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  1. NawDawgTheRazor より:

    Lol the last game, when you use two shields and still doesn’t get a move off 🤣. Career ended.

  2. Jorge Lopez より:

    Glad ya back Swagman. Bringing great analysis to the raid game AND PVP.

    Plus, we get technical terms like “Rank Ass” that really clear up any misconceptions about what you’re talking about 😂.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Rajesh Mishra より:

    My Day started with getting swept by a double Boosted Obstagoon

  4. shay stern より:

    all my shadows get day azz kicked

  5. IAmTheOne より:

    You know who I hate to be locked in with when running golbat or crobat? Diggersby LOL. That thing walls the bats.

  6. Amitabha Chaki より:

    I have a rank11 shadow skuntank

  7. Stephen Boone より:

    Why!? Have been running this for days and now it will be everywhere

  8. HungryGator8 より:

    hype battles, man loved that Sun and Moon Team Skull battle music lol

  9. Andrew Center より:

    I like your team. Im running shadow machamp, shadow stuntak, shadow golbat (hundred% iv flex)

  10. jcpics3 より:

    this may have already been answered but I’m curious why you went with the Flamethrower over the Sludge Bomb on skuntank? what matchups does that help you win?

  11. Esteban Pineda Sanchez より:

    Broooh! The coming soon animation was cool xD

  12. zSyhan より:

    I thought this would be a traditional video where you show battle and explain whats happening, etc. I was wrong. I had the video on mute as I was working but intended to glimpse some matches. I kept forwarding and I was like, “where are the matches?”. Hahahaha.

  13. Dreamperceiver より:

    Waiting for Lord Slowking, the holy mightiness, to enlighten me 🌒🔥🧞‍♀️🔥👏🏼🌘

  14. Imposter Flareon より:

    Coolio team there boss. What’s been fascinating about this poison shakeup is how because Poison is such a diverse typing, it’s not easy to gatekeep them from the meta. You have poison/darks, poison/waters, poison/grounds, etc. You can bring something that hard counters a couple of these but nothing can stop them all. Compare that with flying types and they’re in the opposite spot, where Bastiodon is the one-stop-shop to ruining their whole existence. Suffice to say, Poison is going to be around for a long time.

  15. ShaneMowgli より:

    I would absolutely wait for the rank 5 medi. I have a rank 5, and the bulk is just worth it.

  16. Jose Miguel Manzanares Chirinos より:

    I also happen to have a rank 5 Medicham. I used a phone rocker to build it and I love it.
    It is too thick!
    About the shadow Skuntank, would it work on UL Premier?

    I have a hundo that I could try to use on both leagues. I think it would be fun

    Edit: Yes. Please drop that Nidoqueen video!

  17. ALOHA より:

    Would love to see your Nidoqueen line!

  18. Gabriel Szyszka Haeser より:

    Final team was most likely Altaria Double Counter, so thats why they double shielded against Golbat but still lost haha

  19. jrpone より:

    Ive been running Jelli/Scrafty/Nidoqueen…with good success( before PVPoke update btw) Scrafty works pretty good with poison.

  20. Jon Cronin より:

    That vid was so good that I watched it twice, good stuff!

  21. Ekybob より:

    Could we maybe see the Swagman’s Grandma’s Nidoqueen line?

  22. Carlos Andrade より:

    That is sad using shadow pokemon

  23. DDDStroyer より:

    Huh, the Swagman posting his PvP sets is an unexpected but welcome addition
    Also i’m so happy Beedrill got buffed my boy can buzz off the charmers and victreebells

  24. valor 11 より:

    Ooh I like so glad swag man is back and bringing the juicy info. I have a rank 3 medi best buddy. Have a rank 5 shadow skuntank built. Plus just built a shadow golbat rank 25

  25. Randal 1231 より:

    Ryan Swag, I have a Rank 1 UL Shadow Skuntank, should I make it?

  26. Carter Gale より:

    I feel it in my soul that I need to change the team that has taken me to legend multiple seasons, cause this team would absolutely clown me

  27. Nicholas Hogg より:

    I have a rank one Medicham, but like I feel like it will take forever to get it to lvl 50

  28. Wira Andrian より:

    Swagswagswag 💯

  29. Abelardo より: shadow skunktank is a 98iv. No good. Is shadow skunktank even in rocket fights anymore

  30. HackSparrow より:

    Swag swag swag

  31. Ricardo Soto より:

    Look for medi you want XL but it really depends if you want extra bulk or not but even hundo just maxed medicham with some XL has just good play. The more XL, the more you tank those super effective hits
    There’s gotta be some middle ground bulk that doesn’t require like so many XL but still makes XL medi so bulky and good

  32. Abisheik G より:

    I’m liking XL Alolan Grimer as a different version of Skunktank 😌

  33. Vqqiu より:

    This team is the true toxic team, not grasshole or double charm

  34. SwagTips より:

    Which Poison-type is pulling your team’s weight post update?