+110 OPEN ULTRA NO LEGENDARIES | Veteran: 2658 | Pokemon Go Battle League Ultra PvP


【視聴数 944】

【チャンネル名 Vergyverg】

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  1. BurstWalkthroughs より:

    This is harder to obtain then legendaries lol

  2. Abhishek Gupta より:

    Hey vergy I just want to ask that how do u know that it moves are desynced??

  3. Cristhian Enríquez より:

    Hi Vergy, Felicidades 🎉

  4. Ian Chang より:

    I played no legendaries no XL lost about 300pts since ultra started lol

  5. Jairo Loría より:

    Hello Vergyverg, I am using a lead escavalier, Umbreon XL and talonflame XL in Ultra open, what does the team want?

  6. Alexander Escalante より:

    Always learning from you videos, keep it going! 👍🏻🔥