PGSharp App Not Installed | Pokemon GO Joystick | How To Fix


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  1. [MYP] You より:

    i cant sign in via google please help

  2. Drlx より:

    Thank you🖤

  3. Anil Kumar より:

    Thanks bro my pgsharp was install

  4. The Aussie Bloke より:

    Broken app, there must be something wrong with the APK if so many people can’t install it.

  5. Bryan Ramos より:

    Hello. Bakit sakin kahit iuninstall ko ung pogo ayaw pa dn mag install nian. Pls help

  6. Kraze より:

    It doesnt let me login with google

  7. Miguel Dias より:

    When i install the Pg sharp it says that the aplication was not installed too , but i already uninstalled the official pokemon go , what i do? ( sorry for the english mistakes)

  8. Tiaguinho より:

    Salvou minha vida muito obrigado.

  9. Don Zorro より:

    Thx!!!! Its works on my Samsung Galaxy a21s!!!!!!!!


    Thnx bro

  11. Flaco Zaragosa より:

    This os a wast of time

  12. sharkdart 444 より:

    If you do this can ypu get your old account back?

  13. Klefa zzz より:

    me sirvio <3

  14. MAD QUEEN hime sama より:

    So when u download pokemon Go this way do u lose all ur stuff from the game completely when u do it or no cuz I can’t lose all my pokemon shines I have

  15. SHAO HAN KEK より:

    how can i log in with facebook

  16. hedde Duindam より:

    Thank you so much you helped me out

  17. historias conejunas Mirelian より:

    Can u login with a Google account? Does anyone knows

  18. Rionaldo Dwiputra Yudistira より:

    is this a legit pogo app?

  19. M4lutek より:

    Thank u so much

  20. Baskung ch. より:
  21. adam hoier より:

    didnt work for me. keeps telling me “app not installed” even after uninstalling hte legit app. ofc, this is an unrooted LG Stylo 5

  22. B.A. Wijaya より:

    Already unistalled Pokemon Go, clear the storage, and make sure i have plenty of room for the apps. Still “Apps not installed”
    Any other tips?

  23. Christopher J より:

    I can confirm all you need to do is.

    Uninstall PoGo or PgSharp, whichever is still installed. RESTART YOUR PHONE.. and THEN reinstall Pgsharp. It works

  24. Manthan Chaudhari より:

    It not work
    Fake videos

  25. AYAAN ALAM より:

    0:56 and 1:06 clearly you’re intentionally cancelling the installation to show “app not installed” text.


    Bhai pgsharp app ma ak problem ayi h ki ak bar transport hua aub fir work nahii kar raha h Pokemon nahii catch ho raha or na barrel ho rahi h

  27. Ayush より:

    Thank you bhai

  28. Rogelio Dominguez より:

    It doesnt work with Google account

  29. J より:

    Well that was a waste of length for a tutorial.

    All you need to do is UNINSTALL the official Pokemon Go app, then retry installingPG Sharp. You could have shown how to do this in 16 seconds.

  30. SG Support より:

    Date Created : 07-08-2020
    Date Expired : 14-08-2020

  31. Farhan Abrar より:

    not working

  32. Harkrus より:

    naaaaah it didnt worked for me

  33. Andrea Guglielmi より:

    Oh mec tu est de Monaco !! Je suis de menton incroyable

  34. King Defe9cer より:

    Its really work thabks bro

  35. Caliberz より:

    I PAID 5 for Nothing BULL

  36. Gintarė San より:

    Omg tysm💙💙💙

  37. Heru Gunawan より:

    Why i unable to authenticate when i gonna log in? Please help 🙁

  38. Fearless Wolff Official より:

    Does this work only for Android? I have an iPhone and bought a key and nothing happens

  39. Jagdeepsingh Sidhu より:

    Bro how to install Pokemon go 0.173.2 on vmos

  40. Ben calver より:

    So you have to use a PTC account to log in. Does this mean it’ll be a new account on lvl 1? As it doesn’t appear I can link my pogo account to a PTC account

  41. Nawang Gurung より:

    It says please activate before sign in how to fix it

  42. yeshwanth naidu より:

