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  1. Pranay Mukherjee より:

    Stream one day an play with your family for the other day

  2. Penzeera より:

    I’d say go out with family!!! You haven’t done that in ages. But if you must stream, then do both!!! You could also stream the raid day (Sunday) and do the family day Saturday!

  3. Kenta Kitsune より:

    Maybe both? Depends what the raids are, but a heavy raid day seems good for a chill stream, while a catch fest would make a better day out imo

  4. Charlena Sutherland より:

    I love the color you have. A darker shade may make your trailer feel smaller and more closed in 🤔😊

  5. Senzu Man より:

    TRAILER TIMEEE!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  6. Sindividual より:

    Not sure if child is dying ooooor goat is screaming like child…

  7. NissanR33Ztune より:

    Music festival without E’s…… oh why not the rave music ….

  8. Gustav öhrn より:

    friends and family

  9. Lisa Fowler より:

    Go out on the 17th and stream on the 18th

  10. Pranay Asija より:

    Stream it my man!!

  11. Adam Kondonijakos より:

    please stop with the trailer.

  12. Genevieve Belley より:

    If any yellowing comes thru, you then need to do a shellac primer layer. No later how many layers of paint, it will bleed thru (if it’s happening).

  13. Jérémy Côté より:

    Video with friends

  14. TzeK より:

    No legendary raids on go fest?

  15. emeraldazakite より:

    5$ for go fest is great, and for gible, I’ve been needing a few for my pokemon sword game.

  16. Matt Krawczyk より:

    It’s in a beagle’s nature to get into everything, chew on things they’re not supposed to, and generally cause mischief. Absolutely wonderful dogs, though.

  17. RJT135 より:

    It was green agate all along.

  18. Thais FL より:

    I’m from Brazil and 5 dollars is a great price for us. The ticket here cost 18,90 reais in Android and this is cheaper than a meal in McDonald’s for us. (Actually McDonald’s is not exactly a cheap fast food in Brazil, but anyways, is a way to compare prices that everyone can understand). This way, many more of us can join Go Fest and our community is very happy with that. Thanks for being vocal about the prices issue, Nick, I believe it really helped.

  19. Eleanor C. より:

    Go hangout with your family! Enjoy some outside Pokemon Go time with them and we can catchup with you later!

  20. Isaac E A Noyola より:

    Go play outside, enjoy the event with family and friends!!! You can stream your shiny count at night or something like that, if it’s safe to go out, enjoy the outside lol

  21. Grace Gonzalez より:

    I think you should do both. Stream on Saturday when the focus is on catching but go out with family on Sunday. Otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of the free raid passes.

  22. GabrielitoPR12 より:

    Play somewhere

  23. Erick Lopez より:

    Why not Raver Pika…….

  24. Marble Q より:

    So is Rockstar Pikachu exclusive to the ticket? I didn’t understand fully

  25. James Sutphen より:

    I don’t know about anyone else timezone wise but in the Central we experienced a glitch on Spotlight hour where the pokemon caught xp was not 3x(all other bonuses such as excellent throws were 3x) I proved my case and was awarded 2 lucky eggs…depending on how many Marill you caught (even a slow catcher like myself) lost out on a potential 12,000-24,000xp so I know it’s to late to SS the pics from then but if you did then go to support and plea your case….I’m just trying to help my poke community:)

  26. Monica Winny より:

    Btw, if u can play outside, just play outside Nick. Streaming can always be done on other events, i assume more chances for shinies as well. And hang out with real people n ur fam after this whole long year of not seeing them. As much as i want to see u stream, i want to see ur vids n having fun as well.

  27. Ennur より:

    It wasn’t the equivalent of 30$, in Brazil. It was just the convertion rate that was updated.

  28. walter dickerson より:

    do both

  29. SalcN より:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those shiny “more” !

  30. Justin Romaine より:

    I’m not telling you what to do… lol but just my opinion I love your channel because I wish I could travel and go on adventures and travel…. I love seeing you go outside and enjoy nature friends and family…. I’d love to see that video over seeing highlights from you sitting at home…. idk maybe that’s just me you should do what you want (or what most of your viewers want if you are indifferent) but either way thank you for all the videos over the past 5 years and hope to meet you one day!

