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  1. Groudon より:


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  3. hello より:

    I only came back to playing in November 2020 after a very long break and this will actually be my first Go Fest so I’m really, really looking forward to it!!! I actually only got my first ever Deino last night and I was like “damn this will take forever to evolve” but niantic really came through for me lmao

  4. TALHAT PGS より:

    Go fest 2021✨💙😍
    I missed gofest 2020 😭😭

  5. Max McComb より:

    this level of transparency is leaps and bounds ahead of last year, as well as the kanto tour. also its $8 aud, which is still fantastic

  6. Edwin Gonzalez より:

    I’m totally stoked about go fest I didn’t get to play last year which I regret so this I was ready to get my ticket for $15 but now since its $5 I already bought my ticket but either I was going to play this year it’s my birthday gift to myself so I’ve already purchased the it and I’m so going to pick rock pikachu for sure

  7. Winken Smile より:

    Sunday, raids. Lets go Shiny Dialga and Palkia! At Least I hope so!

  8. CJ Jessen より:

    Finally android is better than iPhone

  9. Wazza 445 より:

    Great content as always!! Can’t wait for go fest have already purchased my ticket. Hoping to get that shiny deino 🤞

  10. PkmnMasterShubh より:

    I think shiny smeargle returning in go fest photobomb pokemon. I can afford ticket but Bec most parents in india not allow us to invest money on game. I can’t play go fest just of this. Please can u help me to get a go fest ticket to me. It would me my 1st go fest in my whole pokemon go career. Please reply if u can help

  11. PokerPlayer20 より:

    Thank you for making this video Zoë it’s very much appreciated. I still loved the video despite you sound. Your the greatest friend. I will be doing it again myself with 2 Buddy’s all 3 of us enjoyed last year and will no doubt enjoy it this year

  12. Pambulama より:

    Very excited have multiple accounts so will do both but I in Melbourne we no longer normal as back in 7 day lockdown hoping won’t extend into Community Day or into July 😔

  13. Spxzixllxr より:

    Play from Home but nobody is playing from home

  14. Paul Fountain より:

    Rock Pikachu

  15. Trexy YT より:


  16. Mark Bond より:

    Only thing that i don’t like is Unown G. Is 28 to choose from, why did they have to repeat the G from last year? GF for Go Fest or Game Freak i guess? But surely they could have picked something else.
    J and M for Junichi Masuda would have been a lot better

  17. Hannah Ward より:

    I am very excited, finally feel more comfortable being out and about so I am definitely going downtown in my city for this!

  18. Straw Bam より:

    Getting the unown G again is ..sad

  19. Spangus Angus より:

    Shiny Meltan?

  20. Garf412 より:

    ROCK music BUT the pop pikacha looks so much better…

  21. J GURURAJ より:

    Dont forget to catch more audino and chimecho, they give more than 500 dust per catch and audino gives out more than 1500 dust i believe

  22. Jesus L より:

    what will the legendary raids be during go fest?

  23. Nick Baker より:

    I was going to skip this go fest thinking it would be $15 but $5 is enticing 🤔

  24. jdman より:

    i dont have 5 bucks for it

  25. Athena Onken より:

    I’m really excited and I will be 64 in July. So age doesn’t matter.

  26. Jessica Nicole より:

    One thing I love and noticed is that the names of the hours are also different types of levels you unlock in New Pokemon Snap. It’s just a little detail but it shows that everything The Pokemon Company puts out is connected in one way or another

  27. Raymond Soliz より:

    I can’t wait for Pokémon Go Fest! Last year was amazing!

  28. Ties Vugts より:

    For the first time my parents allow me to get the ticket and i was so happy that i already bought the ticket today!!!😁😁😁😁

  29. Subhankar Das より:

    In India we are suffering a lot

  30. Bruce G より:

    Taiwan’s not a country lol

  31. Guido G より:

    Nice that there will be at least 21 raid passes, I might be able to gain 4 million xp and become level 40 during go fest🤩

  32. NabianMC より:

    do anyone know of the pikachus can be shiny

  33. Mr krabbs jk gaming より:

    This is 2 days after my bday yaaay

  34. Rickson Augusto LCCT より:

    I don’t know if anyone knows but is go fest gonna be in a specific place? Or will it be just everywhere? I want to purchase the go fest but I don’t know if it will be in my area 😭

  35. Miles より:

    My birthday is on the second day of go fest. So excited!!!!! They are finally gonna increase remote raid pass!!!!! 3 is no bueno!

  36. Pini より:

    I’m so excited and really happy …
    I come from Germany and play the game together with my children 😅

  37. Aditya Pai より:

    Will you do a GO Fest Ticket Giveaway?

  38. Aditya Pai より:

    can you buy me a ticket please.👉🏻👈🏻

  39. Lalan Awasthi より:

    Hello sis can I get a heart 🤗🤗😊

  40. Random Guy より:

    It’s my 12 anniversary of my life

  41. BamItzSam より:

    Bought my ticket!!! My birthday is July 11th so this will be a late birthday present for me. Hopefully i see a shiny Deino!!

  42. Aparna Roy より:

    Congrats on hitting 200k subs Zoë!

  43. Sophie Sanchez より:

    If you have a google play store account you can go to your rewards and use a coupon on the ticket and get it for 1.99$ usd!

  44. APEXoftheAVATAR より:

    Yay! Shiny Herpes toad!

  45. Светлана Жукова より:

    I don’t quite understand the version difference yet. Only Pikachu costume, music in the game and nothing else?
    But Rock Star Pikachu is awesome! =D


    Pokemon Pay Fest
    another one on niantics shamless events… you want shinies?? welllll you will have to pay for that

  47. Samiran Moghe より:

    Give me free fest ticket 😂😂😂

  48. ruzyday11 より:

    I got the ticket Iam so excited!!!

  49. Sky Clincke より:

    What are the 5 star raids plz answer 🙏

  50. cassandra oxley より:

    I need to ask my mom but it will be worth it I only have 8 shiny Pokémon so I really need this update

  51. Gregorio Chavez より:

    Nothing catching my eye tbh, I was hoping for shiny Heracross and Corsola! Let’s see what’s in the raids!!! Hopefully something spicy!

  52. Charming Death より:

    this will definitely be the first one I buy 😎

  53. IceArceus より:

    This is the first year I’ll be buying a ticket!

  54. Jake Chapman より:

    I am freaking out jul 17 it will be awesome I didn’t see that coming the Pokemon go feast is on my birthday your poke videos are awesome and I info you send are great alway watching

  55. milla88 より:

    I’m so excited😁😁😁😁😁😁

  56. Claudio Villarroel より:

    Don’t expect much so will be no disappointed as last year event, was totally crap in New Zealand, shiny Unown wasn’t available…

  57. Vinbo93 より:

    Straight up burst out laughing in my office when you shouted “ALOMOMOMOMOLA”. Thank you for that! People are looking at me strangely, but it was totally worth it.

  58. Tim W より:

    i literally just picked up three shinies from my house spawns while i was watching this. wtf is happening 😳😳

  59. Anay Shahi より:

    I love Pokémon

  60. anthony lloyd より:

    I wish I could participate but i am not going tp be able tp thos year

  61. JONATHAN GIL より:

    where is it gonna be?

  62. girls notblue より:

    .theyre really just about to give away shiny deino and roggenrolas lol wow

  63. V I S H A L より:

    I’m eagerly waiting

  64. Esther Hadassah より:

    Rockstar/Popstar Pikachu 😍😍 eee!!

  65. Renegade Trainer より:

    Throh’s shiny be like: But if you close your eyes! Does it almost feel like noooothing changed nooow?!

  66. Trashpanda232 より:

    It looks amazing I’m so excited. We had so much fun last year and we’re really thankful that they’re doing another global event. The price reduction is a surprise and I’m really happy that they’ve done that. Super happy with what’s been announced. Love the costume Pokemon ahhhhh 😻

  67. Shawnal Kumar より:

    Everyone seems to forget Fiji 🇫🇯😭😭

  68. Cedric Gant より:

    I’m so hype for go fest I just want all the shinies.

  69. SouL より:

    Nice everyone is gonna got them except me.😭

  70. Mike Metzler より:

    Finally can get those regionals! Never have I been so excited to Chatot and Sawk. New Masuda music? Yes please. Of course going with Pop Pikachu

  71. Jody Wagner より:

    I’m so underwhelmed with this Go Fest 2021. I don’t care for the regionals. I STILL NEED A TROPIUS! There are others I need too. I have a Chatot. There’s only two Unown’s this year, not like the usual 5-7. Most of us already have the G. Go Fest is supposed to be SPECIAL! What makes this better than any other event?

    How about:
    How about global trading? We are missing this from no Live Go Fest where we can trade with people from all over.
    Make 5 special trades.
    More than two regionals spawning? Australians are kind of getting screwed here.
    How about YouTubers spawning in game with bonuses for you? You find Zoe Two Dots and you get an igglybuff and 1K stardust….
    NO HABITATS When you are at a REAL Go Fest you can catch whatever all day!!!!

    MY POINT IS that Go Fest has to be something SPECIAL.

  72. abby leete より:

    wait do you have to buy a ticket saturday and sunday?

  73. MidnightCry7 より:

    ZTD News gets out there as soon as it catches a wiff of an amazing scoop of news.

  74. Tiana Harn より:

    I will be asking for at least one of the weekend days off to play since it’s my work weekend and Im ready to get out there and hang with some friends and play again

  75. Emma Skelton より:

    Now I have something affordable to do and fun on my birthday ! (July 18 is my birthday)

  76. Fugazy Lucas より:

    I just recently got back into Pokémon go this is my first fest in 2 years

  77. laciee より:

    I don’t mind if Mewtwo is in raids.

  78. PokeLAB XTREME より:

    Your CutE😉

  79. Aatos Kauppinen より:

    I purchased the ticket

  80. Aatos Kauppinen より:

    You are so good

  81. Dabbing Duskullz より:

    Can’t wait for the make up event

  82. Adam Botello より:

    You look older😶

  83. Brian Wallace より:

    I was hoping for shiny Heracross and Corsola for regionals…

  84. Michiel Worthing より:

    Am thinking bout doing this year cuz it away cheaper

  85. Dario Monaco より:

    My guess it’s the release of reshiram and zekrom shiny forms during Sunday raid event since the legendary of the special research will be Meloetta

  86. P.j. W より:

    So the regionals are going to spawn world over????

  87. Gaming Rhys より:

    The thing is on iPhone it is 5usd but if you are in the uk it is £5 not the £3 the exchange rate should be

  88. Rasmus F. Boksa より:

    you are just Incredible, i Love your content and the god news

  89. Toriko より:

    So whismur can’t be a ditto anymore after this year.

  90. walter dickerson より:

    i thank it should be on a sunday and monday for go Feast

  91. Ashley Lester より:

    Since I’ll be on the road for both days traveling, if I don’t finish the research and the challenge can I finish them later?

  92. Philip Keenan より:

    Ocean Beach as opposed to River Beach (we’ve got a few little beach-like areas around the river that I live on) – that’s my guess anyway

  93. Eric Lancaster より:

    I am ready and I got my ticket so I am ready to see what happens and what we get. Thank you for the info Zoe you are the best.

  94. Ferpie 1608 より:

    I wonder if the regionals will spawn where they normaly dont spawn (Sorry for the bad way I said this, Im german and donnt know the englisch name. In germany they are called Karadonis (the blue one) and Juitetso (the red one))

  95. Nicktrito より:

    Wow this is pretty hype. Im more excited about this Go Fest than I was about last years, and I thought last years was great. Hoping we get Shiny Palkia and Dialga as the “coming soon” for Sunday raid bosses.

  96. Danny Quinn より:

    Hey ZoëTwoDots! This looks pretty awesome! I already bought my ticket for that weekend. It’s definitely Gold! Just like last year, new Shinies, more rewards, new features, and even more epic GO Fest than last year! Hopefully I’ll get more Shinies than last year. I found a Shiny Zangoose, from an incense, and I ended up losing it cuz I exited out. Definitely gotta redeem myself. Happy Friday to you in Newcastle!

  97. Pramila Baid より:

    Yay zoeeeee

  98. ASTRO GEEK より:

    this is hype, even playing from home

  99. Christian Levengood より:

    I think the details associated with this event are well-thought out and listened to the player base. I am a bit discouraged with the announcement about the lower shiny rate on Sunday than Saturday for wild and incense spawns. Despite being a pay-to-play player, I probably wouldn’t want to use more than the free passes on doing raids unless something amazing is in the raid system for Sunday. I am surprised that the duration of Go Fest has been shortened by 1/3 compared to last year. This year is only 8 hours versus last year being 12 hours. Nonetheless, looking forward to the event!

  100. Wif より:

    always sad to be excluded, for the choice of phone you have

  101. Gaurav Ghosh より:

    Gardevoir or flygon. Gardevoir all the way!!!

  102. ALAKAZAM 7508 より:


  103. Victor Vazquez より:

    So is sawk coming out in the us

  104. Bretton Baca より:

    I’m so hyped about literally all of it!

  105. dreamdivaDH より:

    I’d pick the Eurovision Pikachu 😂

  106. huy iii より:

    I hope the costumed ponyta and zigzagoon can evolve

  107. James Olson より:

    You rock Zoe.

  108. Kuroyukihime6 より:

    We had two different 50% set during last gofest.

    Five dollars is amazing value.

