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  1. Joel Stirnimann より:

    Day 10 of asking Poke Daxi to make a song

  2. Nani 69 より:

    Here is another baiting tip:
    If you are going to use the move “Superpower” because is super effective of something, you can also use another move to bait, even if it is the same energy as Superpower, because you won’t decrease your stats.
    Best example is Melmetal vs Melmetal battle: if you bait your opponent with a Rock Slide, you won’t decrease your stats and it’s more lightly to win, even though Rock Slide costs more energy than Superpower

    You can use this tip with all the moves that decrease your stats, hope is useful for you!

    If you have any questions, I will answer it!

  3. Pushpa Kumari より:

    Dax Please make videos with Subtitle/CC in English to people

  4. Jark より:

    First les go

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  7. Siva Siva より:

    I need raid full details can you upload detaily

  8. Kimokim0 より:

    I have a Q 😬. Is your discord server allowing to those who hacked the game to enter?

  9. Skylytical YT より:

    My just chilling with a cup of iced tea (because it’s so damn hot in Singapore, even at night. Aarugh) waiting for the premiere to start because I don’t know a single thing in the thumbnail and know this is really gonna help me 🙂

  10. Preston Crayton より:

    Pokemon Dido can disguise as for the month of July

  11. Parthiv Gaming より:

    I Am A Noob In GBL so, I Need Every Tip To Get Better In Go Battle League. Glad You Are Helping Us 😊.

  12. Lord far quad より:

    Bro y’all hype for tepid day ?

  13. furious dhanush より:

    Bro I have to for 13 hour I am going to be mad I will watch it tough it will be 12 am 👍

  14. Flying Raquaza より:

    Over the time I have leaned a lot about PvP and this will be more of it

  15. Ferris より:

    Will watch but just by watching people like Pogokieng and Poke AK I learned most of this.

  16. Go-Jesse より:

    I def need this video I swear gbl hates me

  17. Echoing Dragon より:

    I don’t have a problem winning I’ve just gotten to rank 20 a month ago and I keep winning but I can never get the legendary so idk what to do expect keep going

  18. Rylan Martinez より:

    It won’t let me whach it it says premieres

  19. youyou Tube より:

    I’m a king in pvp, so I don’t need to watch it

  20. Mika T より:

    *Me and my 1600 ratting waiting for it to stream*

  21. DanOttawa POGO より:

    If anyone has any follow up questions about any of the tips Daxi mentioned, I can answer them as well.

  22. Andrew Azar より:

    This hasn’t even dropped yet and I now it’s gonna be helpful. I can’t stop going 2-3 and missing that legendary encounter.

  23. cnSh0rty より:

    i thought it was going live an hour ago 😭

  24. Planeya より:

    Yye im 14th to comment

  25. Pierwitch Project より:

    I was waiting this video so much man !!!! Since you’ve done ‘pvp for noobs’ in fact lol !!

  26. What- Ever より:


  27. Janz_007 より:

    Time to become piro player😈😎

  28. Dattesh Naik より:

    Needed this very badly

  29. Sean Gray より:

    I love pvp wish they had a 2v2 so you could go in with a friend

  30. T0onary Official より:

    If you don’t want to wait:
    A good technique is to get charges on your Pokémon, and then switch. This way you can use a charged attack as soon as you pull out the Pokémon again.

    You can also bait people, using fast charging Pokémon, saving up the charges and then spam them. This way you can get rid of your opponents shields.

    Another thing you can do is time your catches. Wait for your opponent to charge their attack, and then swap to a Pokémon that is resistant to their type just before the attack. This way you can maximize the amount of HP on your Pokémon.

  31. XxX_HeLo oLeH_XxX より:

    Time to wait.

  32. Mr. Goose より:

    Why am I waiting for thos stream even though its happening in 2 days

  33. Baileaf より:

    i actually needed this video so much



  35. PKFROSTY より:

    Thanks for making good tips so far 👍👌they come in clutch

  36. Phantom S2E より:

    Ayo Daxi