  31. Monica Winny より:

    Maybe this is just me being cynical n super low expectations on Niantic for EVERY SINGLE GLOBAL EVENTS they did for the past year. But seeing the tix is down to $5, players cant be complaining anymore when there are bugs everywhere on the events, or maybe shiny unown not turn on, or even make up day? Nah u wont get a make up day regardless how buggy the main event is coz, u pay only $5! Hahahaah. Shiny mention on posts, well Kanto tour i get 0 new shinies, multiple of old ones yes. The new shinies are 1/1billion chances maybe, not boosted by anymeans. Yeah, i’m super low expectations on this event until the event ends basically. Will i be playing? Yes. But i dont have too much of a high hopes for this kind of event. Also, why we can only get one of the pika-rock or pika-idol? Can we get both? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  32. Havoc より:

    Streaming is fun and all but… really. Who’s going to be watching during Go fest. Haha I suggest family and friends Nick. A whole year without seeing my friend and family and I’m so down to do a meet up and have fun outside. 🙃 let’s go!

  33. maemalcy より:

    Bought it! Can’t wait!

  34. toksic33 より:

    Pet the damn dog Nick!

  35. AussieAnnie62 より:

    don’t forget the sides of the cupboard doors

  36. Seth Pieper より:

    Go outside nick!! We have all been inside too long.

  37. Teeter Totter より:

    Trailer and dog content is very great.

  38. Mediocre Hunter より:

    Make a video and go out and enjoy the day my dude!

  39. rajesh kumar より:

    Video please….

  40. Lucas de Souza より:

    Sassy nick was added to your Pokédex

  41. mybrosteve より:

    Go out and play! It’s been so long!

  42. Aaron Davis より:

    Play outside

  43. Rach J より:

    Definitely go play outside! Enjoy it with friends and family 😊

  44. Travis White より:

    Outside Saturday stream Sunday.

  45. PawPrint Pitbull より:

    Bless You

  46. Davey Sergeant より:

    does anyone need a pokemon go friend

  47. Garf412 より:

    hyped fpr go fest, due to timezone differnece for me defo a vid BUT if you stream I can then watch your VOD on the sunday 😀

  48. charles pitter より:

    Happy for some Sok and Throw

  49. Ironic_Iron87 より:

    “Shiny Throh…” *Shows picture of The Thing*

  50. DoubleComplex より:

    Really don’t like the hourly rotating schedule that repeats once, especially since it worked SO WELL last year ( not )
    Sounds interesting enough! I’ll probably throw them $5. Hard to tell at this point…

  51. Collin McCarthy より:

    I vote you go play Go Fest with friends and/or family

  52. First Last より:


  53. Cbk_shotzシ より:

    Mega Mewtwo?👀

  54. Ahtziri Alvarez より:

    Soo excited my first ever go fest ahh I just started 3 months ago and already level 36 ahh so excited

  55. Carter Cubed より:

    They missed the opportunity for Lofi Girl Pikachu. . .

  56. Prince Dre Gamer より:

    Can we get shiny Zekrom and Reshiram for Raids for GoFest, whilst still getting Mewtwo in raids lol

  57. Paul Marshall より:

    I don’t know how nick managed to do all that wood staining withing getting a mark on his t-shirts. Whenever I do painting or staining/varnishing, I always get covered in stains despite my very best efforts. That’s why I have a set of work clothes. Very informative vid. The ticket price in the UK seems very very good value even after conversion.

  58. Anthony Fok より:

    the biggest issue i had with the GO Fest was the pricing, now that it dropped to less than 1/3 of what it was in the past, it makes it much better.

  59. Turtwig Champion より:

    I really hope you’re not restricted on the research for which costumed Pokemon you get. I would be pretty upset if I can only get Rockstar or Popstar Pikachu as it’d be nice to have access to both. Even if just one of each or something. I think the prospect of wild Deino is also super exciting because of how hard it is atm to get Deino candy without going hard into Strange Eggs or being OP at GO Battle League. (I only got to rank 20 so no Deino for me)

  60. Craig Kitzmann より:

    Love to see a video with family for GoFest!

  61. Big Hondro より:

    I have a beagle as well!!!! They chew everything up YEAY!!!

  62. Jon-Marc Boothe より:

    Come for the trainer tips, stay for the trailer tips

  63. Carter Cubed より:

    I’m excited that they let us know what shinies were being released before the event AND mentioned that shiny rates are boosted on Saturday. If I’m correct, the word shiny wasn’t even mentioned in the post last year. I’m suuuupppeeerrr stoked

  64. Andres Coronado より:

    I think you could do both, stream from home and on the go. I am thinking about doing a mixture. I have been testing doing a Discord call picking up the audio and Screen from Discord in OBS and you do not need to start and stop stream. use a second phone to read chat. If you take it a step further you can control the entire thing, if something goes wrong with remote desktop. I am still trying to fine tune it, maybe there are other apps to make it better. If anyone have ideas let me know. But personally i think it would be really cool to chill at home and also go out and try to get more shinies.

  65. Daniel F Williams より:

    Go with family and friends Saturday and Stream on Sunday

  66. Wilson より:

    Definitely recommend going out and enjoying the event with friends and family, safely. Maybe enjoy some of the raid events on stream during Sunday.

  67. Christa DeLano より:

    Go play!

  68. Friskyjungle92 より:

    Android woop woop

  69. Rockstar Gamer より:

    Go Somewhere Play with fam and Friends Make Video 👍

  70. Cameron McClure より:

    I wonder what will happen with the pandemic bonus it expires a couple weeks before go fest.

    Incense with these events are like community day correct?
    So it should be good so I really wanna go somewhere but it’s kinda Boring when it’s just you playing outside but I do like seeing others come and sit when I place a lure.

  71. M P より:

    The darker shade of green over what you’ve already painted and orange on the inside of the tall cupboard door would look good imo 😀

  72. Adam Hendrickson より:

    I vote go out and make a video for Saturday “Catch” day and stream Sunday “Raid” day. Best of both worlds!

  73. Krish_1908 より:


  74. Ivan Romero より:

    Can someone explain the ticket holders do people get them from rewards or no?

  75. Prince Dre Gamer より:

    I am so excited about Deino raids. I am getting that shiny, IDC how much money it will cost me

  76. James Wise Magic より:

    Definitely film a video outside with friends and family! We’ve all been couped up in our houses for over a year lol. Yall are fully vaccinated so its all good. It would be great seeing everyone enjoy go fest outside. 🙂

  77. Ciprian Ghinea より:

    Can’t wait to play it 🤩🤩🤩

  78. Napkiner より:

    Stream one day (raid day) and go out somewhere the other day (catch day)

  79. Mary Lee より:

    Please other unown letters, F & G already out last time.

  80. Markus より:

    Voting for family & friends

  81. Joel Dahlin より:

    You should go to Disneyland and play with your family 🙂

  82. Bobby G より:

    Make a video with your friends and family! 🙂

  83. Britney Smith より:


  84. Amanda Courtney より:

    My vote is video Saturday, stream on Sunday! Since Sunday is more raid based there will be less need to walk (probably). That way you can do a dj booth going along with the music themed event 🙂 Plus since you haven’t been spending a ton of time doing outdoor stuff two days might be really draining to vlog. I know I have not gone out as much as I’d like! Trying to do as much of the event walking as possible really took a lot out of me last year. I’m definitely going to prep but I’m also relieved that I won’t have the pressure of feeling like I need to be out and about for long hours on both days. I’ll probably just do a couple hours of raids on Sunday, and go out long enough to use the in person passes. My other major hobby is also doing a virtual event the same weekend, but it’s 3 instead of 2 days thankfully. And it doesn’t require me to go outside xD More shopping and watching videos and online workshops and such.
    I LOVE that the price is reduced too! I didn’t complain at the $15 last year because it’s still far cheaper than the in person event with travel costs, but I’m really happy because this makes it even more accessible to players. Honestly, despite the discount I’m willing to bet they’ll make more money off this year!

  85. HaunterOfKanto より:

    Lmao “Thing”

  86. Musharna mush より:

    I said orange ):

  87. Mace Windu より:

    7:58 is SOOO cute

  88. Alex Salazar より:

    Go outside

  89. Sandland113 より:

    I’m buying the ticket,Enough said!

  90. Tasos Pan91 より:

    I’m sooo excited for another Pogo fest!!! But for another year, sadly not heracross for all trainers!!!! Never mind next year perhaps…. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  91. Vlada N より:

    Go outside! I miss those videos with the community present and your family.

  92. audreyassss より:

    Go play outside!! Maybe raids on stream on Sunday



  94. Christian Largo より:

    Please play with family for the go fest

  95. Collin Blank より:

    Go make some memories with your family. I think we all could use some more time with our loved ones after this last year

  96. Herman Potgieter より:

    Video and family Saturday stream Sunday.

  97. Aaron Natera より:

    First day go out with friends and family and make a video out of it, on the 2nd day stream it. Best of both worlds.

  98. Adelys Rubio より:

    I’m excited for go fest I usually don’t get the tickets but since it only 5$ I might do it, I think doing one day for streaming and one for outdoors is a good idea

  99. Join me on The dark side より:

    For the 314th time they’ve picked my weekend to work to have an event…

  100. Baking Sweet Hope より:

    Oh crap! We’re at the beach that week with the worst possible internet reception!

  101. AzureSteel より:

    Stream one day, then play outside with family the next day. (or vice versa, up to you Nick)

  102. Scott Clark Jr. より:

    Midnight Green. PokemonMasterHolly will like it. She bleeds green. #FlyEaglesFly

  103. Jeremy Sun より:

    Vote streaming!

  104. bgcentrs より:

    I would to see some vlog from gofest

  105. Jeff Palmer より:

    Outside with family

  106. Evan DeKay より:

    Stream that boi

  107. Bmoody91 より:

    I’m so bummed. I have to work the first day so I’ll miss out on all the shinies since they’re boosted on the first day but not the second. Why couldn’t they be boosted on both?

  108. Professor Blue より:

    cant wait for shiny thourh he will destory all pokemon in pvp lol 9:12

  109. Pudge Rob より:

    Go out with family on Saturday then stream and raid on Sunday

  110. PlushiePoogle より:

    “the equivalent of 30 USD in places like Brazil”
    Suddenly the €5,50 doesn’t seem so bad, lol.
    (5 USD should be 4,10 Euros normally)
    I’m excited for this! 😀

  111. Drew より:

    Do a vid for the event! Always love the content!

  112. Oscar Cordova より:

    Go play somewhere with the fam

  113. Kyle Wayne's より:

    Trailer tips?

  114. RGutz81 より:

    Play with friends and family!!!

  115. BokuHelper より:

    Nick I’m sorry that green does not look good. Someone had to say it

  116. Adrian Bolivar より:

    Thank you tell me what is going to happen in pokemon go tou are my favorite youtuber

  117. alexis swarner より:

    Go play somewhere with friends and family.

  118. JohnSt99 より:


  119. Tim Sandrson より:

    go and play with ur family

  120. Misteree Duck より:

    my vote is to play with friends and family, then make a video. With the lower cost, I believe most people interested in a stream will be playing it.

  121. Mateus Serafim より:

    Add not only local taxes, but in exchange conversion itself. Here in Brazil, which scks btw, 5.3 BRL converts to 1 USD. Anyway, first GO Fest that most of our community are willing to participate. However, as usual, we’ll keep low hopes on this one, cuz Niantic. The remote passes are welcome though, specially because sadly we are still being rulled by COVID-19 down here.

  122. 4RealTime より:

    It’s due to conversion rates dude, $5 is worth more in these other places because their own currency is worth less on the world stage. Same thing as crypto btw lol its all monopoly money currency is a joke.

  123. Marcus Lambright より:

    Saturday play GO fest with family/ friends, Sunday stream 😎

  124. Kellis Flitton より:

    Definitely make a go fest video. I love all your videos and honestly I always forget about the streams during the event.

  125. Dream Hacker より:

    The ticket price in India is ₹399 this time which was ₹1199 last year. Looks like I’m finally gonna play GO Fest with a ticket😁.
    Pretty excited.

  126. IamAmazingHugsy より:

    So will Throh be spawing all over the world?

  127. Kristen Theologus より:

    I love the trailer work! Your methodical approach is paying off in beautiful workmanship! Makes me miss my dad who had the skill to tackle any DIY job.

  128. Liam B より:

    The paint will darken as it dries but I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now lol

  129. Snish222 より:

    Make a travel video! You deserve to do what you’ve made the channel to do as long as you are safe. Travel and play

  130. Shannon Rennie より:

    Your picture of Throh looks like Thing.

  131. Prophetless772 より:

    And yet, we still don’t have Kecleon….

  132. FurretInASuit より:

    Stream the second day because raids will be easier with invites and such!

  133. SuperShade64 より:

    Why did it have to be Gardevoir OR Flygon?????? I love them both 😭

  134. Meepingmeepers より:

    Stream on Saturday, go out with your family on Sunday and do Raids. That seems logical.

  135. Dhilo Raja より:

    9:13 what a throh🤣🤣

  136. Star Lights より:

    Wow the “more” Pokemon is gonna be really common during this event huh? Hope I find a shiny one lol

  137. Connor Realmuto より:

    A little underwhelming though right? Excited but not like it’s anything crazy cheap tho

  138. Nick Baker より:

    Play with friends and family for sure. Why stay indoors and play with your internet friends when you can spend time with your real friends and family 🤷‍♂️

  139. Christopher より:

    Stream the second day!

  140. JoeAvery より:

    Go play and have fun, I’ll look forward to the video after my long day of grinding

  141. Ikalgo 197 より:

    I Love Your Vlog And Tips.. Awesome 👏👍

  142. Armageddon28 より:

    Can’t wait for Go Fest! I think you should make a video. I’ll be too busy with my own Go Fest adventures to pay much attention to you if you stream lol

  143. Neil Fujiwara より:

    Raid day will feature Sneasel :p

  144. Anthony Vetrano より:

    Paint the inside of your door orange!! that would look sick

  145. Mugdorna より:

    €5.49 from the Play store in Ireland.
    (that’s about US$7)

  146. Jenni Lodge より:

    you know you’re addicted when you book it off work to get full event potential😂

  147. AnYeheon より:

    Already bought my ticket! I never went to the Chicago GoFests but I did GoFest last year and it was the absolute most fun I’ve ever had in PoGo since release. I can’t wait for this year’s.

  148. Dom Stewart-White より:

    Oh man why did you paint it! Should have just varnished the wood

  149. Jessica Nicole より:

    I just noticed that the name of the hours very strongly relate to some of the levels in the New Pokemon Snap. Jungle, Beach, Sandy Mountains, Cave and so on are all levels in New Pokemon Snap. EVERYTHING TIES TOGETHER

  150. H R より:

    Play out side

  151. Bolt Rolon より:

    Video all the way. Streaming Go Fest kind of defeats the purpose.

  152. Stergios Mavrofridis より:

    Loved the part when the dog showed up!

  153. NJD 87 より:

    Go out and make the vid enjoy that day out

  154. Nerdydumpling より:

    Lets GO!

  155. Mystik Melody より:

    Pokémon Go Fest, waited for this all year 🥳 pretty happy about the price!
    Tired of hats… Niantic : here’s a costume Pikachu 😂
    Music festivals, I miss them so much.. at least we can have one in Pogo.
    Hi Doggo 😍 .
    “Swipe, swipe… Okay bye 😂” that was funny 🙈
    I want the unknown F , I hope I get a shiny this time around!
    “FREE THINGS”, who doesn’t like free things 🙌🏻
    I love the colours you putted in the trailer, it’s so natural and lively!
    I think I’m excited for Go Fest 2021, I wrote a long message 🙈 I will be in the stream if you decide to stream at least one day, one day outside one day Stream, it’s a music Go Fest 👀 your our fav DJ 🎶.
    Can’t wait to see the result of the color, keep up the good work ☺️.