    Trainer Club Has Been Blocked … So this app Is no use

  43. Suvendu Parida より:

    There is no raids near me… How can i attaind raids.. Please guide me.. How to request friends to invite in raids.. Please help😊

  44. Extrme game より:

    Please realese the app i need app please


    don’t worry guys..PGSharp officially confirmed this..👇
    Hi everyone, thank you for your patience and support.
    In order to improve the experience of the beta version, we’ll release a new version within a couple of days and introduce a new way to get a test key for free. Although we’ve expanded the server pool to serve more users, we still have to gradually distribute the test key to prevent our server from being flooded.
    After that, participants will get your exclusive key to activate the app, and it’s guaranteed to be able to sign in your PTC account on one device.

  46. Tuấn Trần より:

    Androi 9

  47. Silvio Storm より:

    But how to fix not activated

  48. Rodrigo Leal より:

    Not device accpeted 😭😭😭 ido like play with but i cant

  49. Pablo Rojas より:

    Quieres tu cuenta de pokémon de regreso?

  50. squirtle go より:

    adventure sync not working?

  51. Pon Kumari より:

    When will the official one come

  52. Betrix Creation より:

    look who does not log in with any account even with Trainer Club with all that active the Trainer Club account does not log in with anything the only ones he has logged in are you.
    And as long as people come see the screens inside my group of pokemon go italia raid there are photos of some who have tried to install it and do not log them.

  53. Nguyệt Nguyễn より:

    Google facebook

  54. stephen ramnunpuia より:

    Eagerly waiting for, official app….

  55. Fernando Vaz より:

    All the time autentication error

  56. Jm Delarosa より:

    Not working even i delete my official pogo. Its always app not installed i dont know what todo

  57. Smart Playing より:

    Bhai device not compatible aa raha he

  58. Obsidian Aces より:

    What unit did you use sir?

  59. BeTe PaH より:

    dont work with my google account?

  60. Matric より:

    No aign in and joystick


    Bhai pgsharp me a/c login Karne par os devise not compatible a raha hai ise kese solve karu

  62. Asep Budi より:

    Whay not akun google and facebook???

  63. JiaSoon より:

    Dude it’s say please active before sign in what its means

  64. Jakcin Manoj より:

    Bro shows too many device beta code activation …

  65. Rohan Mehta より:

    Bro how activate the account before sign in? Please tell

  66. Pablo Rojas より:

    thanks for giving me your pokémom account 🤪

  67. Pon Kumari より:

    It is showing activate ur sign in (ptc)

  68. Pon Kumari より:

    I cant activate

  69. Michael Ferrer より:


  70. Ahamad Raees より:

    Bro vmos me pg sharp ayenga kay or
    Working honga kay

  71. kanishk Kumar より:

    This is not official version and is beta

  72. Khang Võ より:

    can u give me some solution about playing pokemon go on pc

  73. Ninad Dhurve より:

    Authentication failed too many devices activated with beta keycode !!!!

  74. Esteban Nobles_YT より:

    Bro u si no me fundiona ????

  75. Sebastián Rubio Rivera より:

    How can I get fixed the bug of “sign before log in “

  76. Technical BABA より:

    Guys do not it’s wasting of time.

  77. AKS King より:

    Bro pgsharp is not safe at all

  78. GioniPlay YT より:

    Awesome :3

  79. vikas verma より:

    Always show activate your account first but ia checked may account is activated

  80. Yono Ariyanto より:

    I guess about Vmos…

  81. 卡卡罗特 より:

    Brother, when you enter the password, the keyboard below shows the password. ^-^

  82. Bibin Thampy より:

    can i use this on nox

  83. Dr. James Lahey より:

    There Is no free slot. Beta server Is always full, day or night. Pls relase the official soon 🙏🙏🙏

  84. Khang Võ より:

    can i use it on ldplayer or nox

  85. JohnyLever In Use より:

    Bruhh when is the official version gonna get released??

  86. Anubhav COC 9c998jqrr より:

    Pls tell app is not working authentication failed and please activate account shows pls help