GO Battle League: XL BASTIODON Just Hits Differently! (Great League) [3500+ ELO]


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【チャンネル名 Caleb Peng】

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  1. Syafrizal Kharisma P より:

    I like your cat :v


    “could’nt have done it without an xl bastiodon”

  3. Stan dePokeman より:

    Still waiting for shiny shieldon :/

  4. Nishki より:

    17:36 Lol that cat be like :
    Why are we still here ? Just to suffer……

  5. Samad FATAVAT より:

    In simple you are bastiodon expert

  6. Samad FATAVAT より:

    Bro what is replacement for mew

  7. TrueKing より:

    Wish I had one, only one I have is like 800 cp and it’s pretty bad so not worth powering up, plus I have no idea where to get xl candy for this thing, walking takes too long

  8. 66Ben より:

    Hey Caleb – I just subbed! I managed to push to legend on the last day of s7 (my first season competing) with your altaria double fighter team 🙂 thanks for the great content, and keep it coming!

  9. Coco Pokemon より:

    Your bastidon ivs

  10. Ordyh より:

    I liked this because you beat my friend at 4:35 with his G-Fisk lead lmfao

  11. Rajesh Mishra より:

    Toilet Bird OP
    Caleb Peng OP

  12. A priceless goat より:

    The absolute most boring and micropeen Pokémon to use

  13. AhYeahFotherMucker より:

    What are the ivs for xL r1 bastio? I have a 12 15 15 that’s at 1497cp, but im guessing I just have a regular one. Right?

  14. Snots より:

    Funny I was just watching the arroh draft and ur first pick was basti

  15. Rajarshi Chakraborty より:

    I asked it in your stream. I’m MonachusRex. 😁

  16. MRC Studio より:

    always have to watch your videos twice, the first one I just can´t avoid looking to your cat jajaja nice video and What’s the name of your cat ? 😸

  17. Dr C より:

    Hey Caleb, thank you for the great content! I finally hit legend for the first time this season! I used Empoleon, Shadow Machamp, and XL Talonflame in Ultra Premier. I appreciate your podcast with Zyonik and your YouTube videos!

  18. José L. Rodríguez García より:

    I choked at veteran yet again. I guess I’m only good enough to help others get tl expert and Legend.

  19. Casual Coops より:

    You seriously are the 🐐

  20. Giannis Karimalis より:

    Asked you on stream too but how much disantvantage will i have with rank 68 over 1😭?

  21. TheGrossMeta より:

    Know what’s funny… I don’t run into a single Bastiodon until I start running lead Talonflame. Imagine that.

  22. Oneeb Farooq より:

    Finally hit Legend on my 1st set today. Shoutout to XL Sableye for shooting me up from the 2650s all the way to Legend

  23. Alex Plugge より:

    i HATE bastiodon. nice video though

  24. wallythewhale より:

    Honestly I think Bastiodon kills the gameplay because it just walls everything. You either crush the Bastiodon with a favorable lead or you get completely demolished by it and are forced to swap out. This happened so often to me that I’ve built a team with 2 characters that crush Bastiodon in case it is the lead and he reswaps when I swap out. I also find that Niantic should bring Cresselia back to raids to stop the unfair advantage of people who can run it in the great league. It is far too strong compared to the rest of the field and most people don’t have access to it

  25. Ryan Yarborough より:

    Something about this channel just gives me the good vibes I need ❤️

  26. IkeTheBot より:

    This thing is a monster. It’s literally a wall. It can survive a focus blast. FOCUS BLAST!!!

  27. Gaobear Dutch より:

    Didn’t think it would happen with this xl season, but I finally managed to hit legend for the third season in a row!! I only hit level 40 during the friendship event last month, so hopefully I am able to build some xl’s myself for next season.. Good luck to everyone with the final push for this season and all the best for next season trainers💪🏻💪🏻

  28. D1RE より:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great content. This was my first season playing enough to get past rank 20 and I capped out at a little over 2600. Your videos inspired me to put more effort into improving at what I initially thought was a pure RPS game and it’s been a fantastic eye opener to see just how many decision points exist in any given match. Well done on the final leaderboard score!

  29. Yasser Aleed より:

    gg Caleb!

  30. pwnmasteh より:

    Need more XL candy ugh

  31. José Carlos Huilca Flores より:

    Whats iv do you recomend for bastidon xl?

  32. Fionn Ternet より:

    Does the bastiodon double fighter team still work for gl?
    Also great vid, love ur battles

  33. Jose Miguel Manzanares Chirinos より:

    I have a rank 78 one. Would you suggest to keep looking for a better IV shieldon?
    They are kind of rare for me

  34. brutal3012 より:

    Difficult to find those low attack ones…

  35. Eduar Davila より:

    Hello Crack

  36. Jared Bradley より:

    Dude you kill in pvp. So skillful I rewatch your videos all the time and learn something new all the time

  37. Austin Kielty より:

    Why are you on Airplane mode? Sorry if someone else asked that in the past

  38. OxfordU より:

    Definitely GETS hit differently as well.

  39. Austin Kielty より:

    1st view

  40. Caleb Peng より:

    Better start walking that Shieldon 😉