル名 PogoKieng】

【タグ Pokemon Go,Go Battle League】


  1. Chintan Solanki より:


  2. faraz Khawaja より:

    Confusion Mewtwo kills Shadow Vic in 3 confusions😌

  3. Yash The Boss より:

    Should have gone for the disrespect also pin this comment

  4. Priyajayan Priya より:

    Whats ur shadow mewtwo iv bro

  5. E-Man より:

    Love how it’s titled shadow mewtwo in remix, and mewtwo battled all of 10 seconds lolol but I suppose when you’re that boss, that’s all you need 😉

  6. Raphaël D より:

    For a second I thought Aerial Ace was gonna KO something 😂

  7. Da Banny Gaming より:

    That Razor Leaf damage tho

  8. ShiftyWolf117 より:

    I love shadow Mewtwo. Really wish I had one.


    Shadow Mewtwo is too glassy in GL

  10. Bradley_SUS より:

    T Tar: Exists
    Escavelier: exists
    T Tar: Doesn’t exist

  11. JWA Mortem rex King より:


  12. Dar Dab より:

    Mewto: my Job here is done
    Others: but you didnt do anything at all

  13. IkEetKroketjes より:

    trade offer: I recieve: 1 shield, you recieve: all mewtwo health

  14. Angad Kochar Rocks より:

    more like shadow mewtwoglassy xD

  15. Prithvi Sharma より:

    Mega glass cannon is used nicely 🔥

  16. Ch4se より:

    How do you calculate so many things while playing!? Maybe I’m just bad 😅

  17. Shadowlord より:


  18. Naveen Lokesh より:

    Hoo interesting

  19. David Zamora より:

    Mewtwo the MVP

  20. G A R D E N G A M I N G より:

    0:38 Ohh ttar

    0:42 Bye ttar