  156. Corey MrArtistic McCowan より:

    My ticket was $4.99. I’m so ready for Go Fest. The 17th is also my mom’s birthday lol

  157. Fernando Simon Music より:

    I. Am. So. Hyped.

  158. Blaze Incineroar より:

    some how i can`t evolve eevee to umbreon by changing its name to tamao. can someone tell me why

  159. Sheilla Allen より:

    Aw I love the dog. She is cute!!!

  160. Ibamimba's Frontier より:

    100% Dialga will out, where at this point we will only have dialga 1 day every year lol niantic staff need to feed their children

  161. Daniel より:

    Nick maybe next time point the electric screwdriver away from the doggo. Don’t want her getting hurt out of accident

  162. Amberthyme より:

    Play with your family one day & stream the other. Or play with Family and stream the first hour of each day as a kick-off.

  163. Jeff Catbagan より:

    Hype AF

  164. John Snow より:

    If you are not worried about the quality of your work are you then worried about the Quantity of your work?????

  165. Axel Louison より:

    Hello from my little country Mauritius, I really apreciate your videos, you made me still play the game since 2016 🇲🇺

  166. Dhilo Raja より:

    Pokemon go has tried something really awesome i liked it🤩🤩 thankx for vid
    Can i get a heart plz🙏🏼🙏🏼

  167. Samuel Noel より:


  168. Echoes Act 3 より:


  169. Glady Marilla より:

    Id probably like to see u play with fam on go fest and do video. It’s been a while since I see you play with them in the vid. Maybe one day with fam then next day stream? Or vice versa? And lol on the Thing 🤣

  170. Daniel Barajas より:

    Make a video and go play outside with family!

  171. Juice Dropp より:

    great vid, would love the stream but take time for yourself first.

  172. Shaik Alimbi より:

    Which Pokemon is coming in 5star raids during go fest???

  173. Amit Sinha Mahapatra より:

    Please go somewhere if you have a safe opportunity.

  174. Gustav Jacobsson より:

    Make a vid not stream

  175. Jesus Sanchez より:

    I’m so sad. I’ll be moving across country to NC… Anyone got some good recommendations for cities to stop by for the event?

  176. Clean slat より:

    I’m new to Pokémon so is this event somewhere we need to go or is it like a anywhere u can play type thing

  177. kennykenny003 より:

    catch day > go out; raid day > go stream

  178. Iron Fan より:

    Good Go Fest stuff. I chose rainforest yesterday, but said nothing :p
    About you and Go Fest – why not a balance? Saturday, stream; Sunday, go out with vacc’d fam. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  179. robert ford より:

    Family of course

  180. Austin Halterman より:

    We always enjoy your content.

  181. Shayde Eyles より:

    Friends and family do not stream

  182. Austin Halterman より:

    Friends and family. Enjoy life

  183. sheena icay より:

    yes 21 RRP for free, but you cant stock it in your Bag,.. wish Niantic allow to stock a RRP

  184. AstroPC 96 より:

    A healthy balance of both video and stream I guess! But I do miss those videos where you go out with people during Go Fest! It was a fantastic experience to watch!

  185. Sogo より:


  186. sleepyhead💤 より:

    Hello Lady 😭❤

  187. Jaimethepanda より:


  188. S. Smith より:

    Apple users sound like they are just getting the shaft. 🤣☠️

  189. Heather より:

    I have that vacuum its the best!

  190. Jamie Obando より:

    I think for Day 1 you can play outside is fun, and for second day you could stream. Although doing raids with other people like old days will be great.

  191. Make2wo より:

    Shiny Seismitoad match Nick’s trailer colors.😂

  192. Cuatalata より:

    I say Saturday go out and Sunday stream 🙂

  193. GhostlyIcon より:

    Does anyone know what shirt he is wearing (light tan shirt)

  194. Musting Cow より:

    I’m definitely going to be getting that ticket

  195. P.j. W より:

    Are the regionals going to spawn worldwide????????

  196. Sean Hamshar より:

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    How about global trading? We are missing this from no Live Go Fest where we can trade with people from all over.
    Make 5 special trades.
    More than two regionals spawning? Australians are kind of getting screwed here.
    How about YouTubers spawning in game with bonuses for you? You find Zoe Two Dots and you get an igglybuff and 1K stardust, you run into Mystic7 and get a Bonsly and 1K XP….
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