Double Fire beats Shadow Swampert in Pokemon Go Battle League! #shorts


【視聴数 10500】

【チャンネル名 ThoTechtical】

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  1. Bhavesh Mehta より:

    You are the best man

  2. prpltrTLS より:

    I love this team, but what do you do against a venusaur?

  3. Yeshar Sheikh より:

    Wooohoo! never give up 😍

  4. G Wat より:

    Escav: it was then I knew ….

  5. Oppai God より:

    Es Cavalier: im in danger

  6. Zaudly より:

    Niantic needs to fix their servers!

  7. Ace Lilumelody より:

    I fought this team 😯 I won with obstagoon double charm! I remember this because I was amazed I won 😂

  8. King Cozy より:

    Battler level: expert. sometimes I’m this good then other times I’m like a 6 year old

  9. Jason Sparks より:

    Ran Venusaur Talonflame safe and Shadow Claw Typhlosion for my sets today. Swapping Talonflame always brings out the Swampert and an unshielded Brave Bird nearly 1 shots. You can take a hydro and they still can’t farm you down so they have to throw another before you get to the next BB. Then venusaur will finish them off.

  10. DontMindMe より:

    Did you forget to catch?

  11. BetoVences's Shiny Pokédex より:

    Porrada! Salve do Brasil

  12. Long Nguyen より:

    I really dont get why people are running aba lines

  13. IkeTheBot より:

    Very well played!

  14. Tooupi より:

    That Escavalier at the end was the greatest reward for beating Swampert 😀

  15. UltimateOwl1993 より:

    That poor escavalier

  16. XACT YT より: