How To Autowalk in Pokemon Go (Pgsharp + Defti App) | Autowalk in Pokemon Go | Defit App


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  1. LagavulinMTG より:

    So how do we use defit and pgsharp at the same time tho? We cant have both open reporting gps cords to pogo or we will get banned…

  2. Shadhrock John. S より:

    But what about the spoofing account

  3. Reaper より:

    Still work?

  4. KangYee _ より:

    Wt i facebook acc in pgsharp how to work in defit and google fit? I want candy TT can you help me?

  5. ASH PLAYZZ -Official- より:

    Very Useful ❤️🔥😎👍🎉🙏😀
    Thanks bro

  6. ASH PLAYZZ -Official- より:

    5:15 correct it bro
    Adventure Sync

  7. Shobha S より:

    Ommmmmggggg you the best bro God bless you

  8. Tim Reams より:

    Does this work for collecting walking candies with my buddy?

  9. DSC Majestic より:

    We need new method for auto walk …
    Plz if u are looking the comments….is there any new way?

  10. Zenki Y より:

    If i pg sharp at new zealand then when i. Open samsung pokemon at kl to use defit will be ban?

  11. Zuba x より:

    Can I turn off my phone

  12. Mystic Musics より:

    Why i get soft ban after entering the Samsung galaxy version.without teleport

  13. Diamond Butterfly より:

    it’s working, thanks

  14. No se inunda maas より:

    I cant find “Adventure Sync: Walking” i think this method no longer works with last update Q_Q

  15. ExtreamGamer700 -Anderson より:

    @MS Gaming BD does this work if I open the normal pogo with defit then i close the nornal pogo and play pgsharp pogo while defit is running?

  16. S56 Yashwanth S より:

    Samsung Galaxy versions pokemon Go should run in the background or not

  17. Stefan Visser より:

    I think this method no longer works with last update. i love using it could you see if there is a new way

  18. AᴍᎥτ より:

    Will it work ater yesterday’s update ?

  19. Priya Dharshan より:

    This trick is not working bro i tried this process 3times

  20. Chia Wm より:

    What speed to set walking with buddy to get candy? I set 60km cannot get any candy

  21. A.S. Critic Gaming より:

    Bhai bahut Dinon se pareshan tha thank you for your video

  22. Swapnil Ingle より:

    Please your voiceover

  23. BladeDeiTy YT より:

    Is it still working

  24. Leo Li より:

    Thank u so much i’ve been trying to find a sulotion for 1 week already

  25. Ashwin Doyaria より:

    Pgsharp ke alawa koi aur dusra tarika hai kya Pokemon go spoofing karne ka kyun ki pgsharp ki license key ka milna bahut mushkil ho jata hai. koi latest Android version spoofing

  26. Leon Wachowiak より:

    Samsung app is downloading and it stop when it go to end. I cant install

  27. Leon Wachowiak より:

    What i can do when i have huawei

  28. Mayur Rao より:

    can we use pgsharp newly created account on pokemon go normal version??

  29. Gaurav Wani より:

    Bro can this method be working in facebook account

  30. 70.Mannat Hiranandani より:

    the Samsung galaxy app is not opening,it says “unable to authenticate the server”.please help i need to use defit

  31. Nohish Ramteke より:

    I am getting gps not found error

  32. Vishad chaple より:

    Is it safe to defit app?

  33. MANISH より:

    Do we need to turn on the internet full time or we can turn it off in middle

  34. MANAV より:

    Bro you’r all trick work on my phone
    Thank you so much for share thise trick
    Thank’s a loot broooo
    Keeep going

  35. PeppaPig Parodies より:

    How long is the cooldown on spoofing?🤔

  36. Aryan Gupta より:

    No it does nt work properly…spoof worked but autowalk sucks🙁

  37. Meme Point Po-Go Player より:

    This trick works only for a certain time. Then it will not work

  38. Meesala Dinesh より:

    Is Google fit necessary

  39. Meesala Dinesh より:

    Ur too good

  40. Neumologo Pediatra Dr Juan Torres より:

    I need to stay at the same place in both accounts? Or I can be in US on pgsharp account and be in UK in the main account (Samsung Galaxy Pokémon GO app)?

  41. Sayan Mondal より:

    Helpful video…thank u

  42. Rohith より:

    Bro does the auto walk stop if defit stops working in the background???

  43. farooque ansari より:

    Brother isn’t possible pg sharp will be ban by niantic in future?

  44. Mystic_MaK 21 より:

    Bhai onekdin dhorei try kortesi..but free key pairesi na…jokn e jai…toon e out of stock dakhai……….bhai kono upai bolun😭😭😭

  45. Rishab Reddy B.S より:

    Bro if we login to both apps at once and then login and one app I hav spoofed to US and other is at my place won’t that increase chance of ban even if i follow cooldown rules?

  46. giannis upsilandis より:

    Any free key;

  47. Hritik Saxena より:

    Bro will it work during the cooldown time?

  48. Prantik Paul より:

    It is showing that that the galaxy version app has a new update when i open the app. What to do? I’ve downloaded the latest app only 19august one

  49. Catsu より:

    You really helped me. THE 3rd TIME. I wanted to spoof. You showed me how to. I wanted to have two pokemon go (pgsharp and original) and I watched your wideo. I wanted to use Defit for pgsharp. There it is. And is there a way to play on pgsharp with your google account without linking it to facebook?

  50. rashedul islam より:

    Bhaiya please ekta video banan kibhabe soft ban fix Kore
    Ami spoof korle Pokemon flee hoy
    Amar friend er o same problem
    Please make a video about soft ban

  51. sadBoi より:

    you dont need pgsharp… im using defit on normal pokemon go and it is working

  52. Melvin Lin より:

    De app is broken now

  53. Zan Yz より:

    Can I delete original pokemon go app after using the trick

    By the way the music selection is epic

  54. nigg より:

    I use defit in the original pokemon go app lol

  55. Rohan rahul Ohal より:

    Please send more pgsharp keys

  56. Kenzou ford より:

    How to fix slow spawn if teleport 100iv

  57. rashedul islam より:

    Bhaiya PG sharp ki device er jonno harmful mobile ki hang korbe.. Ami jokhon download korte nisi
    Tokhon lekha uthe je – this device can harmful… Pls bhaiya reply ami PG sharp install korbo

  58. MANISH より:

    So what about the defti app bro

  59. Khwairakpam Mangang より:


  60. Debanshu Das より:

    Bro is defit safe? Or should I use pokewalk? Will it work?

  61. CyberX Gaming より:

    big fan bro

  62. Ashish Kumar より:

    Amazing video

  63. RBcraft Gaming より:

    Is that really pokemon go

  64. heartless broken heart より:

    Bro make a video on how to hack poke coins

  65. heartless broken heart より:

    Bro any promo code is there

  66. Himanshu Ranjan より:

    Cannot play Pokémon go in 2location

  67. Kiel Ningasca より:

    I wonder where are the rogenrola ,shelmet and karrablast because in my first time playing pokemon go(August 2020)
    I always see karrablast shelmet and rogenrola now they’re gone:(

  68. Fajar Christian より:

    when teleporting on pgsharp will it get banned?

  69. Sandhya Sekhsaria より:

    How to fix problem opps the wild pokemon fled

  70. Sandhya Sekhsaria より:

    Please tell me best places for spawn legendary pokemon

  71. Dangerous Gaming 1.0 より:

    Bro i asked this video n u made it thanks a lot.

  72. Dangerous Gaming 1.0 より:

    Bro song name pls?


    11minites bro


    Bhai she me yhe video dhund rha tha es topic pr thaxx thaxx ☺️👍

  75. Ramdinpuia Khiangte より:

    This dude is the best PoGo youtuber rn

  76. Soniya nayok Soniya より:

    Kiya ab mujha bata shakti hain ki kaisa pokemon trainer club main kaisa pasword dale and kaisa pg sharp key pa shkti hain

  77. Harsha Koushik より:

    Bro how to become lucky friends in pokemon go
    Bro plzz make a video on it!


    First view

  79. Harsha Koushik より:

    1st bro
    Love ur content😄😄😄

  80. Farhan Ali より:

    Is it SAFE????? ‘!!!!!

  81. Natasha Nehal より:

    First comment

  82. jee2 Mhaster より:


  83. GAMER HUB より:

    1st veiw