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  1. killerbsyt より:

    Is shadow larvita rare?

  2. Football Dudes より:

    i dont have any friends to complete the 3rd page great league task

  3. Jonas Østergaard より:

    GIOVANNI: oh sh*t brandon is comming.

  4. thomas fan 5000 TM より:

    BREH I can’t find the research

  5. Catpower Yt より:

    I don’t have the research is it because I already have 3 super rocket radars

  6. Kay Philly より:

    And mine was only a one star

  7. Pokémon raid invite live streams より:

    Does Brandon tan respond to early fans from Australia?

  8. IAMMINNEY より:

    Its hard getting passed the great league battles with a broken foot 😂

  9. Kay Philly より:

    I caught mine but forgot to pinap it so it’s going to be forever too I can purify it

  10. FawnPro より:

    I like to collect shadow legends so I’m going to use my radar (I probably should not though)

  11. Aswin Dilu より:

    The game was so laggy today that I got annoyed and didn’t even play, and my phone is not too good for gaming also😐

  12. Pokémon Go Fanclub より:

    Excellent video as always you try your hard to make people happy

  13. Sirichai Sakthaipattana より:

    My IV a litte bit better

  14. ashish chauhan より:

    Sierra loves me so much that I found 40+ of it but no cliff and arlo

  15. POORNA🤩 より:

    Big fan

  16. Haroen MG より:

    Look i just wanten to say OOooOoooOooÓœøóôöooOooOooHhhHhhhhHh

  17. Vretislava Špetová より:

    You have to win against your friend otherwise it wont count…

  18. Bees for life より:

    am i too late it was posted 7 mins ago

  19. Noah De Peyper より:

    my shadow moltres is iv 15 14 14

  20. Allan Mark より:

    Is this research available to only some countries? Because I didn’t get this research in my game…

  21. Aahaan Jain より:

    i dont have this special research

  22. Sudesh Hegde より:

    I got a shundo regigigas in my first raid feels like my luckiest day

  23. Sheluvjordann より:

    Is there someone in the southern hemisphere so they get lapars raid a I want to do it so if u are in the southern hemisphere reply

  24. Thimaster Games より:

    See your videos becomes part of my life… seems day one lol you inspire me bro! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us!❤

  25. Stephen Bivens より:

    You are my go to Pokemon Go anything lol thank you. Keep up the great videos

  26. Hriday Gupta より:

    Let’s purify shadow mew two! ~Brandontan91

  27. Iano Debaene より:

    Go friend

  28. AXOLOT YT より:

    What does a cow say 0:00

    Its just a joke

  29. RISHI VASU より:

    I got mine just a little while ago

  30. W3s より:

    Maybe Niantic should’ve boosted the Grunt spawns cuz my luck of finding a grunt on a pokestop is 1 in 1000000000000

  31. Brood Smith より:


  32. faze_ violationpersonalyuwouldnthavethat より:


  33. Hriday Gupta より:

    I’ve only done the first one

  34. Jessie Lim より:


  35. Alek G Rozrywka より:

    1 min.

  36. Priyanshu Lakhera より:

    Shadow ho-oh is 🔥🔥🔥

  37. • goldiesoftie • より:


  38. Sunil Kumar より:


  39. Max B より:

    Yes It’s VERY GOOD

  40. XmanPlayz {GD} より:

    18 like this vid was already in google before u posted 😳😂

  41. Swati Kohli より:

    Keep up the good work Brandon!

  42. Max B より:

    Hello Brandon ) I love your videos !

  43. Teim より:


  44. FawnPro より:


  45. RAHUL DAS より:

    Literally after I caught mu ho oh your notification ringed

  46. Mister Hero より:

    Hoooo yeh

  47. Pratyush Player 08 より:

    How do I always miss these

  48. Aahaan Jain より:


  49. Game Freek より:


  50. Only Wian より:


  51. Gr1nd3 より:


  52. Shabd Gulati より:


  53. Aditya Nair より:


  54. Cole Geerlings より:


  55. Kristofer Meier より:


  56. Von_ sharky より:


  57. Blue Pheonix より:


  58. Bradley Henderson より:

    Grunts are hard for me to find annoyingly

  59. Toro より:

    like lol

  60. Mohamed Zito より:


  61. Logan Duenas より:


  62. Yash_Pat37 より:

    Im soo ready for shadow ho-oh

  63. Yuvraj Singh より:


  64. Terje Winterstoe より: