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  1. James L より:

    finally real comments wow -_-

  2. StickminGuyy より:

    the like button now is brokennnnnnnnnnn

  3. Regular Asif より:

    Cool channel 👍

  4. AirPort BN より:

    Yo I wanted let everyone here know that the app download was a success actually

  5. Artu Polo より:

    I don’t understand why ppl would dislike if it works. Or does it? well I tried and got pgsharpp pluss

  6. Percentin 99 より:

    you are awesome

  7. Toby Haloway より:

    😂 😂 😂

  8. Truly Keygen より:

    ill go try this and ill edit ths comment if it fails

  9. linda より:

    this normally doesn’t work, worked for me but didn’t work for my girlfriend?

  10. Andrew Laguna より:

    Decided to share this video with me friends, love ittt

  11. Mahardika Desaine より:

    had to download 4 apps, took me 10 min but I got to install this

  12. Lisa Simp より:

    Thanks for sharing cant believe it workd, I finally got my pgsharp key

  13. carbon luke より:

    im typing and I just got a notification that they sent me my key for pgsharpcom not baddd

  14. Jeffry Degroot より:

    Whats up! I just got my pgsharp key so i wanted help you guys
    if you need any help with getting the key lemme know below
    (like and sub to get priority for me to help you, i have trackers)👍👍