  109. Jack The Underdog より:

    “unown F’ing G” LMAO

  110. Gaurav Ghosh より:

    What will be the 5* raids in go fest?

  111. 45EAST より:

    $5 is not bad at all. Considering I traveled 1,000 miles for 2017 Gofest. I can now play while I eat ice cream and watch YouTube.

  112. Sven Niessen より:

    An army of kids Hahaha Im dying

  113. Giel Verlaat より:


    But if you buy the ticket what are u getting of it?(i’m not English so i’m not understanding everything)

  114. Ronny Heiß より:

    Imagine mega mewtwo for sunday

  115. TazzyTravels より:

    So hyped for this, live in Tassie so me and the squad will be good to squad up this time too 😁

  116. Smfurt より:

    Do u actually need to go to a certain place for go fest or can u just use it from home?

  117. Deborah Cooper より:

    I’m thrilled! I played on two accounts last year and $15 each was pricey, but I enjoyed it. I’m excited for the reduced ticket prices and the new shinys!

  118. xd Gizmo3877 より:

    I think I need to do go fest this year!

    Oh wait, I’m broke…

    Wait, I can actually afford it!

  119. I-stick Mystic より:

    “good morning lovelies” I love this way of yours 💝 so cool

  120. Atavistatom より:

    if you have google play and use your play points for your $3 dollar off coupon, it can apply to the price of the ticket making it $1.99

  121. Jacob Gasca-Rodriguez より:

    Is it just me or im the only person that can play pokemon go i am sad

  122. René Kreeftenberg より:


  123. Dan Claydon より:

    The pop and rock theme quest is very VERY interesting! Would be cool if you get the normal form when you click the pop quest and the fighting one for the fighting form meloetta

  124. Shauvik Bhakta より:

    Situation in India is not ok even now.

  125. Ethan Jankovics より:

    its 7$ CAD

  126. iiAlexIDKii より:

    If the starters and alolans are here than im happy 😁 Is this anyone else first go fest?!?!

  127. OSE THE GAMER より:

    Yes have been waiting for this so long. and the 21 free passes XD its gonna be great !!!

  128. SouthBendCubsFan 1 より:

    At 4:27 that had me dying laughing 🤣

  129. Natalie Zehe より:

    Good Night Zoë zzzZZZ / Greetings from Germany 🙂

  130. Heleen de Lange より:


  131. Xerlapis より:

    niantic this year do be transparent with their go fest 2021. everyone liked that

  132. Aaron Taylor より:

    Holy man hands

  133. Magan Hassan より:

    Very interesting it’s the cheapest go fest yet lool

  134. Artur Szczypkowski より:


  135. Jude Fernandes より:

    Shiny Dialga Palkia please ‼️

  136. TheCrazYWolF InsanePokemonKid より:

    I’m going for shiny Dragonite!

  137. iiAlexIDKii より:

    The habitats are based off snap right??

  138. Steven Cartwright より:

    So excitedddddddd

  139. Julio Alvarez より:

    Do you know when the tickets are going on sell??

  140. stunt94u より:

    This might be my 1st go fest participation

  141. KOYA 101 より:


  142. Xerlapis より:

    niantic has made a great decision. thanks to google for sponsoring this year’s event. they learnt from their mistakes last year

  143. Lisa W より:

    I’m so excited! happy that its more affordable this year. I really enjoyed GoFest last year, even though it was really tiring, I got lots of new shinies! I like how one day is focused on spawns and one day on raids. As last year was really hard to choose whether to raid or try and catch a spawn.

  144. PhoenixJen より:

    It seems like Niantic is really trying to listen to the player base with this year’s Fest, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  145. Dialga Hunter より:

    I am gonna put all my efforts to get shiny chimecho

  146. Papa Taurean より:

    It makes me wonder if Rock Star Pickahu and Pop Star Pikachu are going to have access to the moves that they had in ORAS. It would be cool to have a Pikachu with Meteor Mash.

  147. YourOfficial Fish より:

    Mabye shiny frokie?

  148. Chuomge より:

    Man this is HUGE. Never spend money on this game but this event just seems too good to miss out on!

  149. Brandon Pawloski より:

    AWsome!!!! Super Hyped!!!!!!!!!

  150. Hanif Akmal より:

    Love From Malaysia 🇲🇾

  151. iiAlexIDKii より:

    Im kinda happy all i wanted were Basically all alolan to com back and the gen 1 starters bc i need their shinies but they are coming back 100% the starters STILL EXCITED!!!

  152. Abi Dempsey より:

    I an so excited for GoFest getting to go out and about in the UK and not sure which pikachu to go.for xxxx

  153. Tornadey Two より:

    Galarian Stunfisk in the wild is insane! I’m catching as much as possible for Great League.

  154. Dusan Savic より:

    No legy raid?😭😭😭

  155. Liquidhype より:

    Her valley-girl impression is on point.

  156. Dashing star Light より:

    Wooo very spicy nyaa~♡

  157. Rayquaza より:

    I think in the 5 Star raids reshiram and zekrom will apear because Pop and Rock are like soft and Hard Smoothie and zikzak ying and Yang Witch reshiram and zekrom are there are opesides That is Really realistic in My opinion

  158. Clefairy 443 より:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Zoe 💕

  159. DeeAnne Herron より:

    Bought my ticket before your video was finished. Can’t wait for Gofest and I should be able to get out to a park and play with my friends who are vaccinated.

  160. Fabsel より:

    Do you get the information earlier because you are so fast
    Btw I am hyped

  161. Stevie Martin より:

    Im so excited! I really wish I could meet you Zoë! You are my favorite to watch

  162. Pancatir より:

    Incredible news for the game! Having the price at US$5 is a great idea since it will be more accessible to people. I love all the new shinies!

  163. eric lei より:

    Right after Pokémon Go Fest is my birthday is in July 21 I’m turning 29 years old and still playing pogo lol 😂 hehe 😜

  164. Tornadey Two より:

    This event is too much. Expected for Go Fest, but wow! Shiny deino’s are gonna be grinded. Good luck to you all to get what you want from this fantastic event!

    Edit: Finally shiny whismur came out!

  165. The Fox-Tabulous Vixie より:

    So unknown G and F will only be shiny in the first event location or will it be for each one?

  166. Lucas gamer Soteriou より:

    All so still waiting for slugma shiny to be out

  167. Rutile Twins より:

    This is gonna be amazing!! I can’t wait😍😍

  168. Gabriel 1998 より:

    Hi Zoe! Greetings from Mexico! 👋🇲🇽😊

  169. pokemate より:


  170. Dr. Omega より:

    What will be the legendary pokemon raids during go fest??

  171. PKMNBreeder Mo より:

    You’re the best! 🙂 highlight of my morning.

  172. Seth Allen より:

    Hoping for Shiny Audino

  173. crazylikeafox11 より:

    Cheaper is always nice! That will be far better for conversion rates and hopefully more inclusive. I still don’t know if it’s worth it for me. I’ve not had good go fest experiences since that very first go fest. Last year despite playing like 16 hours, I only got 10 shinies and most of them I already had. Shinies aren’t really my motivation for this event since they just don’t seem boosted for me.

  174. Kitaro より:

    Honestly i dont understand how people love shinies so much, i mean some of them look cool but pokemon are for training and battling so i would prefer good iv pokemon that i can use in raids, gym battles or pvp

  175. Kazi Huzef より:

    Awsome and thax for update zoe

  176. Milk Thing より:

    good thing i saved my money

  177. Bong Boon Hau より:


  178. Ronan Brown より:

    Thanks Zoe ☺️

  179. SuperHype 0 より:

    15$ down to 5$ let’s go. Question Zoe is there poke stops

  180. Lucas gamer Soteriou より:

    So you dont have to buy tickets but you well have the same? spawn

  181. Winston Broyles より:

    Good morning lovelies

  182. Trust me, im a PUZZLER より:


  183. Rocky K より:

    Kalos Pikachu ✨

  184. Diamond☆QueenXxx より:

    I love your room so much💖🏠And your nails💅

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  186. Rafi Iswahyudi より:

    Oh? Nice

  187. TorElei より:

    I saw shiny Deino I clicked.

    My favorite evolution line with Hydreigon being my fave all time mon.
    Thanks for the upload Zoë!

  188. Arnav Is a goat より:

    Hiii how are you ?

  189. smd_lucas より:

    Early btw love the vids

  190. Stijn より:

    u are the best

  191. Ashley より:

    John Cena would be apologising in the next video for saying Taiwan is a country lmao

  192. crax より:

    First view!!!

  193. SkJAHEIM999 より:

    If you were early and saw this comment Congrats!!!

  194. Shunho5916 より:

    Omg so fast!!!

  195. Tower of Jayvon より:

    I clicked faster than I blinked

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  197. STAZZY より:

    Thank you for this vid!

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  199. nate ok より:

    Cool can’t wait

  200. SA64 より:

    Probably going to get shiny sawk first

  201. Esme Hutto より:

    Omg I clicked so fast

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    2 like

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    Yo girl sup’

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    Thanks for keeping us updated Zoe!